The Veterans Remembered *

    On the south side of the soldiers' monument at Peterboro is the 
inscription: "Smithfield gave of her men; let us honor the gallant seventy-
five." Did 75 men from the Town of Smithfield serve during the Civil War? On 
the day that the monument was dedicated, July 4, 1893, William S. Martindale,
one of those veterans, supplied a very different number - 108! Following are 
the names that he recounted from memory (in the order he gave them): 
    Charles Stiles, James Green, Patrick Short, Peter Rice, Frank Hayes, John
Munson, George Steams, William Chaffee, A. C. Baum, Ephraim House, George 
Tower, Uzal Parkhurst, William Lowery, John Fitzpatrick, John Hicks, Eugene 
Dickey, Richard Willoughby, Oliver Elmer, J.Wallace Clark, Jerome Marsh, 
Henry H. Rickard, John Woodcock, Samuel Johnston, Sidney Charles, Neil  
Eastman, Philip Eastman, Joseph Hleney [Henerey?], Bela Parks, A. S. Douglass,
Ira 0. Ellenwod, Benjamin Parks, Rinaldo 0. Coe, Perry Cleveland, Ezra 
Strough, David Fanner, Frank McCurley, Edward McCurley, Elias Conder, 
Alexander Dickey, Samuel Hitchcock, Benjamin Metcalf, Daniel K. Bishop, James
Mahah, Harvey Elmor, Addison Elmor, Franklin Parkhurst, Natham[n?] Parkhurst,
Asel P. Stone, Lewis Stewart, John Hesslin, Carlos V. Palmer, Edwin D. 
Messenger, Dorrance Messenger, Seth Moon, Newell L. Douglass, Laban Robbins, 
Albert Robbins, Henry Charles, Charles Osbom, Henry Shurts, James Wallace, 
John A. Campbell, James Barnett, Thomas Barnett, J. Riley Stone, William A. 
Stone, Henry Devan, David Devan, Milto [Milo?] Devan, Wallace Devan, Jay 
Devan, Truman Devan, Hanson Williams, Daniel Torrey, Robert Torrey, Lafayette
McWilliams, William E. Mattson, Jay Berry, Bertrand Hardy, Patrick H. Rich, 
Green Smith, John Rollins, George Newman, James Newman, Horace Beach, David 
Butler, Cornelius Butler, John Dolley, Quincy H. Martindale, William S. 
Martindale, William Clark, Thomas Neville, William Johnston, Richard Russell,
Garrett Russell, John Harvey, Willard Petrie, Burton Brown, Clark Nellis, T. 
Foster Petrie, [J. Warren] Folts, Nathan Stone, William Henry Clark, James 
Douglass, Joseph Hart, John Hart, Patrick Neville, Aaron T. Bliss. 
    *The Oneida Post, July 8, 1893, p. 8, col. 1. 

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