Merrillsville - Sept.10, 1888.

- There is not much news from this locality, except hops and hop dances. Among the latter was one at Mr. Hainesworth's last week. The hops are not yielding very well and the picking is quite slow, not near as good as last year.
- Miss Middlebrook, of Little Falls, Mrs. H. Eisaman and Miss Grace Hollenbeck, of the Mile Strip made their aunt, Mrs. S. Hart, a pleasant visit on Tuesday last.
- Carl Moon's father bought him a pair of goats last week and when he gets them broke he don't propose to take the dust from any of the other little boys carts.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Henderson and daughter, Maude, of Peterboro, and Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cummings and daughter, Maude, spent Sunday with S. J. Stoddard and family.
- Mr. Eddy has been doing quite a little in the way of butchering lately, which is very accomodating to our hop growres, many hating to do their slaughtering and their having a whole beef on their hands at once.
- Miss Nellie Ingalls and her bother, Phineas of Lee Centre, are staying at their father's Erastus Ingalls, during the hop-picking.
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