Merrillsville - Jan. 12, 1888.

- We are experiencing rather rough weather at this writing. Having often been told that the last Friday and Saturday of the month were days for the next month, we are now willing to begin believing it, for the last Friday of December was very stormy and January has been enough to satisfy most of us, especially to-day.
- Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Alice Warner daughter of John Warner of the West Hill to Fred Hodges, formerly of Peterboro, but now of Oneida. The happy event takes place on Jan, 25, at the bride's home.
- We notice many farmers dragging logs to mill here, even some coming from as off as Siloam.
- Everyone is invited to the dance at Pierce's Hall tonight. This is the second of a series of dances and if the weather had been propitious there would have been a large attendance, but with such a stormy day and no signs of a clear off, we are quite sure that others as as well as "our best girl" will be doomed to disappointment.
- We understand that those under the faith cure are very much better.
- Now that we have a new commisioner and one who has been successful as a teacher, we shall expect an improvment in the schools. Under the law regulating the securing of certificates, we predict less schoolm .., of Turkey Steet. The ladies are sisters of A. Moon of this place.
- Mr. and Mrs. Magown entertained friends from Clockville and Siloam on Sunday last.
-Miss Cora Buyea and another young lady, returning home from a visit to Canastota, had the misfortune to meet with a serious accident. The horses became frightened at a log near the road and became unmanageable. It threw them out, but did not break any bones.
- Our dances seem to be a thing of the past. The last one was a failure on account of the inclement weather, and we fear that we shall have to go elsewhere to trip the light fantastic toe unless the ladies take it into hand and issue invitations for a leap year party, which would undoubtably be a success.
- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buyea spent Sunday last with her sister in Canastota.
- Miss Emma Moore, we believe, is engaged to teach the spring term of the school. She formerly resided here and made many friends in this place who will be glad to welcome her back.
- Quite a few have disposed of their hops. Amomg the number are Moon, Ingalls and Warner, at prices from 10 to 11 cents per pound.
- Now that the school in the Snyder district has closed, Florence Buyea has returned and is attending school here. Owing to the small attendance our public money will be rather small one year hence.
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