Early Town of Stockbridge Pictures

Munnsville: A bend in the East Road out of Munnsville - ca. 1900
Munnsville: Brophy Hotel - presently L.J.'s Munnsville Hotel - pre-1916
Munnsville: Clark W. Davis General Store c. 1915
Munnsville: Congregational Church c. 1912
Munnsville: Forest Ave. ca. 1910 *
Munnsville: From the Hill c. 1906
Munnsville: Lower Main Street c. 1910
Munnsville: Marshall's Hop Kiln - well preserved. Provided by S. Schenk.
Munnsville: Munnsville (Hollenbeck) Mills
Munnsville: Munnsville (Hollenbeck) Mills, Feb. 2, 1948; destructive fire
Munnsville: Rightmeyer Hotel (Brophy Hotel) - pre-1903
Munnsville: Street Scene ca. 1910
Munnsville: Street Scene ca. 1910
Munnsville: Union School 1910 (will assign credit)
Munnsville: Union Square pre-1916
Stockbridge: Methodist Church
Stockbridge: Methodist Church ca. 1900
Stockbridge: Methodist church c. 1910
Stockbridge: Ontario & Western train passing through Stockbridge Valley
Stockbridge: Stockbridge Falls today (Feb. 2002) by Chas Page
Stockbridge: Stockbridge Park - pre-1915
Stockbridge: Stockbridge School House c. 1907

 Note: * - provided courtesy of D. Porter
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