Merrillsville - Sept. 24. 1888.

- John Harrington has home from the West again, and we are all glad to see him.
- Miss Mary Vedder is attending the normal school at Oswego. - Warren Davis and son, of Earlville, visited at the home of his brother-in-law, James Douglass, a short time ago.
- Miss Cora Middlebrook has returned to her home at Little Falls.
- Mr. Warner gave his pickers the privilege of having an exhibition instead of a dance. All that would, took part in the speaking, and the rest and their friends made quite a good sized audience. The speaking was good and the music was finely executed by Mrs. Alice Hodges and her pupil, Miss Nora Stoddard, Thanks are due Mr. and Mrs. Warner and their sons and daughters for making so pleasant an evening's entertainment during the busiest time of the year.
- The hop harvest is over or very nearly so. Only a few are picking, and they will finish by the time this is in print.
- Phineas Ingalls and wife, of Lee Centre, have returned to their home, as their father, Erastus Ingalls, has finished his hop-picking.
- Alseba Ward is spending some time with her aunt, Mrs. John Williams, in Augusta.
- Miss Carrie Harrington has returned to New York, where she is employed in the millinery business.
- Master Emerson Stone has returned to his school at Oneida.
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