Cranson Cemetery

Cranson Cemetery

Town of Lincoln, Madison County

on "Bosworth Road" leading off from "Ox Bow Road", (or "Old Stone Road"), toward Perryville, Sign reads,"Terryyiie 31 rn1e3." on right.

Very poor condition. One and one-half miles east of Bridgeport north side, just off road No.31. In plain sight.

The Cranson Family Cemetery is visible from Ingalls Corners Road. The DAR Index says the Cemetery is located on Bosworth Road in the Town of Fenner. Not true. People do visit the cemetery which is in reasonable condition. Because it is on a little knoll behind the house it has been largely undisturbed,

Transcribers Note: The Cranson Cemetery is to be found behind the Benjamin Sharpe Farm, Canastota, NY located on Ingalls Corners Road near the intersection with Nelson Road. The Bosworth Road mentioned below probably comes from the fact that a Bosworth family was located along the road. The cemetery is located in the Town of Lincoln, Madison County, NY

Cranson enclosed by a fence, and inside is another family plot enclosed by an iron fence, with "E.A.Baldwin", on the gate. In this plot is a large monument with the following --

Baldwin, Eden A., 1828 - 1868
his wife Baldwin, Elvira A. Goff, 1830 - 1863
Baldwin, Esther S. Warner, 1830 - 1867
Baldwin, Lucy A., wife of Eden A. dau. of David and Abigail, d. March 2, 1853, ae 21 yrs 6 mos
Baldwin, Joseph D, son of David and Abigail, d.Sep 12, 1833, ae 21 days
Baldwin, Eden born Ashfield, Mass. Aug 17 1800 died Rock Mills, Georgia, Jan.1, 1859
Baldwin, David, son of David and Penelope, d.Oct 26,1836 ae 36 yr
Barnard, Nancy, wife of Anson Goodwin, and dau.of James and Polly Barnard, d. Aug 18, 1841, ae 33 yr
Barnard, Samuel, son of James and Polly, d.Oct 20,1838 ,ae 14 yrs
Batcheller, John, d. May 29,1824, ae 20 yrs.

Cranson, Capt. Asa, A Patriot of the Revolution who died Jan.5, 1841, ae 81 yrs
Cranson, Zillah, his wife, d.Jan.25,1847, ae 83 yrs.
Cranson, Olivia B. Ward, his wife, b. Jan.27, 1818, d. Oct.13.1893.
Cranson, Anson B., b. Aug.26,1849, son A. and O.B.W. Cranson, CO.B, 169th Regt.NYS Vol, Hampton Hospita1,Va. d. Sep.13, 1864, ae 15 yrs, 8S days
Cranson, David, d.Nov 15, 1825, ae 75 yrs
Cranson, Sibbel Nichols, his wife, d. Jan 7, 1857, ae 92 yr,9 mos
Cranson, Abner, d.Nov.16, 1832, ae 42 yrs, 10 mos
Cranson, Sarah, his wife, d.Jan 12, 1959
Cranson, Martin, d.Mar 7,1843, ae 55 yrs
Cranson, Eliza, d.Dec.11, 1853, ae 26 yrs, 7 mos
Cranson, Emmaa Ursula, b.Oct.7, 1844, d.Mar 19, 1946
Cox, Henry, 1822 - 1902
Cox, Eliza, his wife, 1821 - 1885
Cox, Jessie, ae 2 yrs.(no date)

Goodwin, Daniel C., son of Samuel and Hulda, d. July 26, 1830, ae 19 yrs
Goodwin, Nancy, wife of Anson E. Goodwin, and dau.of James and Polly Barnard,d. Aug.18,1841,ae 33 yrs.
Goodwin, Willard S., d.Nov.27,1845, ae 27 yrs
Gordon, Sulvester, b. Sep 26, 1968, d.Dec.7, 1894.
Gordon, Etta, his wife, b. Aug.3, 1861
Gorton, "Little Annie", dau.of Adison and Jane Gorton, d.Sep.22, 1861, ae 1 yr.

Hall, Wells 1., II22 18C7.
Hatch, Rosetta, dau.of E. and S. Hatch, d.Oct 8,1854, ae 2 days
Hill, Joseph L., of Stonington, Conn., d.Aug 22, 1829, ae 84 yrs

Lovejoy, William, d.Oct. 14,18443, ae 66 yr
Lovejoy, Hepsey, his wife, d.May,13,1864 yrs, ae 84 yr 4 mos
Lovejoy, Ralph, d.Apr.28,1878, ae 73 yr 37 mos, 26 days.
Lovejoy, Lucy Ray, his wife, d.Sep.12 1861, ae 61 yrs 2mos
Lovejoy, Ralph S., son of Ralph and Lucy d.Nov 18 ,1850, ae 19 yrs

Palmer, Prudence, wife of Stephen, d.Oct.29,1851, ae 82 yrs
Palmer, Aipha, dau. of Stephen and Prudence, d.Sep 28, 1851 ,ae 54 yrs
Palmer, Flora L., wife of David N., d.Oct 21. 1833 ae 23 yrs.
Palmer, Ahtgaii,wif a of J?, oseph,d1July 24,184T,ae 57 yrs,$ man.
Palmer, Henry M.,d.NbV.Ii,1847,ae 45 yrs.(should be Harry.)
Palmer, Eunioe,wife of Choater,d.Aug..4318521ae 72 yrtr.
Palmer, Joshua fl..,;oon of Philander and fletsey,d.Sep.18, J84*6',ae 1 yr, (thin stone on ground.) (5 mon1
Palmer, Wealthy A., dau..of Capt.A..H.and Philora,d.8ep916,I$22,ae also1 "My sister,Priscilla," 14 mos.
Palmer, Arrninda C.,dauot CaT't.tBher and Philerna,(ncthing cia..)
Palmer, Capt. Ichabod, d. Feb 7, 1819, ae 89 yrs
Palmer, Peleg, d. Feb 25,1817, ae 55 yrs
Palmer, Deborah, his wife, d.Feb.It,1832,ac 60 yrs.
Palmer, Susanna, his wife, d.Dec.8,1850,ae 103 yrs,3 mos, 5 days. Voluntown,Mass, London Co. (This does not seem clear,but the stone was broken in 2)
Petrie, Calvin Y., son of P(or F.) and E., d. July 12, 1842, ae 2 yrs

Randall, Roswell Jr., wife Lura, d. Nov.11, 1847, ae 41 yrs
Randall, Adelaide, dau of Roswell and Lura Palmer Randall, d. May 27, 1844,
Randall, Emeline, dau of Roswell and Lura, d. Feb.11, 1840, ae 13 yrs

Tucker, Lucy Cranson, 1802 - 1846

Watson, Henry, b. May 11, 1806, d. Oct 7, 1882
Watson, Elvira, his wife, b.Aug 9, 1864, d. Nov.16,1882
Watson, Hulda F., dau of Henry and Elvira, d. Sep 1, 1811
Watson, Eli, wife Hulda Adaline,--d.July 14, 1852, ae 45 yrs
Watson, Merwind, son of Eli and Hulda, d.Sep 15,1841, ae 1 yr,10 mos
Watson, Jessir F., only child of Frank and A.L. Watson, d.1850 - 1881
Watson, Frank R., 1858 - 1881
Watson, Elvira J., dau.of Reuben and Elizabeth, d.Dec.25, 1861, ae 4 yrs 7 mos (stone on ground)
Wheeler, Oliver W., d May 31,1854, ae 26 yrs 7 mos
Whitman, Marcia Cranson, wife of Giles Whitman, dau.of Asa and Zillah Cranson, d. Mar.21, 1828, ae 35 yrs
Whitney, Soloman, d. Aug.18, 1851, ae 61 yrs
Whitney, Lovina, his wife,d.Jan.31,1854,ae
Whitne, Hosea, d Jun2, 1851, ae 61 yrs 6mo

VanEps, Abraham. d.Mar.30,1857, ae 67 yrs.
VanEps, Lovina, his wife, d.June 20, 1821, ae 26 yr
VanEps, Gorden, d. Apr 2, 1853, ae 26 yrs, 3 mo

Copied by Mra.G.A.Page, Hist.and Chairman Gen.Com.,
Mrs.M.S.Markham, Vice Regent,
Mrs.C.R.Baker,Registrar,of Skenandoah Ch. D.A.R.
Compiled by Mrs. G.A.Page, Oneida, N.Y.
Scanned and corrected by Douglas J. Ingalls
16 October 1997
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