Merrillsville - April 8, 1891.

- Miss Gertie Hainsworth is home for a few days from Hamilton.
- Master Herbert Moore, of Valley Mills, spent last week with his cousin, Grove Stoddard.
- Whooping cough, measles and mumps are raging in this vicinity, School in district No. 12 being closed on account of them.
- Ed Mason's little child was buried Sunday, having died with the whooping cough on Friday last.
- Miss Shoultes, of Canastota, has begun her school here, and gives good satisfaction we believe.
- We missed our Oneida friends Sundat at Sabbath-school. We hope they will be with us again on Sunday next,
- Mr. Ringleka has moved to the Courtney farm, and Elmer Dunham has taken possession of the Whitman farm, vacated by him.
- George Harp has moved in with his father, and will work the farm the coming year.
- E Wallace Ringleka has moved into Mr. Harrington's tenant house.
- Martin Snyder has moved into the Frank Buyea House.
- Ida Ringleka, who was united in marriage to Charley Page on the 18th of March, has gone to house-keeping in part of the double house occupied by his father in Fenner.
- The married people enjoyed a sugar party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ingalls, last evening.
- Giles P. Harrington is to commence house-keeping in the house with his grandmother.
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