Early Settlers
Town of Sullivan

        Early settlers in the Town of Sullivan taken from 1784 History of 
Chenango & Madison Counties, NY by James H Smith; pub. 1880.  Tried to use 
year, where stated, person and where they were from. 
     Sullivan was formed from Cazenovia, Feb. 22, 1803.  The larger 
east half was set off to form the town of Lenox, Mar. 3, 1809. 
 about 1790 first pioneers- 
James & Joseph PICKARD 
Jacob, David & Hon Yost SCHUYLER 
Garrett & George VanSLYCKE 
John PALSLAY and 
 soon joined first pioneers- 
John G MOYER, 
Capt. Timothy BROWN, 
Col. Zebulon DOUGLASS, from Columbia co. in 1796 
John MATTHEWS, from Mass 
Philip DAHARSH, 
Peter DYGART, 
Timothy FREEMAN, 
Martin VROOMAN, removed from here quite early 
Capt Rosel BARNES, removed to Illinois 
Capt. RECTOR, 
Robert CARTER & sons Robert & John, 
Joseph & Benjamin HOSLEY, brothers (Joseph went west) 
Gideon OWENS, 
Jacob PATRICK, settled previous to 1900 
Judge John KNOWLES, from Troy in 1805. 
John ADAMS, 
Robert RIDDELL, from Shelburne, Mass in 1805, 
John SMITH, from Mass, settled about 1800 
John WALRATH, native of Minden, Mont co, came from Rome in 1808, 
David & Joseph BEEBE, from Eastern states 
John LOWER, 
Peter EHLE, from Montgomery co., 
David BURTON, 
William MILES, 
Nicholas PICKARD, 
John Owen FRENCH, from Williamsburgh, Mass, in 1805 
Rev. Austin BRIGGS and 
Reuben HAIGHT, from Conn came about 1800. 

Provided by: Sandy Goodspeed, Maryland, NY

Date: Thursday, July 08, 1999 01:05 AM

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