Merrillsville - Feb. 18, 1888.

- Eugene Rich sold and delivered to Mr. Woodhull the hops raised on his place on Thursday of last week. Mr. Warner and William Stone also delivered theirs the last of the week.
- Eugene Petrie and wife have commenced keeping house on the west hill, and celebrated the event by giving a social dancing party to their young on the Tuesday, the 7th inst. All report a pleasant time and wish the couple a long and proseprous life.
- Cora Buyea has returned from a lengthy visit to her aunt, Mrs. Will Tuttle, of Cansatota.
- Rumor says Philemon Pierce has sold his hotel to Mr. Myers, from the lake.
- Mrs. Rich and daughter, of the West Hill, are visiting friends in Little Falls.
- We miss the hill people from our roads this winter. The Dunham hill is so blockaded with snow people cannot travel it, and consequently have to drive a longer distance on the hills and come down the gulf road on their way to Oneida. This is the first time in years that we have not kept the road open, but more snow seems to have lodged in the roads than usual, causing much inconvenience in traveling nearly all the highways.
- On Saturday last, as Frank Ingalls's son Hollis, was returning from his Uncle Alonzo Snyder's, in some manner his cutter upset, frightening his horse, which, in after dragging the young man along ways, suceeded in getting free and made good headway for home, until near the head of the gulf, where he was found lying on his back terribly bruised and cut up. The cutter was demolished. The horse was a valuable one, Mr. Ingalls having refused $200 for it a short time ago. The damage may be less serious than at first supposed, although bad enough, at the best.
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