Merrillsville - Feb. 6, 1888.

- Several from this place attended the wedding of Mate White, of Wampsville. Among the number were Giles Harrington and his sister, Nellie Harrington, Elbridge Dunham and Libbie Vanderwacker.
- W.Eddy has been making some repairs to his saw mill, but all is in running order again.
- C Gregg and wife spent a few days recently near Clockville, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.
- Miss Minnie Eddy is attending school at Canastota, commencing on Monday last.
- Frank Buyea and wife entertained friends a short time ago from Cortland. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and daughter, and they were obliged to make a lengthy stay with their Lenox friends on account of the blockade on the Cazenovia road.
- Jasper Northrup, of the West Hill, delivered his hops on Wednesday of last week. Price not known.
- Two young men of this place being absent for a few days gave rise to the report that they had left for parts unknown, but they returned all right on Sunday, much to the joy of their friends who were quite worried over their absence, they not having told of their intention of going away on a visit. We make this statement as mant farther off are asking if they are at home, or why they ran away and where they had gone.
- Mrs. Gault spent several days with her daughter, of Chittenango last week.
- We understand that there was an exhibition at the school-house near the factory, on Wednesday of last week. They invited the school in the Shaffer district to join them and the report says that the speaking was above average the average of school exhibitions showing the excellent traing of both schools. The school is taught by Miss Mary Tucker and we believe she is engaged to teach a summer term in her own district, in the Mile Strip.
- Fred Hodges has returned to his place, in John E. Stone's store, while his wife will remain at home for a year or so. This will be pleasing news to her many music scholars. JIMMY.
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