Walter Lowe
(April 12, 1841 - )

 Entry in ‘Biographies of The Leading Citizens of Madison County’. Published 
1894 in Boston by the ‘Biographical Review Publishing Company’. 
 This book contains short sketches of the lives of various people in Madison 
County. Each sketch also contains biographical information on relatives. 
 This entry mentions the following people: 
Walter LOWE, subject	 
Abbie Deette RANNEY, wife 
Thomas LOWE, father	 
Oliver Russell RANNEY, father/law 
Elizabeth THAXTER, mother	 
Elizabeth CARPENTER mother/law 
Sarah BARNES, stepmother	 
     Ezekiel CARPENTER, wife's grandfather 
John LOWE, uncle		 
     Dorcas GARDNER, wife's grandmother 
James LOWE, brother	Ebenezer RANNEY, wife's grandfather 
Charles NOWELL, brother/law	 
     Almeda BARTHOLOMEW, wife's grandmother 
Russell W. LOWE, son 
Agnes Elizabeth LOWE, daughter 
 "WALTER R. LOWE first saw the light April 12, 1841, in the town of Buxton, 
Suffolk County, England. His father, Thomas Lowe, was born there; and from 
the best authority attainable his family had its origin in that part of 
England. The father was a shepherd; and in the lonely watches of the night, 
guarding his flocks, the vision of the far-off, golden land of America filled
him with a longing to visit its shores. In 1849, accompanied by his wife and 
seven children, he sailed from Liverpool, landing at Quebec after a long and 
tedious voyage of six weeks and five days. He came almost immediately to  
Madison County, and settled near Pratt’s Hollow, where he followed farming 
and teaming, residing there until his death, in June 1872. His first wife’s 
name before marriage was Miss Elizabeth Thaxter. She died in 1845; and 
his second wife was Miss Sarah Barnes, who died in Oneida in 1890. 
 Thomas had a brother John, who came to America a few years after he did, and
who now lives in Munnsville, N.Y., aged eighty-five years, making his home 
with a nephew, James Lowe. A sister of Thomas married Charles Nowell, a 
Scripture reader in the Queen’s church at Windsor, England, where they still 
reside. They have two daughters who are married and live in London. 
 Walter R. Lowe was but eight years of age when he arrived in America with 
his parents. He was brought up and educated in the town of Eaton, and at 
twenty-one began to learn the trade of carpenter and joiner, serving for 
three years with Charles and William Stringer. He then went to Oneida, and 
was employed as a journeyman two years. At the end of that time he entered 
into business for himself as a contractor and builder, which he still 
continues. When he attained the age of twenty-five. Mr. Lowe, considering 
himself capable of taking the guardianship of a woman’s happiness in his 
keeping, sought and obtained of Miss Abbie Deette Ranney her consent to 
become his wife. The happy consummation of his wishes took place August 9, 
1866. Miss Ranney as born at Valley Mills, Madison County, N.Y. 
 Her father, Oliver Russell Ranney, was born in Augusta, Oneida County, 
January 6, 1816. He resided with his parents until his marriage, and then 
worked with his father in his mill for a while, and for two years conducted 
the farm on shares, afterward taking up the jewelry trade, also watch and 
clock repairing at Valley Mills until 1877, when he moved to Oneida, where he
has since carried on the same business. He now lives with his daughter, Mrs. 
 He was formerly a Whig, and cast his first vote for William Henry Harrison. 
Since the formation of the Republican party he has been one of its strong 
supporters. He married in November, 1835, Miss Elizabeth F. Carpenter, 
daughter of Ezekiel and Dorcas (Gardner) Carpenter. She was born in Rhode 
Island in 1815, and died December 13, 1877. 
 Rev. Ebenezer Ranney, paternal grandfather of Mrs. Lowe, was born in  
Blandford, Mass., May 25, 1776, and died April 12, 1860, in his eighty-fourth
year. At about twenty-one years of age he came to Oneida County, and made his
home with an elder brother in Sangerfield, and later purchased a tract of 
land in the town of Augusta. At that time, and for many years after, there 
were no railroads, no canals, nor convenient markets. The country was very  
sparsely settled, and a log house and a small clearing constituted all the 
improvements in the lands. 
 Standing timber had no value; and large logs that would now bring high 
prices, were gathered and burned. The ashes were carefully saved and leached;
and the potash obtained was for a time their chief source of revenue. Mr. 
Ranney cleared quite a large piece of land, and resided there until 1832, 
when he sold it, and purchased a saw-mill at Valley Mills. Later he erected a
woollen mill, bought other land, and superintended the mills and farm, 
residing there until his death. He was converted in his young manhood, and 
became a preacher in the Baptist church. 
 He assisted in organizing a society of that denomination in Augusta, and at 
his own expense rebuilt the mission church at Valley Mills, when he moved 
there, and preached in that place for some years. He married Miss Almeda 
Bartholomew, who was born in Goshen, Litchfield County, Conn., July 26, 1781.
They had five sons and two daughters, Oris, Dorcasa, Hiram, Ebenezer, Anson, 
Oliver Russell, and Almeda Pamelia - Oliver Russell being now the only 
surviving member of the family. Oliver Batholomew, father of Mrs. Ebenezer 
Ranney, was born in Branford, New Haven County, Conn. He was one of the 
pioneers of Oneida County, and spent his last years there. the maiden name 
of his wife was Anna Lacey. 
 Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Lowe have two children, - Russell W. and Agnes 
Elizabeth. The son, Russell, turned his attention to the profession of 
medicine. He first studied with Dr. Carpenter, was graduated from the New 
York Medical College at the age of twenty-one and is now a practising 
physician in Ridgefield, Conn. Agnes Elizabeth lives at home with her 
parents. Mrs. Lowe and her daughter are members of the Baptist church, and 
illustrate in their lives the beauty and power of their religious faith. Mr. 
Lowe is a fine example of what may be accomplished by industry and ability, 
and is spoken of by his fellow-citizens as one of the men most worthy of 
praise and honor in the community. In politics he uniformly supports the  
Republican party, which finds in him a hard worker, firm in his adherence to 
its principles." 
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