Miss Kathleen Moot
(c.1877 - November 1922)

Canastota Bee Journal 
November 10, 1922 
  Mrs. Kathleen W. Moot formerly well known in Canastota died at the Crouse Irving 
hospital in Syracuse Wednesday. She had been there only about three hours, having 
been taken from Hotel Howard where she had been living for some time. 
  Miss Moot was born in Clockville about 45 years ago, the daughter of Stephen and 
Kate Clock Moot. She was educated in the public schools of Oneida graduating from 
the high school there about 27 years ago. She then went to the Emerson School of 
Oratory at Eaton where she was graduated, after which she went on the stage under 
the name of Muriel Brandt. The stage did not prove a success and she returned to her 
home at Clockville. After the death of her parents she lived on the farm for a while try-
ing to work it with overseers but a few years ago she left for Syracuse where she has 
since been. Unfortunate investments or expenses made inroads on the estate from 
$50,000 to $100,000 left by her father. Some Syracuse papers stated that she died of 
starvation but old friends here do not think that this is true as she still must have some 
claim on the once famous farm of Clockville. Her mother was a sister of Duane Clock 
and the funeral will be held from his home in Clockville Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. 
Burial will be in the Moot family plot at Mount Pleasant cemetery. 
  Other relatives in this vicinity are LeGrand Colton and Mrs. Lee Phillips. Friends of the 
deceased here say that for several years Miss Moot has not been well and that her 
mind has probably been affected by her illness. Some time ago after the death of 
Samuel Smith she claimed a widow's right to his property saying that they had been 
married in Boston years ago but nothing was proved and it was thought that the story 
and claim were just a flight of imagination, In Syracuse however she seems to have 
gone by the name of Smith. 

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