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    MADISON was formed from Hamilton, February, 6, 1807. It lies on the east border of the County, south of center. Its surface is rolling upland. The principal stream is Oriskany Creek, flowing through the northern part. The Madison Reservoir and several smaller ponds, are in this town. The soil, in the valleys, is a gravelly loam, and a clayey loam upon the hills.

    Madison, (p. v.) incorporated April 17, 1816, contains four churches, and a population of about 300.

    Bouckville, (p. v.) named for Governor Bouck, contains a church, a steam saw mill, a manufactory of vinegar and champagne cider, and about 300 inhabitants.

    Solsville (p. v.) contains about 20 houses.

    The town was opened to settlers by Robert Troup, as agent for Sir William Pulteney, in 1793. Samuel Clemens and Thomas Mellen of Mass., were among the first purchasers. Frances Clemens, Stephen F. Blackstone, John Niles, Seth Snow and his son Seth, William and David Blair, James Collister, David Perkins, Henry W. and Isabel Bond, Elijah Blodgett, Amos and Jesse Maynard, and Joel Crawford, settled in the town in 1793. In 1795, General Erastus Cleveland, from Norwich, Connecticut, settled in the town. In 1798, Mr. Seth Blair settled on Lot 66. The first births in the town were those of Marcena Collister and Stephen Blackstone, both were in 1794.

    General Cleveland built the first grist mill and kept the first store. Henry W. Bond built the first saw mill, in 1793. Samuel Clemens was an early innkeeper. A company from Rhode Island purchased and settled the south-west part of town. The first church (Congregational,) was organized in 1795, and the Rev. Ezra Woodworth was first pastor.

    The census of 1865 gives the town a population of 2,414, and an area of 23,715 acres. It contains sixteen school districts, employing thirteen teachers. The whole number of pupils is 744 and the average daily attendance is 267. The amount expended for school purposes in 1867 was $1,489.71.

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