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The name Osmun became confused long before the Revolution but the confusion has carried on for some two hundred years. Even the first baptismal of our own Jacob Linderman Osmun, 1794, was spelled Ausman. Once, someone asked if there could have been another family named Ausman. There are probably some Osmun families today that spell their names that way, we are sure. Eileen Osmun Moon, when her husband died, his obituary spelled her name Osbourne. She asked, "You are certainly not going to follow the name Osborn, are you?" Well as much as we have tried to shy from that name, there is some evidence that who ever read that particular record, did in fact, read it wrong!

Trying to follow the lines back to the originator is made that much harder when whoever wrote or read the writing could not understand the name. But with the exception of Isaac Osmun, who on 9 May 1712, who must have been a black sheep, all signed their name Osmun. They were all educated men and not the dumb farmers as referred to by one young person who belongs to John Osmun (1772 - 1845) family.

Ipswich and East Suffolk                        9 June 1964
Record Office, County Hall
Ipswich, Suffolk, England 

1559 Sternfield Ann Osmond to William Beanch 1559 Wetherden Alice Osmond to Thomas Rosear 1563 Bildeston Mary Osmond to Robert Martin 1564 Bildeston Cicly Osmond to Robert Jenninge 1570 Bildeston Astreberty Osmond to William Manning 1584 Norwich (Mlic) Catharine Osmond to Thomas Brownsmith 1594 Bildeston Mary Osmond to Andrew Chaplin 1594 Bildeston Margaret Osmond to John Segan 1602 Bildeston Susan Osmond to Nicholas Brewster 1604 Bildeston Mary Osmond to James Moore 1631 Nedging Elizabeth Osmond to Henry Harvy 1561 Norwich (Mlic. Robert Osmond to Elizabeth Newen 1566 Stonemarket Henry Osmond to Joan Woody 1567 Bildeston Henry Osmond to (-) 1583 Nayland Edward Osmond to Elizabeth Dread 1595 Ipswich St.Nic Abraham Osmond to Margaret Trenchfield 1603 Brettenham Henry Osmond to Ann Flingall 1619 Whatfield Henry Osmond to Elizabeth Parsons 1622 Nedging Robert Osmond to Elizabeth Hamand 1642 Ipswich (Mlic) John Osmond to Elizabeth Barber

Since there are no entries recorded under the spelling Osmun, I assume that the name Osmond is the same as that of your family, and you will see that the name occurs in a munber of places but principally in Bildeston which would therefore appear to be the principal seat of the family. This is confirmed by the Subsidy Returns for 1568 which shows a Henry and a Robert, in Bildeston would therefore seem likely that the best way in which to start an inquiry would be by searching the parish registers for Bildeston which are deposited in this Record office, and survive from 1558 onwards for burials burials, 1559 for marraiges, and 1562 for baptisms. Yours faithfully, C.G. Holland, Deputy Archivist

James Osmond of Ipswich, mariner 20 April 1631 (Archdeaconry of Suffolk pg 1638)

Master, under God, of the good ship or vessell called the Joseph and Richard of Ipswich, being now bound forth with the said ship for a voyage to be made to Greenland, and not knowing how it will please God to deal with me in the voyage. All wordly goods, household stuff, plate, money, debts due and estate whatsoever to be divided into four equal portions; the first two portions, being a half of the estate, to go to the testator's wife Priscilla\; one portion, being a quarter of estate, to go to testator's children -- Benjamin, Priscilla, Triphania, John, Abraham, Isaac, equally, namely to four sons Benjamin, Abraham, Isaac and John when they reach 21, and to two daughters Priscilla and Triphania when 21 or on their marriage; also benefit of survivorship to apply. The remaining fourth share to pay debts and funeral and probate expenses, and to pay for an inventory. If any money then remains from this share, these to be equally divided between testator's eldest son Benjamin and youngest son Isaac. Executrix to be wife Priscilla, and John Franck of Ipwich to be overseer. Witnesses: Thomas Bunnum, William Adee, and me John Wollston, servant to Owen Bett, script. Proved at Ipswich 11 Jan 1638.

Henry Osmonde executor of Nicholas Vyncent, the elder of Byldstonne, Suffolk, yeoman, 12 Mar 1553/4
Edward Osmund baptized 12 Mar 1696 Parish Rec. Steiunkley Co. Bucks, England
1653 Adam Osman brought over by Gregory Rawlins as bonded servant for the price of his ticket ($50.00) for which he had to serve seven years.

Essex Co. Va. Deeds and wills pg 110/111 inv: made 11 Feb 1707/8 total value f125.4.6 including three Negroes valued at f48. John Waters, William Young, Jonathan Fisher, the appraisers sworn before Francis Meriweather, 28 Feb 1707/8. 10 Jun 1708 presented by William Reid and Elinor, his wife, the late Elinor Osman, Executrix.

On the 3 and 4 Jun 1708 William Reid and Eleanor, his wife of Southfarnham Parish, Essex County sold to George Loyd of St. Ann's Parish in Co. of Essex, lease and release for f10 Sterling, 100 acres in Southfarnham Parish. They were suspected of trying to cheat John Illes, s/o Jno. Illes, out of his inheritance since James Osman was executor for Jno. Illes estate, with Henry Coswell. Inv. of said estate f31.11 Sterling on 2 Jun 1708 and Negro women Joan, Jenney and malatto boy Robin. Isaac Webb, constable.

So about 1708 a James Osman died leaving a widow Elinor who married William Reid. No trace of any other family was found.

The execution of John Osmond
(possible son of Thomas Osmun?)

James Williams, John Stewart, Edward Andros, John Osmond, Thomas Claffery, David Jones, Edward Jones, Edward Wilcock, and James Fine in the Company commanded by Capt. Wm. Hyde being upon duty in his Majesties garrison of Schenectady for the security and defence thereof against his Majesties enemyes the French &c did on the tenth of January last about 12 o'clock at night deserted and ran away from the aforesaid garrison in the dangerous time of enemyes approach, by breaking thorow (sic) the North West Blockhouse and drawing the great guns of both powder and shott (part of them having charges of sd Blockhouse).

That night being the cheife guard of his garrison. The sd. Lieut. Beckford about 2 o'clock in the morning, finding the garrison deserted sent immediately expresse to the Hon'ble Col Richard Ingoldesby at Albany and sd. Lieut. Beckford prusueing (sic) the sd deserters one John Danielse; John Wemp; Gerryt Gylbertse; and serverall others to the number thirteene the said Lieut. Beckford and party about 4 o'clock in the afternoone overtook the sd deserters who immediately commanded them to lay down their arms. They returned no answer but forwith presented their musketts, the sd lieut. Beckford and party having the advantage being presented fired 1st at the said deserters wherewith 2 or 3 fell, the rest immediately fired on the sd. Lieut. Beckford still called to them to lay down their arms, but the said deserters made no answer till seven of them were dead and wounded then the rest surrendered themselves prisoners.

Court Martial held 21st day of April 1696 John Osmond being brought before the court Martial what he had to say in his defense, acknowledgeth that he deserted; the occasion was because his own officer was commanded from the frontier of Schenectady and further saidth not.

The court having considered the whole matter and it was unanimous opinion of the court, who respectively were asked, then aforesaid prisoners were really guilty of desertion and mutiny and that according to the article of War they ought to suffer death but do humbly desire the President that maybe shott like soldiers, being the most customary in the Army.

It is therefore sentenced that the all shall goe from whence they came and from thence to the place of execution where they shall be shott to death; So God have mercy upon their souls.

Richard Ingoldesby,

John Osmond, along with William Simson, John Yorke, Thomas Cool, Hezekiah Hawkins, Samuel Wright, Thomas Parker and William Jones, all privates centinells in Company commanded by Capt. James Weems and Jacob Kneiffe were executed for desertion of their post at Fort Schenectady, New York.

Suffolk County, includes all of Long Island lying to the east of the township of Oyster Bay. From 1665 to 1683, the county formed the East Riding of Yorkshire. The settlement of white people was made in 1639 at Gardiner's Island. Until 1872 Southold was one of nine Townships.

FR:639 mentions a Samuel Osman as one of 47 settlers to arrive in Southampton, Suffolk County, New York 12th month of 1640 when immigrants came from Lynn, Massachusetts.

Southold is the north division of the eastern end of Long Island from Riverhead boundary to Orient Point, a distance of twenty-three miles.

Thomas Osman being one of the earliest inhabitants. The three volumes of Southold Town Records contain many references to him and his family. It is said he & Samuel came from Lynn,Mass.

4 Oct 1662 Southold "Haveing notice from Mr. Willis of Connecticutt jurisdiction; that Long Island comes with yt pattint and allsoe yt the Court is to be held att Hartfoard; and *** thither, we as desired by Mr. Willis to send oure Deputies from these townes of Long Island: we therefore of Southold whose names as underwritten, doe desier, and have appointed Ct. John Youngs; to oure Deputy; and doe hearby, give him him full power to Sepake, and act in oure behalfe as occassion shall Serve. Thomas Osman (being one of the signers)

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