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    NELSON was formed from Cazenovia, March 13, 1807. It is an interior town, lying south-west of the center of the County. Its surface is a rolling upland. The principal stream is Chittenango Creek. The Erieville and Eaton Reservoirs are in this town; the former constructed in 1857, has an area of 340 acres, and cost about $11,000. The soil is generally gravelly loam.

    Erieville (p. v.) contains three churches and about 300 inhabitants.

    Nelson Flats, (Nelson p. o.) in the northern part, contains two churches, an about 150 inhabitants.

    In the north-eastern part of the town a large number of Welsh, who have church services conducted in their own language.

    The first settlement was made in 1794, by Asa and Jedediah Jackson. Joseph Yaw, Ebenezer Lyon, Samuel and Charles Swift, Jonathan Buell and Samuel Kinney, also settled in the town the same year. Oliver Stone and James Hinman settled in 1795; and Joshua Wells, David Wellington, Israel Patterson, Richard Korley, Daniel Adams, Horatio Simms, Abner Camp and Lemuel and Eldad Richardson, in 1796.

    The first birth was that of Palmer Wells in 1796, and the first death that of Mrs. Bishop in 1800. Jedediah Jackson kept the first inn, in 1794. Jeremiah Clark built the first saw-mill, and Oliver Pool the first grist mill, about 1800. Daniel Russell was the first store keeper, and Dea. Dunham was one of the earliest school teachers.

    The population in 1865 was 1,717; its area 26,741 acres. There are fourteen school districts in the town, employing fourteen school teachers. The whole number of pupils is 462, and the average attendance is 184. The amount expended for school purposes in 1867 was $1,366.26.

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