Merrillsville - Nov. 22, 1888.

- Winfield Eddy is tearing down his saw mill and will replace it with a better one. He only intended it to repair it some, but found it in worse condition than he expected, and thus he is expected to begin at the foundation.
- A. Moon delivered his hops last week last week having sold some time ago.
- Mrs. Hodge has moved her household goods to Oneida, where her husband is employed and where the young couple will begin housekeeping for themselves.
- Kirkland Hewitt, who was so unfortunate to get his shoulder hurt, has been to Amsterdam to see a doctor there. He reports his arm very much better and that the operation was not so hurtful as expected.
- Miss Nannie Gault is home for a two weeks' visit.
- Mrs. Fenton Winchell, of Hoboken, visited her relatives here this week.
- Mrs. Frank Ingalls has been quite sick, but is better at this writing.
- Mrs. George Hollenbeck, of Lee Centre, has been visiting her sister, Miss Jessie Ingalls, for a few days.
- Grant Hollenbeck made his friends here a short visit this week.
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