Ari Draper
(June 4, 1815-January 27, 1884)

Madison County Times 
Feb. 8, 1884 
Chittenango Station - The subject of this memorial, Ari Draper was born in 
the village of Herkimer on the 4th day of June 1815, died January 27, 1884. 
Of his early life and advantages his biography is limited. He moved to 
Sullivan, Madison County about the year 1838 and was married to Cynthia 
Bender the 31st day of December 1840 the ceremony being performed by the Hon 
Esq. Beebe of Canasaraga. He first located to East Boston and for years 
worked at the carpenter trade and mason work. From East Boston he moved to 
Syracuse and from thence to Lysander and thence to Ridgeville and in 1851 
permanently located in Sullivan where he died as above stated. 
He became seriously impressed in early life and formally united with the 
Weslyan Methodist, living an exemplary life for many years. He was so zealous
and energetic in the cause of religion that conference granted him license to
exhort. In 1866 he felt impressed to probe and thoroughly investigate 
spiritualism, which proved a more difficult task and strain on his mind than 
he anticipated. Ultimately he settled down as a consistent liberalist, 
claiming there was one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of 
all, who is over all, and in us all. 
It can be truthfully said of him that he can be numbered among God's nobility
-- the honest men. He earned his bread by the sweat of his brow, and is in 
happy communion with all the great and good that have preceded him. 
His wife improves this opportunity to express her sincere thanks to all of 
her many friends for their great kindness during her husbands quite 
protracted illness and feels very grateful for their manifestations of great 
respect shown deceased at the funeral.   

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