Bert L. Adle

Canastota Bee Journal 
20 September 1913 
Fatally Injured Wednesday At Aberdeen, S.D. 
  Bert L. Adle, a former resident of Canastota, died at Aberdeen, 
South Dakota, Thursday of injuries which he received the 
preceding day. The first message was received Wednesday by 
Mr. Adle's parents, Mr. and Mrs., Frank Adle, saying that he had 
been seriously injured and that particulars would be given by 
letter. On Thursday afternoon a telegram came announcing 
the death and asking what disposition should be made of the 
body. Mr. Adle on Friday wired $159 to Aberdeen to pay 
hospital and undertaker's expenses and the cost of sending 
the body here, It is expected that the remains will arrive Sunday 
and that the funeral will be held at the home in Pleasant street 
Monday, Rev. A. C. Horsman, officiating. 
  Bert Leroy Adle was born in Canastota, Jan. 9, 1885, and was 
nearly 30 years old. He grew up here and was inclined to 
athletics, making one of the best foot ball players of Madison 
county. About a year and a half ago he left Canastota and little 
had been heard from him since. A month ago his mother had 
a letter from him at Sioux City. 

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