Capt. Thomas T. N. Jarvis
(June 22, 1805 - )

Capt. THOMAS T. N. JARVIS, was the son of LANCELOT and LYDIA JARVIS, and was born in Amenia, Duchess county, N. Y., June 22, 1805. He had only common school privileges of education, which terminated when he was but twelve years of age, when by the reverses of his father's circumstances, the care and hope of the family fell upon him, and rested upon him for most of his life. His keen energies awakened him to the most hopeful measures of life, and when fifteen years of age, secured certain privileges that offered of a fine speculation, he mounted on horseback, borrowed $25, to meet expenses and started on a journey of two hundred miles to Canastota, and there entered into a contract for the purchase of the present site of Canastota, a reservation of 329 acres in which he secured an interest that proved a grand investment for a home and the fortune for his parents and family. His business qualifications and energies secured him the confidence of the people. He arose in the military from corporal by regular grades up to captain in the militia; was deputy sheriff three years, coroner of the county six years, and superintendent on the Erie canal two years. He married for his first wife, Miss CORDELIA HOBART, by whom he had four children, CHARLES, HOWLAND B., HENRY CLAY and CLARISSA. His second wife was Miss EMILY WILBUR, by whom he had two daughters, HARRIET E. and FLORENCE. From the rectitude of his habits of life he commanded the respect and confidence of those who knew him, identified himself with the active friends of schools and the cause of education, and on the side of human freedom whenever the subject of slavery called for consideration and action. He is at the time of this sketch one of the oldest inhabitants of Canastota, and remembered as worthy of being called a neighbor in the true sense of the term from the earliest day of his residence here. The pastime of his latter days has been occupied in the cultivation of flowers, a garden of which beautifies the surroundings of his residence, erected by him in 1838, an engraving which may be seen on another page and which is commendable commentary upon his good taste and worthy of emulation. In 1875 his public spirit and liberality prompted him to erect a beautiful, spacious morgue dedicating it to the public and locating it at a commanding point within and near the entrance of Mount Pleasant Cemetery of Canastota as a gratuitous permanent gift.

From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 738.
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed
Date: Thursday, April 06, 2000 10:15 AM

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