Merrillsville - Dec. 26, 1887.

- Christmas; with its merry gatherings and joyous greetings has come and gone and Santa Claus, with his abundant pack, was here, we know by the happy look of the little girls as they hug their dolls and display to them other great treasures and the agility of the small boy in being the first to the pond with a new pair of skates or a sled unmarred.
-We noticed several happy families gatherings on Christmas day. Among the number were at the homes of A. Moon, L Eddy, Wm. Christman and J. L. Ward. - Mrs. Dwight Stone and niece, Miss Mary Vedder, are visiting in Herkimer.
- Frank Moon, who has been quite seriously afflicted with rheumatism, is improving and is now able to ride.
- Roland Hollenbeck, of Pratts Hollow, has purchased the factory west of here, formerly owned by him, and will move there and run the factory another spring. Jim Henderson, the present occupant, has rented the Peterboro factory, where he soon intends to move. Both are good cheese makers and we predict a liberal patronage.
- Emmett Moon and family, of Clockville, were guests of his father on Sunday last.
- H. Orcutt and family, of Oneida, spent Christmas with friends in town.
- Beautiful sleighing for several days past. No drifts, no mud and we can not help wishing it was leap year, so some fair one would say, "Won't you take a sleigh ride." JIMMY.

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