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"The following affidavit was made by Forbes when John Betsinger made application for a pension. This was sworn to before A.S. Sloan, Clerk of Madison County March 11, 1847.

I, Jacob Forbes, was 80 years of age June 23 last. Jacob Forbes states that he knew John Betsinger during a portion of the time of the War. Deponent said his father was engaged during the War of the Revolution and left deponent at home with deponent's mother. Deponent resided at Cherry Valley in the State of N.Y. at the time of the burning of that place. A short time after that event deponent, then a lad, was compelled to assist his mother in gaining a surport for herself and family by labor and was compelled together with his mother and family to remove to Fort Plain for protection.

A short time after deponent's removal to Fort Plain, he became acquainted with the said John Betsinger who was engaged in the bake house connected with said Fort. Deponent was well acquainted with the said John Betsinger for about two years while he was engaged in such capacity. The deponent learned from said Betsinger, that he had been assigned to that business because he was acquainted with the business of baking.

Deponent also became acquainted with Major Fink, General Gansevoort, Colonel Willett and Captain Bouck (Buck). Deponent removed from Fort Plain to Fort Herkimer where he lived one year, then to East Canada Creek, then to Minden, Montgomery County. In 1803 he removed to Lenox, Madison County where he has since resided.

The said John Betsinger resided in said Town of Lenox when deponent first removed to said town and has since."

Taken from the FORBES listing in Mohawk Valley Misc. Records found at the Montgomery County Courthouse and Archives, Fonda, NY.:


John Betsinger was born at Canajoharia March 16, 1754. He volunteered in the spring of 1780 in Capt. Lawrence Gross' Company, Vol. Willett's N.Y. Regiment and was transferred to the bake house at Fort Plain where he served until the Summer of 1783. He died in 1848 and is buried in a private plot on what was his farm and is now owned by Walter Calnan. He was married Feb. 19, 1791, to Elizabeth Ochsen. He had a sister who married Conrad Franz. Betsinger and franz owned jointly lot 17 of land patented to Ezra Homedeau. On the South side of Mohawk River and four miles S.W. from Church near Nawaga Creek. He sold out here in 1796 and came to what is now Madison County. He was the son of Henry Betsinger who was a private in the Mohawk Militia in 1762 and had a brother Christ-john. He was married a second time to Hannah daughter of George Limbeck. She was born in 1785 and died about 1855 in Orleans county. Children all by first wife. (1) Henry 1791, (2) John 1793, (3)Elizabeth born Aug 1, 1794, Bapt. (Geisenburg Church) Sept. 14, 1794, (4) Petrus (Peter) born in Town of Lenox Jan. 13, 1801. Bapt in Geisenburg Church Feb. 19, 1802. (5)Nicholas born in Lenox Jan. 3, 1803. Bapt in Geisenburg Church Sept. 14, 1804. (6)Nancy born in Lenox Jan. 19, 1805. Bapt. in Geisenburg Church Apr. 6, 1806. (7) George A. 1810, (8) Jacob.

Three of the children were taken over one hundred miles to be baptised.

Henry (1) 1791-Feb. 15. 1845, Married Nancy daughter of John Forbes Sr. After the death of Betsinger, Nancy married Elijah Rouse. Children John, Eliza (Morse), Hannah (Miller) Calista (Rouse), Nicholas, Daniel A., Loouis, Henry Jr., David, Mary E., and Daniel who died Sept. 6, 1842, aged 3 years. John had sons Harvey, Ebenezer and Henry, who was known as Bant. Eliza married Gershon Morse. She and her husband were both born in 1822. Children Margaret 1839, Jane (Gordon) 1843, Anglelina (Lawrence) 1846, Elijah and Helen (Johnson). Hannah 1827 married Sylvester Miller, born 1829. Children John 1848, Harvey, Mary, Vina, Jefferson and Augusta Bettinger. Calista married Harrison Rouse and had no children. Nicholas 1836 went West. Daniel A. (Big Dan) lived near Vernon, N.Y. had son and daughter, Isaac and Lena who still live there. Louis born 1824, died June 20, 1891. Wife Rachel Adle 1830. Children Lewis O. married Sarah Hall, had children Maud 1876, Eva (Cook) 1879, Bertha, Elias and Martha born Feb. 28, 1898. James 1854 wife Elvira 1857-1930. Children Pearl 1882, Erma Gertrude 1826, Ethel L. 1888, and Fernid. Hiram H. 185? wife Maggie 18063-1933. Children Florence married Harry Roger; have daughter Racheal. Frank 1890 married Christina Burleson has three sons Richard, Walter and Frank Jr. Henry Jr. went to California. David born 1827 married Gilliean daughter of George Miller. He fought in the First N. Y. Mounted Rifles in the Civil War. His brother Louis was a veteran of the Regiment also.

John (2) born 1793. Died in Auborn Prison Sept. 4, 1847. Peter (4) born in Lenox Jan. 13, 1801, died at Oneida, N.Y. Nov. 6, 1876. 1st wife Catherine Forbes born July 30, 1803, died Mar. 9, 1857. Children Colina Keller born May 12, 1825, Catherine Randall born My 21, 1826. Liven in Pennsylvania. Harriet Feb. 4, 1828, Diana (wife of Russell Palmer) June 6, 1829, Henry Feb. 4, 1831, Clarina (wife of Seward Palmer) Apr. 13, 1833, Melissa May 4, 1835, Sarah born Mar. 29, 1837, married Silas Timmerman. He was born Oct. 9, 1835 in Herkimer County and came here with his father in 1855. He died Nov. 11, 1911, and Mrs. Timmerman July 14, 1886. Children Ella 1858 married a man named Trorn. They lived at Clyde, N.Y. and had two sons Fred and Adelbert. Alice 1860, Levi 1862. He married Phebe Allen born 1869 and they had two children Genevieve born Mar. 2, 1898. She married Riley Buyea and lives at Oneida. Allen born Oct. 6, 1903 married Mattie Smith. They have two daughters. Levi Timmerman with his son Allen operate the old Kilts farm in Lot #20. Frank Timmerman, born 1864, lives in Virginia.

Peter R. Betsinger Mar. 13, 1839. Daniel L. Betsinger born Aug. 7, 1841-Janu. 24, 1911. Married Cornelia Hurd, born 1849/ Children Clarence P. 1877-1922 and Katie (Yarington)1879.

Nicholas born July 27, 1843 was a breeder of honey bees.

Charles L. Mar. 13, 1848-Jan. 16, 1887. Married Mary Pierson.

Nicholas (5) born Jan. 3, 1903. Wife Polly (Mary) born 1806 died Mar. 9, 1851 is buried at Oneida, N.Y. Nicholas after wife died went West.

Nancy (6) born Jan. 19, 1805 married Hugh Bain. After the death of her father John she and her husband and step-mother moved to Yates Township, Orleans County. They are buried in Lydonville Cemetery, Town of Yates. Hugh Bain 1802-Aug. 12, 1884. Nancy died Apr. 2, 1886.

George A. Betsinger (7) born 1810 had four sons Daniel (Little Dan), who had a son Stillman; John 1840-1910 wife Matilda Eddy 1843-1907 who had no children; Washington had sons George and Irving. Hezakiah had two sons Fred 1860-1923 and Evert.

Jacob Betsinger (8) wife Mary had three children Abraham, Nancy and Saprona.

From "Even More Palatine Families." Vol 1


Henry Betsing'r was noted in Lieut Goshin Van Alstein's Company of militia 8 Aug. 1763 (Report of the State Historian, Vol. II, p. 798). Hendrick Bezsinge was on a tax list of Canajoharie in 1766 (Upstate New York in the 1760's by Florence Christoph, p. 135.)


John Pesinger, butcher, md. 18 June 1769 Anne Mary Windish (Christ Lutheran "Swamp" Chbk, NY City).

A chapter on a John Betsinger is to be found in the Bloodied Mohawk by Ken D. Johnson, pp. 311-312.


Sephrenus Besinger was in Capt. Abraham C. Cuyler's Company of the 1st Battalion of the Albany Militia 1 May 1767 (report of the State Historian, Vol. II, P. 80). There was a marriage bond for a Safereenus Bessinger and a Mary Young dated 30 Sept. 1773 (NY Marriage Licenses.)


Data on this family may be found in my book More Palatine Families, p. 33.

From Mohawk Valley Miscellaneous Records under Families that Settled in the Indian Purchase, 1802. Page 3. Found at Montgomery County Records and Archives at Fonda, NY.
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