David Blackman, June 13, 1844. Resigned September 2, 1849.
Heman Phelps, June 13, 1844. Dismissed April 3, 1851.
James Stewart, June 13, 1844. Resigned November 5, 1855.
Jeremiah Cooper, June 13, 1844. Retired October 8, 1855.
Charles L. Gardner, June 13, 1844. Resigned February 2, 1850.
James McFarland, December 1, 1849. Dismissed April 3, 1851.
Garrett L. Van Brocklin, March 1, 1850. Resigned November 5, 1855.
Robert J. Stewart, April 11, 1854. Died November 20, 1882.
Nathan B. Wilber, April 11, 1854. Elected, was not ordained.
Earl Loomis, April 28, 1856. Elected, was not ordained.
Johnson Harvey, May 22, 1856. Dismissed April 2, 1865.
Josiah Simons, April 19, 1857. Dismissed December, 1857.
Alonzo Randall, October 26, 1859.
Seymour E. Douglas, October 26, 1859. Dismissed 1868.
Charles H. Eames, October 26, 1859. Died October 3, 1861.
Goodwin P. Soper, March 20, 1864. Died December 10, 1888.
A. Wayne Barker, July 26, 1868. Died November 1, 1891.
Myron M. Allen, September 5, 1873.
Jacob Winnie, September 5, 1873.
William H. Carter, November 29, 1878. Died February 12, 1881.
Ambrose W. Hill, November 29, 1878.
Elverton C. Stark, September 4, 1884.
Charles B. Cowles, September 4, 1884.
Richard B. Ruby, September 4, 1884.
Miles Upson, September 4, 1884.
William M. Baker, June 5, 1891.
Julius J. Smith, June 5, 1891.


Since the organization of this church the following persons have served as trustees:

James Stewart, elected March, 1844.
Jeremiah Cooper, elected March, 1844.
Stephen H. Goodwin, elected March, 1844.
David A. Parkill, elected February, 1845.
Niles Higinbotham, elected February, 1846.
Garrett L. Van Brocklin, elected February, 1847.
Simon P. New, elected February, 1848.
N. B. Wilber, elected February, 1852.
Isaac C. Sherman, elected February, 1855.
Earl Loomis, elected February, 1856.
Jared W. Fitch, elected February, 1856.
Robert J. Stewart, elected February, 1857.
Goodwin P. Soper, elected February, 1857.
T. Jefferson Randall, elected February, 1858.
David H. Walrath, elected February, 1859.
Niles Higinbotham, elected February, 1861.
Dr. Elliott Jacobs, elected February, 1864.
Joseph L. Taylor, elected February, 1865.
Alonzo Randall, elected February, 1866.
Dr. Edward Loomis, elected February, 1867.
Dewitt C. Stephens, elected February, 1868.
John Crawford, elected February, 1869.
A. Wayne Barker, elected February, 1870.
James Barnette, elected February, 1871.
Allen R. Turner, elected February, 1873.
Elverton C. Stark, elected February, 1874.
Roswell B. Downing, elected February, 1875.
Theodore F. Hand, Jr., elected February, 1876.
A. P. Cleveland, elected, February, 1877.
Richard B. Ruby, elected February, 1878.
William H. Carter, elected February, 1879.
Ambrose W. Hill, elected February, 1880.
Hiram L. Rockwell, elected February, 1881.
Walter E. Northrup, elected February, 1882.
Wilber F. Leete, elected February, 1883.
Herbert H. Douglass, elected February, 1884.
Allen S. Whitman, elected February, 1888.
William E. Hazeltine, elected February, 1889.
Seth D. Baldwin, Elected February, 1890.
Samuel A. Maxon, elected February, 1891.
Roswell B. Downing, elected February, 1892.
Seth D. Baldwin, elected February, 1893.
Brewster S. Brown, elected February, 1894.


Sunday School.
Home Department of Sunday School.
Woman's Missionary Society.
King's Messengers.
Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor.
North Side Sunday School.
Willing Workers: A number of young women who are engaged in conducting an industrial school.
Linen Committee: An organization of young ladies who make linen and other useful and decorative articles for sale, and devote the proceeds to benevolent and church purposes.



Morning Worship, 10.30.
Evening Worship, 7 o'clock from October to May, 7:30 from May to October.
Sunday School, 12 M.
North Side Sunday School, 3 P. M.
Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, 6 o'clock from October to May, 6.30 from May to October.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper is administered on the first Sabbath of the months of December, March, June, and September. At this service new members are received and baptism is administered.


Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 7.30 P. M.
Teachers' Meeting, Thursday, 8.30 P. M.
Preparatory Lecture and Session Meeting, Friday preceding communion, 7.30 P. M.
Woman Missionary Society, first Monday of each month, 3 P. M.
King's Messengers, first Saturday after first Monday of each month, 3 P. M.
Industrial School, Saturday, 3 P.M.
Y. P. S. C. E. Business Meeting, second Tuesday following Consecration Meeting, 7.30 P. M.
Annual Meeting of the Church Society, first Monday evening of February.

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