1917 Rural Directory
Madison County, NY

 The following is from The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Madison County, New York published in 1917 by Wilmer Atkinson Company, Philadelphia.
 Note: reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure this transciption is correct. In some instances spelling errors are evident in the published text - letters are transposed, names spelled incorrectly, "St." and "Ave." are interchanged for the same location, etc. I did not attempt to correct these. If you have a question on a specific entry drop me E-Mail and I'll forward a .JPG file of the original page for you to view. Please be sure to include the number of the page in question...
Tim Stowell

Abbreviations.--a, means acres;  bds., boards;  B. tel., Bell Telephone;  4 ch., 4 children;  H&L, house and lot;  Ham. 10, Hamilton Township, Road No. 10;  O, owns;  R1, Rural Route No. 1;   ret, retired;  T, tenant;  4h, 4 horses;  2c, 2 cattle.

 The abbreviations used for the Townships of Madison County are as follows:
                 Brookfield, Bkfd.     Hamilton, Ham.     Oneida, Oni.
                 Cazenovia, Caz.       Lebanon, Leb.      Smithfield, Smi.
                 DeRuyter, DeRy.      Lenox, Lnx.          Stockbridge, Sto.
                 Eaton, Eat.               Lincoln, Lin.          Sullivan, Sul.
                 Fenner, Fen.            Madison, Mad.
                 Georgetown, Geo.   Nelson, Nel.

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