Madison Street Cemetery
Hamilton, NY
Civil War Veterans

Roster of Known Civil War Veterans Compiled by David L. Sadler P.O. Box 47 Clockville, N. Y.

Charles B. Bassett 1827-1911 Co. F 176th N.Y.S.V. Inf't. Mark N. Bates 184th Reg't Co. I N.Y.V. 1844-1933 Capt. David L. Beckwith 1834-1879 Co. E 181st Reg't. N.Y.S.V. Capt. Samuel H. Beckwith 11th Reg't. 1840-1916 Grant's Shadow Loyal Patriotic Efficient Military Telegrapher and cipher operator to Gen. Grant 1862-1866. He was the only man at headquarters who was intrusted with the key to the cipher in which dispatching to and from the commanding general were received and sent. He carried with fidelity the secrets of the nation. Benjamin G. Brown died June 1, 1898 69 years Bat. A? N.Y.S. Art. Note: East side of Civil War section Chauncey E. Childs 1847-1909 Co. D 10th N.Y. Cavalry Note: West side of Civil War section John W. Clark 1839-1916 Co. B 144th Reg't N.Y.S.V. George R. Cobb Co. K 2nd N.Y. Reg't Heavy Artillery July 22, 1846-March 18, 1874 Note: Stone needs cleaning Lieut. W. H. Coultis Co. C 61st Reg't. N.Y.V. born in Utica Nov. 25, 1832 wounded at Fair Oaks, Va. June 1st died in hospital June 23rd, 1862 at Philadelphia aged 29 years William Henry Fisher Killed at the battle of Fredericksburgh Dec. 13, 1862 aged 24 years "Truly his sun went down at noon" William G. Given Co. I 5th U.S. Cavalry died Jan. 4, 1887 47 years Note: West side of Civil War section C. B. Kingsley Co. F 64th N.Y. Inf't. Note: No dates on marker Charles H. Lamphere Co. H 121st N.Y.S.V. Inf't. 1840-1881 John Lee 1843-1873 Co. G ?8 Reg't. N.Y.S.V. Note: East side of Civil War section Richard Lewis Batt. A 1st N.Y. Art. 1832-1897 Jerome B. Mathews Batt. H 13th N.Y. H. Art. Civil War died March 11, 1918 aged 72 years George Mannorman Sailor on Quaker City died Jan. 12, 1884 51 years Note: West side of Civil War section Hiram Olmstead 1843-1917 Private Co. K 5th Heavy Art. William A. Plum Co. A 170th N.Y. Volunteers died Apr. 28, 1875 50 years Note: West side of Civil War section Rudolph R. Riddell Medal of Honor Bvt. Lt. Col. U. S. Volunteers Civil War Feb. 11, 1847-Sept. 8, 1913 Henry Russell Co. H. 17th N.Y. Inf. Note: No dates on marker W. C. Sherman 1841-1867 Co. A 157th Reg't. N.Y. Inf't. Note: East side of Civil War section Richard Smethers Co ? ?Reg't. Ohio Volunteers died Oct. 12, 1876 54 years Note: West side of Civil War section LeRoy Smith Co. D 26th N.Y.S.V. died March 2, 1866 age 24 years Parlay R. Smith Co. H 14th Heavy Art. 1842-1904 William H. Smith Co. A 157th N.Y. Vol. 1820-1901 Hiram Steinberg Co. E 22nd N.Y. Cav. 1845-1900 Note: East side of CivilWar section Charles Steinberg Co. M. 2nd Reg't. N.Y. Cav. died Feb. 1, 1890 age 44 years Note: Stone broken on the ground and barely readable. Eugene J. Earriner 1848-1909 Co. I 3rd Reg't. N.Y.C.V. Lafayette L. Weed Co. G 61st Reg't. N.Y. Vols. died Aug. 19, 1884 49 years James W. Wilber 1835-1863 Illinois Infantry Hiram Wright Co. C 53rd Illinois Infantry died Apr. 22, 1893 Frederick Younglove Co. A 176th N.Y. Inf. & Co. D 184th N.Y. Inf. died Dec. 16, 1892 aged 59 Note: East side of Civil War section

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