Merrillsville - March 7, 1889.

- Mrs. O. Parkhurst, of Rome, visited relatives in this vicinity last week.
- Miss Anna Moon entertained her young friend, Miss Lina Shaver, of Siloam, a few day's last week.
- The young married people from this way attended a party at E. Bridge's last Thursday night.
- Mr. and Mrs. Seaman Eddy, of Hoboken, accompanied by their daughter and grandchildren, spent Sunday evening pleasantly with Abram Moon and family.
- Sandford Clark, of Oneida, made his father and mother a short call on Monday last.
- Mrs. Mariba Upham, of Iowa, accompanied by her niece, Mrs. Alzina Yerden, of Dewitt are visiting relatives here for a few weeks. Mrs. Upham is a sister of Emerson and William Stone, and as here is her birthplace and where her early life was spent she has many friends, as well as relatives, who gladly welcome her back after an absence of 20 years.
- Our young people have enjoyed the sleighing while it lasted going in sleighloads to parties, etc.
- Louis Ratnour, of Wampsville, called on friends here Monday last.
- George Moore made his uncle and fanily, at Siloam, a visit on Sunday last.
- Miss Rosa Cypher is spending a few days at Mrs. Hart's.
- Emmett Moon was a caller at his father's on Friday last.
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