Early Town of Eaton Pictures

Eaton: Ellis Morse House
Eaton: High School *
Eaton: Madison County House
Eaton: Main St. - provided by Barbara Porter
Eaton: Methodist Church c. 1930s - provided by Barbara Porter
Eaton: Opera House *
Eaton: Post Office c. 1914
Eaton: Old bridge
Eaton: Wood, Taber & Morse's Steam Engine Works - advertisement
Morrisville: Bank building
Morrisville: Becknell Hall c. 1911
Morrisville: Becknell Hall c. 1916
Morrisville: Bird's eye view
Morrisville: 'Blind John' Hollingsworth and his wheelbarrow
Morrisville: Burden House 1913
Morrisville: County Clerk's Building
Morrisville: County Jail c. 1872
Morrisville: Fire House *
Morrisville: Haylar, Madison and Bicknell Halls
Morrisville: Hopkins Resevoir - c. 1915
Morrisville: Howlett's Bridge c. 1910
Morrisville: Lee Home - tourist accomodations
Morrisville: Main St. pre-1915
Morrisville: Marshall Lodge
Morrisville: NYS Agricultural Buildings *
Morrisville: O&W Railroad Station c. 1910*
Morrisville: Railroad Depot c. 1908
Morrisville: Soldier's Memorial and Barker House
Morrisville: State Aresenal built c. 1845
Morrisville: Summit Farms Tea Room - just outside of Morrisville
Morrisville: Union Street c. 1910
Pratts Hollow: Conrad Hotel *
Pratts Hollow: Street scene *
Note: * Images provided courtesy of D. Porter

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