Town of Madison Early Industries

    Industry             Product(s)         Lifespan                               Notes 
Peet Bros.             cider; cheese      1862-early 20th    H.I. & E.I. Peet's mill employed 20 persons during cider 
                       boxes; sawmill     century            time; in 1879 produced a record 10,000 barrels of cider. In 
                                                             sawmilling & cheese box manufacturing, 6-10 men were em- 
                                                             ployed. Leo Phelps ran the mill & 2 box factories in 1899. 
Hopkins Choice         mowers             1870-c.1880        Founded in Morrisville by Harvey I. Hopkins, patentee, the 
Mowers Co.                                                   co., was so successful it not only moved to Bouckville but 
                                                             was part of a larger company in Chicago, Hopkins, Beebe & 
                                                             Co., which bought (1877) the local factory & eventually 
                                                             transferred everything to Chicago. (Bouckville) 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information publications & services the Society can provide.
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