Town of Hamilton Early Industries

    Industry             Product(s)         Lifespan                               Notes 
Parker & Gardiner       cabinets           1850s-1864       Specialized in cabinets & other household furnishings. 
J. H. Severence         cigars             1860s-1870s      Manufacturers of all kinds of cigars, & a dealer in many va- 
                                                            rieties of tobacco, pipes, & snuff. (Hamilton) 
Jerome Gray             snowplows, road    1870s            Gray, patentee of the self-adjusting felt weatherstraps, 
                        scrapers, self-                     opened this manufactory in 1870. (Hamilton) 
                        adjusting felt 
Sash, Door, & Blind     wooden sashes,     1872-late 19th   The factory was established in 1872 by John Harmon & 
Factory                 doors & blinds     century          Charles Stringer. In 1875 Washington E. Brown purchased 
                                                            Harmon's share & in 1876 Brown sold to Stringer. The fac- 
                                                            tory's machinery was propelled by a twenty-five horsepower 
                                                            engine. (Hamilton) 
C. L. Cotton Perfumery  perfumes           1878-eqrly 20th  C.L. Cotton founded his company as an extract & durg   
& Extracts                                 century          company. Incorporated (1893). (Earlville) 
Earlville Furniture     Household          1882-1896        Founded by S., E.C., & G.D. Bentley of New Berlin. Fac- 
Works                   furniture                           tory bldgs. completed in 1892, but closed 4 years later. 
Parsons Low-Down        lowslung wagons    1887-early 20th  Founded by J. R. Parsons. (Earville) 
Wagon Co.                                  century 
Hamilton Wire           wire cloth         mid-late 19th    Frank Root was president of this company which burned 
Cloth Co.                                  century          (1895). 
Arnold Furniture        household fur-     late 19th        The Arnolds moved their company here from Fayetteville 
Co.                     niture, desks      century          (1890s). (Earlville) 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information publications & services the Society can provide.
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