Peleg Roberts
(1801 - April 29, 1873)

[Canastota Bee Journal?]
ROBERTS - In Lenox April 29th, 1873, Peleg Roberts, aged 72 years and 8 
    Another aged father has passed the river. Ripe with age and bowed with 
physical infirmities. Mr. Roberts was a great sufferer from Inflammatory 
Rheumatism, which has afflicted him for nearly thirty years. 
    In addition to that disease he was twice prostrated by palsey, and the 
combination of disease centering at his heart, ultimately caused his death. 
    He was one of the early settlers of this part of Lenox; arriving here 
over 50 years ago, when the site of the village was a wilderness.  His early 
manhood was spent in felling the forest trees, and preparing the face of 
earth for the habitation of on coming generations. 
    He was born in Cortland County , and died at the residence of his son-in-
law, Samuel Jaquay, who married Cornelia, the youngest of the Roberts 
    May he rest in peace. 
[Facts: born September 1801 (Ginnie Peterson lists him as being born in 
Otsego Co.?); died in Canastota; he is my great grandfather as is Samuel 
submitted by 
Harold Jaquay]

Date: Thursday, March 09, 2000 08:38 AM

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