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 The Stockbridge Sesquicentennial Quilt was a project undertaken by Stockbridge residents to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Town. A community project, each of the quilt's 35 squares provided a glimpse of the Town's past.
 A companion text evolved, entitled Stockbridge Sesquicentennail Quilt, which provides information related to the events depicted in each square. Much of the information pertaining to Stockbridge and Munnsville at this site has been extracted (with permission) from the Stockbridge Sesquicentennial Quilt.
 The book - spiral bound, 98 pages - is rich in information, providing details of events of family, historical, agricultural and industrial note. In addition, several lists showing school rosters, cites on committees and appointments, and maps are provided.
 Copies of the Stockbridge Sesquicentennial Quilt can be purchased for $10 per copy, plus $2 shipping. For further information or to order a copy, contact:

Olive S. Boylan
PO Box 177
Munnsville, NY 13409

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