Lowe Family of Madison County, New York
and Buxton, Norfolk, Engalnd

American family 
THOMAS LOWE was a shepherd in the village of Buxton, Norfolk, England. His 
wife Martha Ann (nee Thaxter) died in 1847 at the age thirty-two from, 
"inflammation of the brain with extensive effusion of blood". She left her 
husband to bring up their seven children. 
A book, 'The Leading Citizens of Madison County' published in 1894, records 
of Thomas that, 'in the lonely watches of the night, guarding his flocks, 
the vision of the far-off, golden land of America filled him with a longing 
to visit its shores.' So in 1850 he travelled to Liverpool and emigrated 
first to Quebec and thence to Madison County. 
He re-married, to Sarah Barnes and they had a daughter in Madison County. 
Thomas first worked at Mathison Lime Works in Stockbridge and later bought a 
farm at Siloam where he died in June 1872. His children were: 
John (1835-1919)
William Edward born 1836 (believed died young) 
James (1838-1898) [biography with additional information] 
Charles H. born 1838 
Walter (1841-1926) [biography with additional information]
Septimus (1845-1860) 
Elizabeth born 1846 
and finally Sarah Elizabeth who was born 1850 from his second marriage, she 
married Norvill Tefft. 
John Lowe married early, about 1851/2 to Mary Ann Barnes and they had a total
of 16 children. In the American Civil War he served in 'A' company, 157th 
NYSV and was captured on the first day of Gettysburg. He was released on 
parole and returned to his family farm. He died at Pratt's Hollow in 1919. 
John's children: 
Thomas J. (1852-1909) married Clara M. Bowers, they had five children, Robert
born 1875, Leona 1878, Edith 1880, Clarence 1883 and Blanche in 1883. 
William Edward (1862-1949) married Emma Burton and their children were John, 
Irving (1889-1972) and Bernice (1893-1981). Irving's grandson, Robert Louis 
Lowe and his wife Valerie have researched this side of the family and kindly 
provided me with the information from which these notes have been completed. 
Little is known of his other issue, Martha (1854), Franklin (1857), Jemima 
and Jemana (1860), Robert (1864), Fred R. Lowe (1865) - he lived on the 
family farm at Siloam. Elmer (1866-1891), Grant (1870-1872), Flora E. (1871),
Winifred (1873), Clara W. (1874), Alice (1875) and Libby (b+d1877) 
James Lowe married Hannah Hostler in 1859. They had three children, Charles 
H. (1860-1934), Ada S. (1863-1917) and Robert J. (1865-1870). Charles H. Lowe
owned a bicycle repair/hire shop in Lowe block,  Munnsville in the late 19th 
Walter Lowe married Abbie Deette Ranney in 1866. Their two children were: 
Russell (b1868) and Agnes Elizabeth (1872-c.1940) who married Henry B. 
English family
THOMAS LOWE had been born in Kirby-le-Soken, Essex in 1814. His father 
William Lowe (1778-1869) had moved there with his brother Abel Shepherd Lowe 
about the year 1800, presumably in search of work. Both married local girls 
and had families there. But whereas Abel Shepherd remained in Essex, William 
returned to Buxton about 1820 with his wife Elizabeth Ann (nee Annis) and 
their five children. This was a period of depression in England and farm 
wages were low. William was not rich (he died in Buxton workhouse) and may 
well not have been able to get a settlement in Kirby. It is quite possible  
that an order may have been made for his removal back to Norfolk rather than 
be a burden on those who paid the local poor-rate. 
It can get confusing tracing this line further back, William (1778-1869) was 
the son of a William, and the grandson of a William (1720-1802) and the name
was prevalent in other lines of the family.  
William Lowe (1720-1802) is the ancestor that I have in common with the 
American branch of the family. While Thomas emigrated several thousand miles 
and was joined by his brother John a few years later; my line made a much 
more modest migration. First to Lowestoft, Suffolk and then to Portsmouth, 
Hampshire. Three generations of this line of Lowe family served in the Royal 
I can definitely get the ancestry back another two generations to John 
(b. 1695) and his father Andrew (c. 670-c. 1700). Beyond that survival of 
records is patchy for this area of Norfolk. I have been  able to extract 
sufficient records to make a fair guess at tracing the line back another 
hundred years to 1577 when a John Lowe is mentioned in a muster for Norfolk. 
Related surnames 
ANNIS, Elizabeth Ann - married William Lowe (1778-1869) 
BARNES, Mary - married John Lowe (1835-1919) 
BARNES, Sarah - married Thomas Lowe (1814-1872) 
BOWERS, Clara M - married Thomas J. Lowe (1852-1909) 
BURTON, Emma - married William Edward Lowe (1862-1949) 
DOXTATER, Henry B. - married Agnes Elizabeth Lowe (1872-c.1940) 
HOSTLER, Hannah - married James Lowe (1838-1938) 
SEARLES, Cecil - married Charles H. Lowe (1860-1934) 
TEFFT, Norvill - married Sarah Elizabeth Lowe (b1850) 
THAXTER, Martha Ann - married Thomas Lowe (1814-1872) 
Over the years I have built up a wealth of information on the various 
branches of the Lowe family starting in Norfolk and following them as  
they spread out across England and then to Australia, America, South  
Africa and Europe. I have many photographs, including pictures of  
Thomas Lowe's cottage in Buxton. 
My aim is to try and trace as many sibling lines as possible down to  
the present day, as well as finding out about our ancestors. The above precis
is just intended to outline basic information. I am happy to expand on it for
anyone who cares to get in touch. If you think you may have a connection, 
don't contact me tomorrow, do it today: 
"I'll tell you whom time gallops withall, 
with the thief to the gallows; 
for  though he treads as soft as foot can fall 
he thinks himself too soon there." 
Geoff Lowe
51, Ticknell Piece Road, 
OX7 3TN 
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