City of Oneida Early Industries

    Industry               Product(s)            Lifespan                                 Notes 
H. H. Phelps & Co.         tannery              1840-1860s       First industry in Oneida; Herman H. Phelps, the founder, was
                                                                 also namesake of Phelps Street. The factory was used as a malt
                                                                 house in 1871.
Oneida Ltd.                silverware &         1848-present     Founded originally as part of Juhn Humphrey Noyes' Perfec- 
                           tableware                             tionist group, the community ran farms to maintain self suf- 
                                                                 ficiency. Later the manufacture of bags, then animal traps, 
                                                                 was added. By 1914 the table & silverware operation (originally
                                                                 set up in Niagara Falls, Canada was moved to Sherrill and
                                                                 expanded. (Kenwood & Sherrill) 
George Berry's             tanned hides;        1857-c.1880      Largest, most successful of the tanneries in town. 
Tannery                    leather
Monitor Hand Cart          hand carts           c.1870-1930s     Located at the southwest corner of Cedar & Phelps Streets in
Works                                                            the building originally used by the Saunders & Barrett Carriage
                                                                 Works. The hand carts were known & used nationally. The founder,
                                                                 F. J. Aubeuf, was a native of France; his son, E. P. was involved 
                                                                 as manager in 1909.
Wescott Chuck Co.          lathe chucks         1872-early       Founded (1872) as Oneida Steam Engine & Foundry Co. John H.
                                                1960s            Wescott patented the Wescott Chuck; he eventually bought the 
                                                                 foundry incorporating it (1885) as Wescott Chuck Co.
Other Chuck                lathe chucks         1860s            Oneida National Chuck Co., organized 1897; Oneida Manufacturing 
Companies                                                        Chuck Co., 1890-1897, was later absorbed into Oneida National
                                                                 Chuck Co. 
National Casket Co.        burial caskets       1860-1960        John Maxwell consolidated (1881) his vault works with Chappell,
                                                                 Tuttle & Co., & other casket companies to produce the giant 
                                                                 National Casket Co. They produced the burial caskets for New
                                                                 York governor Samuel J. Tilden & General U. S. Grant. Company
                                                                 survives on a smaller scale, based in Boston.
Oneida Iron Works          portable & sta-      1870s            T. E. Mayne & D. Carpenter, former employees of Wood, Taber & 
                           tionary engines                       Morse of Eaton, worked here when the iron works was founded. 
                           & boilers                             Located on present site of Oneida Royal Heater Co. (esatblished
Powell & Goldstein         cigars, chewing      1879-1943        Best known brand was Napoleon (but Roman King was toward end 
Cigar Co.                  tobacco                               of company's existence). Although John E. Powell, 26, died in 
                                                                 1883 of Brights disease, Julius M. Goldstein retained Powell's 
                                                                 name in company name & logos. A branch factory was maintained
                                                                 in Hanover, PA. Incorporated (1921), Powell & Goldstein was the
                                                                 largest of many cigar factories in Oneida.  
Other Cigar                 cigars              late 19th cen-   L. F. Bennett; J. M. Bennett & Sons; Nathan Noto; Smith Bros.; 
Manufacturers                                   tury-early 20th  Hummell & Warr; Kenny Bros.; John Pichler; M. H. Thompson & Co.,
                                                century          to name a few.            
Oneida Carriage             buggies & other     1889-1910        Although recognized as one of New York's leading carriage 
Works                       horsedrawn                           makers, the Works was never financially successful, leading 
                            vehicles                             to its dissolution (1898).
Other Carriage              buggies & other     1925-1927        Upton & Holden, founded 1869; Dapson & Wolf, founded 1898;  
Works                       horsedrawn                           J. Barrett & Sons (later Barrett & Saunders), founded 1849. 
O. W. Sage                  window sashes &     1887-late 1890s  Sage's plant was on Sconondoa Street & was later the Olney 
Manufacturing Co.           blinds, doors                        Bros. Canning Co. 

Smith-Lee                   bottle caps, paper  1898-present     Founded by Charles A. Lee & Monroe C. & Hurlbut W. Smith. 
                            products                             Merged with (1932) the Kleen Kap Corp. of Liverpool. In 1957  
                                                                 they manufactured 8 to 10 million bottle caps a day. Paper, 
                                                                 paper related products are main line today.
Cadet Hosiery Co.           hosiery             1902-1920        Founded as the Oneida Hosiery Co., it was acquired by Cadet (a 
                                                                 large Philadelphia concern). Was located in the old Dodge pulley 
                                                                 plant on Liberty Street.

Stanton Paper Box Co.       boxes for silver-   1906-present     Founded by Elmer A. & Archibald G. Stanton. The firm was 
                            ware, tools, drugs,                  incorporated (1921) & during World War II manufacture was  
                            candy, stationary,                   confined to packaging for war material.
Hinman Milking              milking machines    1907-present     Founded by A. V. Hinman, the company maintained a plant on 
Machine Co./Hartman         for farms                            Elizabeth Street, across from Oneida Jr. High School from 1911 
Enterprises Inc.                                                 until 1973 at which time the Hartman Enterprises Inc. assumed
                                                                 total control of the business. Hartman still occupies the old
                                                                 Hinman building & still manufactures milking machines.

Ferrara Furniture Co.       household furni-    1906-present     Gerado Ferrara founded the co. to make furniture but began 
                            ture; Natural Voice                  manufacturing Natural Voice Phonographs (1916). Factory stood  
                            Phonographs                          on Wilson Street.

Reynolds Safety Light       automatic dimmer    1915-1920s       The device, patented by Oneida National Chuck Co. manager 
                            for headlights of                    Herman M. Reynolds, worked by pressing a lever which released 
                            oncoming autos                       a balck curtain mounted on top of the windshield.

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. Click MCHS for information on services & publications the Society can provide.
Date: Monday, January 24, 2000

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