Town of Sullivan Early Industries

    Industry             Product(s)            Lifespan                              Notes 
Chittenango Furnace &  cast iron products,   1825-1890s        Founded by Daniel Walrath & carried on after his death 
Machine Shop           sleighs, plows,                         (1856) by his son Peter. His "Chittenango Air Tight Stove" 
                       cultivators, box &                      was long considered one of the best designs made. The fac- 
                       cook stoves, turn-                      tory bldg. was later used by Ideal Cut Glass Co. 
                       ings in wood & 
Beard & Crouse         millboard;wrapping    1830s-1888        Established as a sawmill by John B. Yates. Converted (1865) 
Papermill              paper                                   into a papermill it burned (1888). (Chittenango) 
Chittenango            cloth & cotton        1867-1883         Founded by the Hintermister brothers, T.H. & Otto, on the 
Cotton Co.             products                                site of an older mill (built 1824 by John B. Yates).  
                                                               Ebenezer Pennock bought the co. (July 1879) & worked with 
                                                               Otto Hintermister to keep it going but it failed despite 
                                                               improvements & enlargements. 
Chittenango            tableware & pot-      1897-early        Organized with capital stock of $35,000, the stock had  
Pottery Co.            tery products         1930s             been raised to $70,000 within 2 years time. Exhibited 700 
                                                               dozen pieces of china at the Pan American exposition in 
                                                               Buffalo (September 1901). 
Peg Factory            pegs                  late 19th         The pegs were for holding wooden frame structures to- 
                                             century           gether. Also manufactured shoemaker's pegs. (Bridgeport) 
Match Factory          matches               late 19th         Operated by Richard Brown. Matches were made by dipping 
                                             century           the matchstick into melted brimstone. 
Popenseak's Cigar      cigars                late 19th or      Operated by Christopher Popenseak. His cigars were sold in 
Factory                                      early 20th        local stores & in Madison's neighboring counties. 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information publications & services the Society can provide.
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