Merrillsville - Dec. 30, 1889.

- Invitations are out for a jolly good time at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arvis Dunham, on Jan. 1, it being the fifth anniversay of their marriage. All who receive an information and go are sure to enjoy the first day of the new year.
- Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Stone and son are recipients of a card to the wedding of Mrs. Stone's niece, Miss Kittie Brewster, of the west road. The ceremony takes place at her father's, Frank Brewster, Jan. 8, in the evening.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Warner spent Christmas with their daughter, in Oneida.
- Frank Moon, accompanied by his wife and son, spent a week or so visiting in Rome.
- Mrs. Florence Sayles is absent visiting friends in Cortland.
- Mrs. Watkins and niece, Miss Emma Brannigan, haing returned home, after a lengthy visit in the Western States.
- Mrs. Freeman Merrills is quite sick at the house of Morris Harrington, where she is staying.
- John Marsh is confined to his bed, with Dr. McConnell as attending physician.
- Miss Maggie Hainsworth has returned to her home, after a pleasant visit with her sister at Hamilton.
- Harvey Orcutt and family, of Oneida, and Mr. and Mrs. Guerdon Orcutt were guest of Jabez L. Ward on Christmas.
- Frank Ingalls held a family party on Christmas, at his pleasant house. A bounteous repast and a good time was enjoyed by all.
- Mrs. Alonzo Snyder and son, Floyd, of Cortland, are visiting at the home of her father, James Ingalls, for a few days.
- Several are pressing and shipping their hay in this locality. W. Eddy and D. Stone are the latest to send some to New York, having loaded a car Saturday last.
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