Hugh Fitzgerald
(1871 - February, 1937)

 Oneida Dispatch 
 February 22, 1937 
 Hugh Fitzgerald dies in Georgia Hospital-- 
Injured In An Auto Accident 
 Injuries sufferd in auto accident in Georgia, while en route to Verona from 
Florida, where he had been spending several months, proved fatal yesterday 
in a Fitzgerald, Ga., hospital to Hugh Fitzgerald, 66, retired farmer. 
 Details of the auto accident were not available today. Mrs.Mary Delaney, 
Bennetts Corners, a sister, learned in a letter 10 days ago from the attending 
physician in Georgia that Mr. Fitzgerald probably would be discharged this 
week. Saturday night he suffered a heart attack and died at 6 o'clock Sunday 
 Mr.Fitzgerald was born in Munnsville, a son of Daniel and Rose Fitzgerald. 
The family lived on a farm in the Town of Verona most of their lives. Three years 
ago Hugh Fitzgerald bought a small place near West Eaton. 
 Surviving are three sisters, Mrs.Delaney, Mrs.Rose Cline, Niagara Falls, and Mrs. 
Jessie Gilbert Syracuse; one brother George Fitzgerald, Utica. Burial at Verona 

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