Merrillsville - Jan. 14, 1889.

- Mrs. Warner and family visited her daughter at Oneida on Sunday last week.
- Jabez Ward and wife held a family reunion on Christmas. Their son-in-law, Henry Orcutt, and family, of Oneida, are sprending some days with them.
- Pat. Ginny and wife and nephew, Seymour Adle, have returned from the west, where they went last year to reside. They concluded that they much preferred New York State to the western country. They have been visiting at D. Magawn's for a time, but are now at Siloam visiting friends.
- Mr. and Mrs. Will Colyer, of Syracuse, spent a few days with cousins here.
- Miss Lena Snyder, of Cortland, is visiting relatives here now, having spent Saturday with her aunt, Mrs. Riley Moon.
- Mr. and Mrs. Romain Adle spent New Years with their daughter, Mrs. Carrie Magawn.
- Mr. and Mrs. George Ritter, of Clockville, visited at her brother's Frank Buyea, last week.
- Mrs. Robert Buyea, of Cazenovia, is spending a week ot two with her mother Mrs. S. Hart.
- Phineas Ingalls and wife. of Lee Centre, are spending some time here with his father, Erastus Ingalls. Also, Fred Ingalls is home for a visit.
- The family of Frank Gault are all down with the measles. The youngest son, Frankie, caught them while attending school at Chittenango, and now his mother and a brother andsister have them; also the sister where he boarded is down with them, but all are better now.
- Mrs. John Parkhurst, of Hoboken, is spending a few days with her relatives here.
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