Merrillsville - Feb. 13, 1890.

- Miss Lena Snyder, of Cortland, is spending several weeks among relatives here.
- Mr. and Mrs. Dunham, of Kenwood, were recent visitors of D. Stone and family.
- Mr. and Mrs. Riley Moon visited at Elmer New's in Siloam, Sunday last.
- Elmer Dunham and wife are rejoicing over a young daughter's arrival at their home.
- Miss Mary Hainsworth is home from Hamilton to remain a few days with her parents.
- Mrs. Dell Magowan, of Oneida, is accompanied by her mother, Mrs. L. R. Adle, spent Saturday with Mrs. Arvis Dunham.
- Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Case, of Perryville, were guests of her aunt on Tuesday last.
- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ingalls visited friends in Pratt's Hollow over the Sabbath.
- Several have sold their hops, hay and lumber the past week, but are obliged to use wagons for heavy loads.
- Mrs. James Ingalls has been quite feeble but is slowly improving.
- Ellis Clark, after a lengthy absence, is spending some time with his parents here.
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