Merrillsville - Nov. 1, 1888.

- Mrs. S. H. Sayles, of Oneida, has been spending a few days with the family of Frank Moore , dressmaking for them. She returned home last week.
- Miss L. Whitman, of Oneida, made her sister, Mrs. J. B. Douglass, a call a short time ago.
- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyons, of Fenner, visited his cousin, S. J. Stoddard, and family, on Saturday of last week.
- Rumor says that we are to have a wedding in town.
- Mrs. Emogene Roantree, of Chittenango, spent a few days pleasantly with her parents last week.
- Frank Buyea delivered his hops to Mr. Knox last Monday, on a contract of 16 cents per pond. Several others have sold theirs. Among them are D. Stone and S. Morse.
- Arvine Srong of Valley Mills, called on relatives here on Tuesday last, bringing the sad news of the death of Mrs. Libbie Stoddard, of Stockbridge. Relatives from this way attended the funeral on Wednesday.
- Wm. Vedder and family, of Perryville visited their grandmother, Mrs. Morris, on Sunday last.
- Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Orcott, of Oneida, were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ward.
- Miss Lizzie Branagan, of Peterboro, was the guest of Miss Nellie Harrington.
- Tyler Harrington and wife have been spending a few days with relatives here.
- Libbie Hewiitt left town quite suddenly for parts unknown. All are wondering where she has gone.
- John Harrington has gone to Oneida to work at the casket works.
- Giles and Nellis Harrington attended the marriage of their cousin, John Harrington, on the 24th ult.
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