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    LEBANON was formed from Hamilton, February 6, 1807. It is the center town upon the south border of the County. Its surface is hilly upland, lying between the Chenango and Otselic Rivers. The summits in the west part are 500 to 800 feet above the valley. The valley of the Chenango River, extending through the east part, is about one mile wide, and is bordered by steep hillsides. The other streams are small brooks. The soil upon the hills is a gravelly loam, underlaid by hardpan, and in the valleys it is alluvium.

    Lebanon (p. v.) contains one church, a saw mill, a grist mill, a tannery, and 25 houses.

    Smith's Valley and Middleport are hamlets.

    Luther C. Niles, born in the town of Madison in 1793, but now living in this town, is said to be the oldest man now living in Madison County, who was born in it.

    The first settlement was made in 1792, by Enoch Stowell and Jonathan Bates, from Vermont. Among the early settlers were John, Charles, James and Isaac Campbell, Thomas Hueston, Lent Bradley, Solomon Jones, Abram Webster, Daniel Stowell, David Hartson, Joshua Smith, Deacon Finney, David Shapely, Malchiah Hatch, Dr. Merrick, Elihu Bosworth, Benjamin Hewes and Capt. Moore.

    Elisha Wheeler built the first saw-mill and Daniel Wheeler the first grist-mill. Israel Thayer kept the first store, and widow Nancy Campbell, a lady of about seventy years of age, taught the first school. There are three churches in the town.

    The census of 1865 gives a population of 1,557, and an area of 26,279 acres. There are sixteen school districts in the town, employing thirteen teachers. The whole number of pupils is 487, and the average attendance is 187. The amount expended for school purposes in 1867 is $1,385.12.

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