Early Settlers - Brookfield

Early settlers in the Town of Brookfield (#18 & 19) of Original Twenty Towns taken from "History of Chenango & Madison Counties, NY" by James H Smith; pub. 1880. Tried to use year, where stated, person and where they were from.
Brookfield was formed from Paris, (Oneida Co.), March 5, 1795, and originally embraced Nos. 17, 18 and 19 of the Chenango Twenty Townships. The former was set off on the formation of Columbus, Feb. 11, 1805.
first visited with view to settle - Stephen HOXIE, Charlestown, R.I. and
Phineas BABCOCK, advance agents of company from R.I. and Conn who resolved to emigatre to newly opended lands on the Unadilla.
first acutal settler - Capt. Daniel BROWN, a Quaker, native of Stonington, Conn
David MAINE,
Samuel H. BURDICK,
Samuel BILLINGS, and
Stephen COLLINS.
John I. MORGAN, Michael MYERS and Jedeiah SANGER purchased townships 18 and 20 and unsold part of #19

Stephen HOXIE and members of previously mentioned party in 1791,
Lawton PALMER,, R.I., son-in-law to John Button
Thomas, James and John ROGERS. R.I.,
Paul, Perry, Ray and John MAXSON, brothers,
Eleazer and Elder Simeon BROWN, (Simeon from Stoninghton, Conn),
Elder Henry CLARK, Seventh Day Adventist minister, settled on Unadilla flats, and
Phineas BABCOCK settled.
Robert RANDALL, born Stonington, Conn
Gen. Roswell RANDALL

David GATES and

Zadock BEEBE,
Joshua WHITFORD, Stephentown, Rensselear Co,
John YORK, Stonington, Conn. and
Wiot (Wait) HINCKLEY., born Stonington, Conn.

Oliver BABCOCK, father of Ethan and Oliver, Mass
Hezekial BABCOCK, came with brother, Phineas
Samuel GORTON, native of West Greenwich, R.I.

Nathaniel, Joseph and George DENISON and
Thompson BURDICK came in company from Stonington, Conn.; 1809 moved to Scott, Cortland Co.
Thomas KEITH, born Easton, Mass, to Lenox, Mass, then Broofield, with
Alexander BREWSTER, Lenox, Mass; left & went to Black River country

about 1795 or '6
Elisha BURDICK, Westerly, R.I.

Augustus SAUNDERS, Westerly, R.I.
Elisha JOHNSON, Conn., and
Harris CHESEBROUGH, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co.

about 1804
Josiah LIVERMORE, Brimfield Mass
Nathan BROWN, Stonington , CONN

John CLARKE, Exeter, R.I.

Settlers' names & year from Town Records:
Asa BROWN - Peter GERMAN - Elezer GOODWIN - Jonathan KINGSBURY, John NOYES - Jabez BROWN - Moses WARD - John WILBUR - Nathaniel HASKEL, - Josiah RATHBUN - Roswell HASKIN - Gurdon THOMPSON - Peter McINTIRE, - Eliakim PALMER - Benedict BABCOCK - Powell HALL - Eliab UNDERWOOD

Charles WELCH - Edward WORKS - James SATTERLEE - Nath. CALKINS - Peter W. Delancy - Joel CUTLER - Nathan W. BROWN - Thomas GILES - Denison PALMER - Jesse PALMETER - David SMITH - Jesse PALMER - Richard BUTLER - Isaac BROWN - George PALMER - Absalom MINER, Jr - John PAYNE - Gilbert STRONG - Samuel BILLINGS - David DICKEY - Ezekiel SCOTT - Joseph GARNER - Amos SCOTT - Augustus CRANDALL - John YORK - Samuel HALL - Amos C PALMER - Jared CLARK - Ebenezer KELSEY - Eld. MARSH - Jonah SLOCUm - Simon BROWN.

John HOXSIE - Capt. Samuel BERRY - John FOLLETT.

Thomas KENYON - Edward GREEN - Peter PALMER - David COLE - Edmund SCOTT - Clark MAXSON - Joshua BREED - David WHITFORD - Stephen CLARK - John WHITMORE - Jonathan MORGAN - Weaden WITTER - Jonathan HUBBY - Elias UNDERWOOD - Joshua MORGANS - Cha. Lee USHER - Nathan CLARK - Clark BARBER -Nath. MANE - Benjamin BROWN - James MARSH - Nath. MARSH - Samuel MOSHER - Charles BABCOCK - Nathan STEWARD - Luther BROWN - Thomas BOWMAN.

Samuel MARSH - William DAVIS - Thomas MILLS - Roswell BRAND - Nehemiah PALMER - Samuel LANGWORTHY - Caleb MILLER - Amos WHEELER - Wm. G GREENMAN - Daniel BARBER - Zebulon BROWN - Gad SUTLEAF, ---- TUTTLE.

Transcribed and contributed by Sandy Goodspeed, 1999.
Last updated: 7 May 2004
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