Merrillsville - June 20, 1889.

- Strawberries ripen quite slowly, but will be a good yield, from present indications.
- Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Hart visited in Cazenovia since our last items.
- A party was enjoed at F. Ingalls' on the 7th.
- Miss Ellen Snyder, of Kirkville, recently visited Miss Nora Stoddard.
- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mason visited a daughter in Stockbridge last week.
- Mrs. Monroe Buyea has been absent at Carthage caring for a sister, who is sick.
- Mr. and Mrs. Lot Black, of Pratts Hollow, were guests of her brother on Sunday.
- Merritt Eddy and family are rejoicing over a 10-pound baby boy, whose age dates from the 15th.
- The village, and a portion north and south for a short distance, suffered from the hail on the 9th inst, which, in places, could be gathered by pailfuls. Some of the crops are damaged quite badly, but hops not nearly as badly last year.
- Mr. and Mrs. Buyea, of Fenner, visited her sister here last week.
- Mrs. Moore is attended by Dr. Moore, of Munnsville, at present, but is quite low, but little hope of recovery, her disease being consumption.
- George Vedder, of Cansatota, spent a day or so in town recently.
- A. Moon has had some repairing done on his house, and E. Stone is getting the material to lay the wall to his barn.
- Mrs. Frank Buyea visted at her mother's, in Peterboro, recently.
- Letters have been received from Mariba Upham, who is enjoying a visit in Massachusstetts, saying that the fruit crop bids fair to be abundant in that State.
- Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Gault visited at Sherrill on Friday.
- Our village was well represented last week at the lawsuit of Wilcox vs. Parkhurst.
- Floud Snyder, of Cortland, is spending some time with friends here.
- Mrs. Arvis Dunham is absent, visiting friends at Canastota this week. She is accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Leroy Eddy.
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