Sophronia Shaver Case
(December 13, 1839 - January 18, 1915)
Madison County Times 
Jan. 19, 1915 
  Death of a Real Daughter 
  Sophronia Shaver Case Dies in Chittenango - 
  Father fought in the Revolution. 
 Sophronia Shaver Case, the last surviving "real daughter" of the Onondaga 
chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, died shortly after two 
o'clock Monday morning of this week, January 18, at her home in Chittenango.
For some time past Mrs. Case had suffered slight heart trouble. Recently a 
severe attack was followed by complications but she seemed to have recovered 
her usually excellent health. However, she was taken seriously ill early 
Monday morning and died before help could reach her. 
 Mrs. Case was widely known in Madison and Ondondaga counties by reason of 
her direct descent from a Revolutionary soldier. She was born December 13, 
1839 in the town of Manlius, Onondaga county, at what is now Mycenae, then 
called "Dry Hill". She was a daughter of Jacob Shaver who was born October 
21, 1755 and who was a captain in Lieutenant Colonel Henry Livingston's 
regiment of New York Militia during the Revolutionary War. Jacob Shaver's 
name appeared on a payroll dated November 25, 1784, and between the years of 
staff officers of that regiment. Mr Shaver was a man of sterling character 
and unusually large and strong. When [90] years old he cut and sawed wood. He
was twice married, his [second] wife, Sally Priscilla Handy, being the mother
of Sophronia Shaver Case, was born when her father was [..] years old. Mr. 
Shaver lived to be over 100 years old. 
 While a young child Mrs. Case moved with her parents to Manlius where she 
attended school. From there they went to Hartsville where she lived until she
married George W. Case when they moved over the county line into Madison 
county and lived for some time in a house on what was later the farm of 
Andrew Ehle in the town of Sullivan. The house has long since been destroyed.
Then they went to Bolivar and later moved to Chittenango Station where they 
resided for six years. From there Mr. and Mrs. Case moved to Chittenango 
village. Mr. Case served in the Civil War. He died 23 years ago and since 
that time Mrs. Case has lived at her home in Chittenango village. She was an 
active, busy woman and kind. In 1908 the national government recognized the 
claim of Mrs. Case that she was a real D. A. R. and since that time she has 
received a pension from the national society of the D. A. R. and has been a 
frequent guest at their meetings in Syracuse and other places. She was 
affiliated with the Onondaga chapter, by which body she was recently 
presented with a gold spoon. 
 Mrs. Case is survived by one brother, George Shaver, of Chittenango and by 
three daughters and four sons, as follows: Mrs. Wormot of Amherst, Neb, Mrs. 
John Reidel of Cazenovia, and Mrs. Curtis Johnson of Syracuse, and Byron and 
Elmer Case of Chittenango, Winifred Case of Syracuse and Charles Case of New 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
 Mrs. Case was a woman highly esteemed by her neighbors and friends and led a
life of industry. To her children she was always at home and they spent much 
time with her. 
 The funeral of Mrs. Case was held yesterday afternoon in the Presbyterian 
church, Rev. Albert J. Thomas conducting the service. Representatives of the
Onondaga chapter, D. A. R., of Syracuse and Owagepah chapter of Cazenovia 
were present. All of the children of Mrs. Case and their families were 
present except one daughter, Mrs. [... Wormot ...] Floral tributes were many
[...] and [...] of sympathy have been received. [...] 

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