Merrillsville - April 22, 1889.

- L. Black, of Pratt's Hollow was a caller in town last week.
- Mrs. Bulger and Mrs. Upham were calling upon their numerous friends a short time ago. Mrs. Uphapm has left now for a lengthy visit in Massachusetts.
- Fred Ingalls, of Rome, returned home after spending a week at his father's. He has entered into business for himself this spring. He is a first-class artist and we wish him success.
- Leroy Eddy is quite sick, having called the doctor on Saturday. It is a stomach difficulty we learn.
- Mrs. Charley Gregg is absent visiting her parents in Syracuse.
- L. Ratnour and L. Stisser, of Wampsville, called on friends here yesterday.
- Louis Park, one of the employees of THE UNION office, spent a few days in this locality on a fishing expedition, being the guest of Dwight Stone meanwhile.
- Miss Sussie Warner and Miss Nora Stoddard are absent visiting friends in Oneida.
- Frank Ingalls visited at Pratt's Hollow yesterday.
- Venie Hart spent a day or so at Cazenovia with his sister. His niece returned home with him.
- Mrs. Moore has suffered a relapse, but is gaining slowly.
- Mrs. George Clarke is quite feeble with heart disease, although she is able to be around the house.
- Several have purchased horses lately. A. Moon and S. J. Stoddard being among the number.
- John Harrington is at home again. We have not learned if he will return to Oneida or not.
- An invited company assembled at Mr. Hainesworth's last week and enjoyed a pleasant evening. Refreshments were served and dancing was indulged in.
- Rollin Case and wife , of Perryville, visited at Riley Moon's yesterday.
- Mrs. Roxy Horton, of Cansatota, is at home here called by the sickness of her father.
- Mrs. James Ingalls is improving under the care of Dr. Wallace.
- Hop grubbing is in full blast and hop roots have wintered well in this section.
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