Robert J. Lowe
(c. 1866 - Aug. 1899)

Oneida Democratic Union 
August 9, 1899 (p3c3) 
 Robert J. Lowe Injured by a Trolley at Ballston 
 A large number from Oneida attended the funeral of Robert J. Lowe, at 
Morrisville, Sunday afternoon. Mr Lowe was well known here, being a nephew of
Charles Lowe and was universally popular. On Thursday last a telegram was 
received by his father, Thomas Lowe, of Morrisville. Robert, who was employed
as lineman for the Ballston Terminal Railroad, had been injured at 11:30 of 
that day. 
 The young man intended to board a moving train. The conductor motioned him 
to wait till they stopped, but he signalled them on, and as he made a grab 
for the car he slipped and was drawn under the train. When picked up it was 
discovered that he had both limbs injured. He was immediately taken to 
Saratoga Hospital, where both feet were amputated. The loss of blood left him
in a very weak state, and the shock to the nervous system soon placed him in 
a state of collapse, from which he never rallied, although consious until 
11:30 P.M., when he expired. 
 The parents were almost heart-broken to thus part with their son, who had 
visited them only a short time before and in perfect health. 
 The funeral was held in the M. E. Church Sunday afternoon, and he was laid 
at rest in the cemetery at Morrisville. He was 23 years old. He leaves to 
mourn his loss a father and mother, three sisters, Mrs. Lura Switzer, Mrs. 
Edith Steadman and Miss Blanche Lowe, and one brother, Clarence I. Lowe. 

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