Thomas Osmun Families

William Purryer/Purrier

William Purryer/Purrier, father in law of Thomas Osmun, age 36 and wife Allyce (-) Purryer, of Olney, Buckinghamshire, came from London, England on "Ship Hopewell", Nicholas Travice, master. It embarked 26 Mar 1635. NEH&GR Early Immigrants to New England. He took the oath of Allegiance supremcie. (swore loyalty to the crown?)

Liber 1-2:37 Suffolk County, New York 
Purrier, William of of Southold 
b. ca 1599 England
dated: 13 December 1671                 proved: 13 May 1676 
wife: not mentioned  (Allyce age 37 1635 b. ca 1598 d. bef. 1671)
sons: none mentioned 
daus: Mary Reeve, Sarah Mapes and Martha Osmun     
grch: Mary Wydnes, Thomas Terril hus/o granddau. and Mary Reeve
wit: Nicholas Eades and John Youngs 
ex: James Reeve

     i: Mary Purrier		     1628 -
m. bef Nov 16571 Thomas Reeve  STR 1:462   -  4 Feb 1705/6
    ii: Sara Purrier                 1630 -
m. bef Nov 16571 Thomas Mapes, Sr  STR 1:46 1   			   
		a: dau. Mapes	          8 Nov -  9 Nov 1657
   		b: Abigail Mapes	 13 Jan 1658 
		c: Cornelius Mapes        2 Nov 1668 
		d: Jonathan Mapes        20 Jun 1670 
                e: Naomi Mapes           17 Jan 1666 all STR
   iii: Kathren, age 18 mo.      Oct?1633 - bef. 1671
did she marry James Reeve       
d. bef. father's will 1671.  
    iv: Martha was the first Purrier child born in America *
1 first recorded birth of one of their children. STR 1:463-466

STR 1:47 land of Wm. Purrier included 6 acres of Woodland more or lesse sometymes Thomas Mapes purchesed by Wm. Purrier of Mathew Edwards, Mr. Herbert's land lyinge North. and three acres of meadowe, more or lesse adjoyninge to his owne meadow att Toms Creek Wch hee had by way of exchange with Thomas Mapes. Dec 1658

2 STR 1:48 All that neck of land as it lyeth betweene his meadowe at Mattituck and John Tuthills meadow on the Southwest side adjoyninge to the canoe place vidd "where they drawe on the canoes into Mattituck Pond: --- buttinge in the Northwest on the land of Joseph Youngs Junr (,) Philemon Dickinson, Thomas Reeve, and William Wells. December ye last, 1658 Joseph Youngs Jr. m. 16 Oct 1660 Sara Winnes

Thomas Osmun, the immigrant

Nothing can be found as to his entry into what is now called the United States of America. We found many men named Thomas Osborn. But none called Osman/Osmun. None named Thomas.

The first record is that of his marriage to Martha Purrier in 1653 and then a few years later the land deeds.

15 Mar 1658 he gave a deposition "swearinge be De Holy Evangelists that he with his noted father in law, William Purrier, and his brother in law James Reeve, did go adventuringe in Chowan country1 for sperrits resin (turpentine) in ye yeare 1636 and did meet William Salmon, Thomas Reeve, Thomas Terrill, Thomas Benedict, Henery Whiteney, and others who had come hither from ye Summer Islaes and ye said adventure failinge through ye overplus of adventurers, who had come thither prior to their coming. They did set sale with one Sutherland to a country the said Sutherland had from his master one James ffarrett by letters patent from ye Earle of Starlinge. And ye said Osman does father depose that ye said company with others whose names he has forgotten did set downe on ye necke called Hashammocmock and did ingage in distillinge sperrits resin from ye trees in ye greate swampe and further Sutherland, Salmon, Whitney and Benedict did from ye beginning owne ye said necke in equal shares and did so from our first settinge downe in ye yeare 1636-7.

						(signed) Thomas Osman
in ye presence of
Barnabas Horton -  Thomas Moor

This deposition is in contention since it is said that Wayland Jefferson was trying to prove Southold to be the oldest established town on Long Island. It is said that Jefferson, a noted historian, was notorious for concocting things. Whether this is true or not, the following is inserted for you to make up your own mind.

1 Chowan Count(r)y not a country but is in the NE pt. of North Carolina and lying north of Abermarle Sound. The sound opens up to the Atlantic Ocean and following the coast line would be a short distance to Long Island.

"William Alexander, the first Earl of Sterling, courtier and poet, had a grant to all of Long Island. Farrett's power of attorney (STR1:112 15 Aug 1640) comtemplated the approval of his grants by Gov. Wintrop of Mass. Wintrop did not approve of removals from Mass. but heartily opposed them. The grant to Farrington1 was by deed dated 26 Aug 1639 and was approved and confirmed by the Earl of Sterling and doubtless became the basis of the first regular settlement of Southold" pg 23/4 Carl Boyer Ships Passenger Lists National and New England (1600-1825)

1 Did someone just type the name Farrett wrong?

William Alexander, the first Earl of Sterling died in London, "impoverished" 1640. Dictionary of National Biography

William Salmon, age 25, came on "Mathew" from London,Richard Goodland, Mr per warrant from ye Earl of Carlisle 21 May 1635. Thomas Terrill, age 18 and Thomas Reeve 24, came on the same ship.

"These p'sents witness that William Salmon of Hashamamuck, alias Neshugguncer, have sold unto Henry Whitney, Edward Tredwell and Thomas Bendedick three parts of all his upland lying betwixt Toms Creeke so called by the English, and Mr. Goodyeares land, reaching to a fresh ponnd lying by the North sea with an Island of trees Standinge in it, with all the marsh ground and moweinge land lying by the aforesaid Toms Creek from the one end to the other - in the wt meadowe the aforesaid Wm Salmon is to have noe share- excepting to himselfe all the other meadowe ground, lying in teh same cumpeste of land, with the Neck of Land lyinge against the harbour on the South,wch neck of land hee is to fence is to beugin at the now dwelling house of John Corey and to runn straight, poyntinge at the wadeing place, leaveinge out all the meadowes sold to the aforesaid parties. (Henry Whitney, Edward Tredwell and Thomas Benedick paying to William Salmon thirty pounds for same.)
8th day of October 1649
Wm (his mark) Salmon
Sealed and delivered in the p'sence of John and Ann Corey.

William Salmon, a blacksmith, married Katharine, the widow of Matthew Sunderland before Apr 1659 when he moved to Hashamomack. Matthew Sinderland was a seaman of Boston and an agent of James Farrett. Sunderland died without issue. By William Salmon marrying Katharine, he took full possession of Hashamomack by the time of his death. (Salmon Records NYG&B:1916:344) The above statement is confirmed in Southold Town Records in the sale of land by Hannah Salmon, daughter of Sarah, former wife of William Salmon, "my father deceased and also of Katherine Salmon, his former wife, who was formerly the wife of one Mathew Sinderland, a seaman, deceased". Sarah is now wife of John Conckline, 11 May 1675 (STR:1:215)

Thomas Benedict, formerly of Hashamommuck neere Southold on Long Island, now of Huntington on the same Island doe hereby bargain and sell unto Thomas Rider, now of Hashamommock aforesaid, All that my dewelling house, barne home lott, fences and all other dividents and appurtenances thereunto belonging:- As also right of comonage and p'porcon of meadow for a second lott in all the rest of the necks of Land and meadows lying eastward from the land last mentioned wherein Southold Inhabitants have interest. Thomas Benedict (LS) Wit: John Conckelyne Sr. and Henry (his mark) Whitney. 27 Feb 1659. (STR1:176)

Thomas recorded his first deed for land to build a brickworks in 1656. He received his land from William Salmon. He does disappear from the Southold area early and goes to Hashamomack. Thomas spelled Osmond received his dividend of land in Oysterponds 20 Nov 1661. He is in the Estimate 16 Sep 1675 (DHNY)

STR 1: 422 18 Sep 1684 Thomas of Southold sold for a divers good causes valuable sum already received by me doe, bargain, and sell unto Joseph Mapes, of the towne aforesaid, all my accomodations lying within the bounds of Hashamomuk, that is to say, my house and home lott which house lott was laid out, at first, for three quarters of one acre be it more or less, with what other addition have ben (sic) purchased by me sinc- the said house and house lott, being bounded on the North [by] the orchard and land of Jacob Conklin- on the West by land of John Corey- on the East by the common, and on the South by the meadows of Jacob Conklin:- together with two divisions of land more in Hashamomuk field containing sixteen acres more or less:- One bounded on the South by the highway from the middle barrss, that goeth towards the pond, on the West by the land of Thomas Ryder- on the North by the North Sea cliff, and on the East by the land of John Corey:- and the other division bounded East and West by the land of John Corey, and on the North and South, as the lott aforesaid: - And also four acres of meadow which lyeth in two percells, South from the highway that goeth over at the Mill, bounded on the North by the said path or highway- on the East my own land, which is two acres of upland, and on the south by the water- and on the West by Tom's Kreek- and the meadows that was formerly Capt. Sylvester's lyett in the middle between both percells of said meadows, I doe now alieniate - And also the two acres of upland adjoying to said meadow on the East side, I doe sell with the rest of my acomodations (sic), Onely, I doe except to myselfe the priviledg to make brick on that two acres of upland dureing my own life and no longer:- Also I doe alienate and sell to said Joseph all my right Hashamomuck Commons, which is one third part as much as any of other proprietors in Hashamomuk (sic), together with my right from Hashamomuk (sic) or the Inlett to the place called and known by the name of the fence, which right is as much and equall with the rest of the Inhabitants of Hashamomuk, viz: all and every part and percell of the above mentioned the house and house lott, all fence, timber, woods & c To have and to hold to him and his heirs & c.

In Witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale this 18th day of September 1684.
            Thomas Osman 
wit: Thomas Mapes, Stephen Bayley ent'd 20 Nov (sic) 1684.   
                                 pr. Benj: Yo. Rdr.
                     Recog: coram me 13tio die Octob 1685
					  J. Palmer (STR 1:422/3)

Proof that Thomas lived after 1661.

29no Martji 1662 Md.- the day and yeare above written the severall p'sons hereunto subscribed have interchangeably and mutually entred into a bond of ffive pounds starlinge to stand to the Judgement of William Wells and Thomas Mapes of Southhold toucheinge the runninge of a fence in some measure straight from one meadow of John Conkelynes to another according to the original graunt and such other division fence also as is now sett out by the sd p'sons at their request, and as in theire Judgement, consonent to the tenour of the said deede, and also all the aforesaid p'rties owneing this agreement by the subscrpcon (sic)of their names, engage for themselves and theire respective heirs to oblige theire submission to the Judgement of the said p'sons under the penalty above said. John Conkelyne Sen
STR1:205 John Conkelyne Jun
Thomas his x mark Rider Thomas Osmon

In the Rate list of 1683 taken by Stephen Bayley, Constable, Thomas Moor, Senr, Benjamen Youngs,, Jonathan Horton, and Thomas Mapes, Junr, Overseers - Thomas Osman was taxed f228 had 2 hears 8 acors land f44,;4 oxen, 4 cows f44,; 5: 3yrs olds f20.; 6 2yr olds f15.; 6 yerlings f09.; 4 horses f48; 1 2 yr old horse f05; and 9 swine f09 = total of f194. DHNY2:455

The 1686 census shows him with 1 white male; and 4 females.

STR1	Thomas Osman
b. ca 1600/1612 probably England
d. will dated 7 Nov 1687 (STR 2:273 not found) dec'd by 9 Mar 1688/9 
m.  1 Jan 16531 Southold, LI, Suffolk Co. N.Y.
        Martha d/o William and Allyce (-) Purrier2
b. after 26 Mar 1635 (sailing of ship)
d. 12 May 1706 (SAL:1916:349) (just called wid. Osman)

     i: Thomas Osman 	      25 Feb 1654 - 16 Nov 16611
    ii: John Osman                              	*
   iii: William Osman                                   *
    iv: Abraham Osman                            	*
     v: Isaac Osman                              	*
    vi: Jacob Osman                              	*
   vii: Joseph Osman          20 Mar 1668/9 STR 1:pg 465 nfr.	              
  viii: Sarah Osman       listed in the 1698 census with mother

John2 Osman (Thomas1) 1698 census
b. 8 Jan 1656 (STR 1:)
d. by 1698 (was he John Osmond executed for desertion?)
m. Mary d/o Christopher and Mary (-) Youngs 1698 listed as widow.

John Osman was in the 1683 rate list f050.00.00 1683 beside his father. (DHNY 2:535) By the 1686 census he is listed with 4 females.

John Osman in consideration of sum of seven pds three shillings four pence to him pd. grant and sell to Benj: Conckline of East Hampton one whole first lott both of upland and meadow, as it was allotted unto Mr. Christopher Yongs in the last division of land of Ocquabank and Wadding River - the upland laying pt at Ocquabauk and pt. at Wadding River - and the meadow in the broad meadow there. Wit by Josiah Hobart and Joseph Osborne - 23 Jun 1687. STR 2:359 (notice Joseph signed Osborne)

John Osman witnessed Indenture of Conant Sylvester of Shelter Island 3 pds nine shilling pd by Capt. Jonathan Horton for sale of first lott of Comoage within the Town plott of Southold except a pt given for a mill on Hallock's neck. 7 Dec 1694 - (1695) STR 2: 36

John Osmand along with Wm M. Mapes wit: sale of land (received of Jabez Mapes,) by Thomas Mapes for valuable consideration to Richd Howell 4 Aug 1694 STR 2:222

I, Samuel King1 of Southold, Cooper, for good consideration, do by these presents barqain and sell unto John Osman of sd town, planter, a certain tract of land lying in Corchaug division contaning one hundred acres, bounded by Jabez Mapes West - by Wm Mapes (purchased of Thomas Tusten) East - by the North Sea or Sound North - and the com(m)on road South. Witnesses: Thomas Mapes; Benj: Yongs and John Roe. 25 Jun 1697 STR 2:275

Between February 23 and March 25 in 169(9?) The widow Mary Osman buried child. (SAL:348)

     i: Deborah Osman			     	  nfr.
    ii: Phebe Osman				  nfr.   
    iv: Joannah Osman  (could this be Jonathan?)  nfr.
     v: Mercy Osman                               nfr.
    vi: Samuel Osman                              nfr.

William Osman2 (Thomas1)
b. 6 May 1659 STR 1: pg 463
d. after 27 Feb 1737
m. end of Oct 1724 Martha Mapes (SAL:1917:342)
d. 2(21) Jan 1725 (SAL: 1916:358) figure 20 after name

In 1715 William Osman was serving in the Suffolk Co. under Col. Henry Smith, Joseph Wickham Lt. Col, with Wm. Smith Major. HOSH:307: 974.71./x72d

He is listed as a Freeholder in Suffolk Co. 27 Feb 1737. along with a Thomas Osmon. DHNY4:202/3

Abraham2 Osmun (Thomas1)
b. 17 Apr 1661 (STR 1:465)
d. 10 Oct 1719 (SAL:1916:353)
m. Rebecca d/o John and Maria (Glover) Corwin (see Jacob2)
b. bef. 1690
d. 13 Apr 1730 (SAL:1917:20) Wid Rebeca Osman Relec to Abrah..

To all Christian people. Know Ye that Abraham Osman of Southold in consideration of sixteene pds in hand pd to him by Richard Howell of ye same Town doe hereby give grant and sell unto the sd. Richard Howell certaine percell of woodland situate(d) at Ockebog - bounded West by John Swazey - East by ye Abraham Osman - South by ye baye or ye beach and North butting to ye fresh pond known by ye name of Swazeys pond: - and in breadth from ye sd land of John Swazey to ye sd land of Abrahm Osman twenty four rods wide the whole length from ye bay South, to ye ponde on ye north end. In Witness whereof ye sd Abraham Osman and Rebecka his wife have set their hands and seals Mary the 2d day 1709
Wit: Thomas and Abigail her x mark Mapes
Abraham Osman and Rebecka her X mark Osman STR 2: 448

Abraham Osman should have sertaine small Island of Creekthatch lying between meadow of James Reev on ye other side Peconeck River and Mr. John Conkline meadow which said Island ye said Abraham Osman is to have for him Selfe, his Heirs and assignes forever (by vote given and granted 7 Apr 1700 Southold (STR 3: 165)

Abraham Osman child buried 21 June 169(9?) (SAL:348)

     i: Sarah Osman			 	 nfr.
    ii: Abraham Osman 		               	 nfr.
   iii: Rebecca Osman                            nfr.
    iv: Joseph Osman     1698 census             nfr.
     v: John Osman       1698 census              *

Isaac2 Osman (Thomas1) called Sr. by Salmon
b. ca 1662 (STR 1: pg 465)
d. 7 Dec 1716 (SAL:1916:352)
m. ca 1684 Catharine

Isaac Osman was pd f1.10s for a barrel of beef by the town 2 May 1705

To all Christian people know ye that I Isaac Osman of Southold, husbandman,(farmer) for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds, doe by these presents grant bargain and sell unto David Parshall of ye sd Town yeoman two first alottments of meadow lying on ye South side of Peaconneck River, by computation two acres bound North by ye sd River: on ye East by ye meadow of Daniel Terry: on ye South by ye upland and on ye West by the meadow of Theophilus Corwin.

In Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and seal ye twentyeth day of April 1712.
Wit: John Dains and Benj: Yongs Isaac his x mark Osman
ent. May ye 9th 1712 pr. Benj: Youngs Town Clerk.

     i: Isaac Osman                             nfr.
    ii: Caterina Osman 		       1684	
	m. Capt. John King			nfr.
   iii: Martha Osman		       1688 	nfr.	
    iv: Prudence Osman        - 18 Apr 1768 (SAL:174)
	m. 19 Sep 1723 Nathan Landon (SAL:1918:67)
		 - 10 Mar 1717(SAL:353)  	nfr.
1 AJO typed paper Western Reserve Hist. Soc.lists these as his children. Her paper is good but she offers no real proof. 1698 Census of Southold lists only as possible children.
Jacob2 Osman (Thomas1) yeoman NHYS Liber 21:108
b. 7 Jan 1666 (STR:1)
d. 11 Mar 17581 89yrs Hasmomack, L.I. (Salmon said 1748 NYG&B Jan 1917:32 neither date works to 1666)
m. 1st: Sarah 3 d/o (John3 Sr,Matthias1 Corwin d. 1658 STR2:168] and Maria (Glover) Corwin
b. ca 1670
d. 3 Feb 1707?? listed as Jacob's wife Sarah (SAL:1916:350)
dated: 12 October 1755 proved: 26 April 1758
wife: Sarah (? what was her maiden name)
sons: Peter, eldest son, and Almondah (Elmondah enlisted 21 March 1759 b. Li. shoemaker, Capt. Mulford's Company, Suffolk Co.,22yrs) (NYHS 24:202)
daus: youngest dau. Elisabeth, f3., Sarah and Deborah
wit: Elijah Corwin, Experience Corwin and James Reeve
ex: my wife Sarah Osman and my neighbor John Clark

There are numerous deeds in Southold Town Records for this man. Vol 1-3.
Jacob Osman a child buried? March 1699? (SAL:348)
Jacob Osman pd by the town .08s for l fox 1701
Jacob Osman chosen constable for the ensuing year 3 Apr 1716

i: Mary Osmun
ii: Sarah Osmun Jr.
iii: Eliza Osmun
iv: Hester Osmun 1695 - 17 Feb 1773 78yr
m. 1 Jan 1719 Zebullon3 (Thomas2, Wm.1) Hallock - 8 Apr 1761 (4 sons 2daus)
HOM:113/368 (and SAL:1918:66 sp. Zerobabel)
v: Pinnina Osmun
vi: Hannah Osmun (all above in 1698 census)
vii: Peter Osmun named eldest son *
viii: Almodan Osmun (Is he Adonijah?) nfr.
ix: Elisabeth Osmun (SAL:1918:67) 1 Samuel King b. 20 Sep 1697 - 14 May 1733 s/o John or Samuel? m. 12 Sep 1723 Elisabeth Osman, daughter of widow Elizabeth King Elisabeth Osman d. 23 Oct 1739. Mrs. Elisabeth King is said to have married Benjamin s/o Capt. John King and to have died 23 Jun 1749 aged 71yrs 5mo. NYHS 33. Confusing?
x: Deborah Osmun
m. 26 Jan 1758 by Rev. Nehemiah Baker, Micah Scott (HOM:316)
bpt as Adult 6 Apr 1755 by Rev.Jos. Park, HOM:252 nfr.

John Corwin

Corwin, John Sr.1 (83yrs?) of Southold  NYHS b. ca 1617
dated: 26 November 1700                 proved: 14 October 1702 
wife: not mentioned (could he have m. 4 Feb 1658 Maria Glover?)
sons: John, 2nd son Matthias, youngest son Samuel 
daus: Sarah w/o Jacob Osman, Rebecca w/o Abram Osmun, Abigail and Hannah 
grch: Sarah d/o Jabez Mapes 1 cow
wit: Joshua Wells, James Reeves and Stephen Bayly. 
ex: Mathias Corwin, his son (Correction Vol 41 Osman to Osmun) 
1 John Corwin s/o Matthias Corwin and made freeman Conn. 1662.
	 Him or his father Matthias made a freeman?

     i: John Corwin
    ii: Matthias Corwin
   iii: Samuel Corwin
    iv: Sarah Corwin			m. Jacob s/o Thomas Osman
     v: Rebecca Corwin			m. Abram s/o Thomas Osman
    vi: Abigail Corwin
   vii: Hannah Corwin

We have added these children of John Corwin in order to judge the dates for the other Osman/Osmun people.

Jabez Mapes

Suffolk County, New York  liber 12:4 New York Surrogate Office 
Mapes, Jabez of Southold (s/o Thomas and Sarah [Purrier] 
dated: 25 May 1717                      proved: 20 Feb 1729 
wife: Hannah (d/o John and Maria [Glover] Corwin Sr.) 
sons: none mentioned 
son Jabez Jr. died 1 Nov 1716; wf.Elis died 15 Apr 1717 (SAL:352)
daus: Sally w/o --- Beers,(l cow from grfather John Corwin) 
	Elizabeth w/o --- Osmun (her children Ziba and Hannah Osmun 
	to get l cow each), Mary w/o Joseph Goldsmith, 
	Abiah w/o --- Mapes (was she married to Jonathan Mapes?) 
	and Bethiah 
wit: Joseph Goldsmith, Mathias Corwin and Jonathan Mapes 
ex: son Joseph and son in law Joseph Goldsmith 
Written first as Osman, it was corrected in Vol 40:1:37to Osmun.	

     i: Sally Mapes 		m. --- Beers
    ii: Elizabeth Mapes 	m. --- 
	a: Ziba Osmun 	        b. bef. 1717 -
     	b: Hannah Osmun         b. bef. 1717 - 
   iii: Mary Mapes 		m. Joseph Goldsmith
    iv: Abiah Mapes 		m. --- Mapes
     v: Bethiah Mapes 		m. 
Did Bethiah Mapes m. 1st: an Osmun man and 2nd: 1732 Jesse Curwin?
Who was the Hannah Mapes that married Isaac Osman Aug 1715/1716 (SAL:1917:342)
Who was the Martha Mapes that married William Osman Oct 1724


Jonathan Osman HOM Jonathan Osmun, yeoman 1 ( NYHS vol 6:446) spelled Osman b. ca 1719 Southold (Is he a possible son of John2 ) d. 18 Feb 1762 age 43yrs intestate (Peter Hallack yeoman co-adm) m. 9 Feb 1747/8 (SAL:) Elizabeth d/o David (s/o David1,2nd Lord of Gardiner's Island) and Elizabeth (Wickham) Gardiner (NYHS 7:263 father left her 5s. will dated 19 Feb 1747/8. Jonathan was aged 43 yrs. b. ca 1703/4 Was she really Elizabeth Hallock?

Fence viewer 3 Apr 1759 ;Jonathan Osman Constable 2 Apr 1782. STR 3:) Who is this Jonathan?

There is another record for Jonathan Osbon's wife Elizabeth in the Salmon Records showing she died 31 Mar 1787 with her child? (SAL::1917:285) Did children survive we haven't found? Or is this another Jonathan Osbon? There is a Jonathan Osman serving in Paul Reeve minutemen Co. at Aquabaugue 21st Mar 1776 having served 2 extra days along with Jacob Osman. Were they brothers? In the rate assessment of Southampton 1805 we found the name of Jonathan Osmon with house and land worth $120.00. (SCHSR V:3:Dec: 1979 47)

    i: Elisabeth Osborn  28 Jan 1749 - 19 Aug 1756 7 yr 6mo 22da
   ii: Mary Osborn        4 Nov 1749 - 21 Aug 1756 6 yr 8mo17da.
  iii: Bethia Osborn     25 Jan 1756 - 13 Aug 1756 5 yr 6mo 19da 
   iv: Martha Osborn 	 24 Jan 1755 - 12 Aug 1756 1 yr 7mo 19da
    v: Mehetabel Osborn   5 Mar 1756 - 20 Aug 1756 0 yr 5mo 15da
Mattituck Burying Grounds. all births calculated HOM:379

1 letter from Arnold Jackson Osborn said, "I don't know why he allowed the stones to stand with the name Osborn when his name was Osmun. I have seen his signature and he wrote a fine hand." 1975 member Suffolk County Historical Society, Riverhead, N. Y. 1 David Gardiner died 2 Dec 1732 age 70yrs (SAL:1917:21) b. ca 1662 nfr.

John3 Osmun (Abraham2, Thomas1)
d. 21 Aug 1750/1 (SAL:165)
d. ? 15 Sep 1811 (SAL:1917:351 spelled Osborn?)
m. 1st: Elisabeth --
m. 2nd: 4 Nov 1728 Phebe Osmon (SAL:1918:69)

     i: John Osman	      - 12 Aug 1750 (SAL:164)
    ii: Elisha Osman          - 12 Aug 1750 (SAL:164)
   iii: Martha Osman          -  5 Jun 1754 (SAL:169)

AOJ Isaac3 Osman Jr. (Isaac2,Thomas1)
b. bef. 1698 census of Southold L.I.
d. 1747/9 N.J.?
m. 1st: Aug 1716/7 Hannah d/o Jabez1 and Eliza (-) Mapes (SAL:1918:65)
d. 23 Dec 1725 (SAL:1916:358)
m. 2nd: 27 Oct 1726 Mary Bailey (SAL:1918:68)
(is she Mary Orsment?)
     i: Hannah Osmun	      1718
    ii: Ziba Osmun            1719 -  
   iii: Jabez Osmun           1719 - 15 Jun 1725 5yrs (SAL:357)

HOM Peter3 Osmun1 (Jacob2, Thomas1)
m. 17533 Mary Bridget
d. possibly as wd. Mary 10 Sep 1796 at Ocqebog(SAL:1917:341)

There is not many records left by this man. There is a record of a Peter Osmus cutting down 2 great oaks on Govenor Hamilton's estate with David Schrock in Lancaster Co.Pa. using cross cut saws and several axes. The had to step up to Edward Shippen's ofice and settle and then swear that neither devil nor man could hurt them for what they had done. 1760 (Vol 24:261 Pa. Mag. of History and Biography)

     i: Peter Osmun (Jr.)      17 Aug 1755 HOM:2561 +
	d. 4 Nov 1774 19yrs (HOM:339 sp Osman) (SAL:1917:179 Orsborn)
    ii: Luke S. Osmun          19 Mar 1758 HOM:2582

1 spelled Osmun 2 spelled Osman 3 SAL:18:72 Who was the widow Mary Osborn who lost dau. Agnes Mary died 10 Feb 1796 as a widow Osborn pg 351 another Peter Osbon m. Sarah Howell 20-27 Feb 1752 (SAM:1918:158)

Isaac4 Osman (Isaac3, John2, Thomas1) (1698 Census)
b. 7 Dec 1716
m. Catharine

     i: Martha Osman
    ii: Prudence Osman
   iii: Isaac Osman, Jr.                    *

HOM Adonijah Osmun, Jr. pg 317 (thought to be s/o Jacob2)
b. ca 1715
d. 11 Sep 1777 (SAL:1917:277 spelled Osborn)
m. 1st: Feb 1732 Jemimah Howell (SAL:1918:71)
m. 2nd: 11 Feb 17621 Penelope Hallioc rec. by Rev. Nehemiah Baker HOM:316

Only record found for Adonijah was elected fence viewer 3 Apr 1751 STR2:

i: child - 15 Jan 1755 (SAL:1917:171)

Who was the Jemimah -sbon m. Daniel Brown 23 Jan 1752? (SAL:1918:158)

HOM Jacob Osman (sp. Osborn)
b. bpt. as adult 7 Apr 1771 HOM:277
m. 20 Apr 1769 Bathsheba, a/k/a, Ba(r)shaba d/o Thomas and Elisabeth (-) Arnel HOM:321 Rev. Joseph Park, 14 Feb 1758 along with sister Sarah
HOM: 251

He is listed as 1st Regt. Minutemen Suffolk Co. Paul Reeves Co. (SCHSR 12:1983:IX:3) He is listed at Aquabaugue having enlisted 21 Mar 1776 to 21 Jul. having served 2 days extra

     i: Abigail Osman           7 Apr 1771 pg 277
    ii: Anna Osman             11 May 1774 pg 281 
	d. 31 May 1776 pg 342 (prob. Osman
    iv: Thomas Osman           20 Dec 1775 pg 283
	d. 8 May 1777 pg 343 (prob. Osman)
     v: Phebe Osman            21 Sep 1777 pg 284
    vi: Elisabeth Osman         5 Nov 1778
    vi: Hannah Osman           15 Aug 1779 pg 286 2
    vi: James Osman            10 Jun 1781 pg 287 2
	d. 8 Aug 1781 pg 344 (prob. Osman)
    vi: Jemima,a/k/a Mimy Osman 2 Jun 1782 pg 288 2
   vii: Mary Osman              7 Aug 1783 pg 289 2
  viii: Elisabeth Osman         5 Nov 1788 pg 296 2

2 all pg #HOM listed as Osborn and in parenthesis probably Osman.

Daniel Osman (called Capt. Daniel Osborn in Salmon)
b. ca 1712 Southold
d. 5 Aug 1779 age 67yrs (SAL:1917:278)
m. 1st: 20 Nov 1730 Mehitable Wines (SAL:18:72)
d. 18 Feb 1754 (SAL:1917:169)
m. 2nd: 10 Nov 1763 Abigail d/o Daniel Hull
b. before 26 Sep 1744 (Daniel Hull, father d. SAL:1917:351:)
d. between Feb and Apr 1777 (SAL:1917:277)

STR:3: various pages listed from 4 Apr 1738 as Constable; fence viewer, 1743,1747, 1751, and 1754. His land mentioned in deed no date. He is listed as a freeholder in Suffolk Co. 27 Feb 1737. DHNY 4:201

	Daniel Osman, Jr. for Chague 4 Apr 1775
	Chosen as addition to the Committee 5 May 1775
	named to represent the Town 24 Jun 1778 
	Capt. Daniel Osman, asst assessor  4 Apr 1758 
	overseer of poor 8 Apr 1761;fence viewer-2 Apr 1765

i: no doubt Daniel Hull Osborn * i: no doubt Wines Osbon *

Daniel Osborn (Daniel Hull Osborn?)
(grandson in law of Joseph and Prudence Hull)
d. 11 Jul 1801 (SAL:1917:344) the lawyer.
m. 1st: 1 May 1754/5 --- Hallock (SAL:1918:159)??
m. 18 Sep 1778 Mary Pain (SAL:1918:269)
d. 8 Feb 1794 (SAL:1917:290)

Daniel Osborn-clerk 4 Apr 1780,3 Apr 1781
Daniel Osborn-pd for attendance 6s 10 Apr 1781;
Supervisor 2 Apr 1782; 4 Apr 1786;assessor 5 Apr 1785.
Reuben Reeve produced a copy of rules of Ct. of General Sessions dated 7 Oct 1794 showing Daniel Osborn as one of the masters and owner of Negro Reuben Reeve declaring him free 26 Apr 1813
fence viewer-2 Apr 1805.
Daniel Osborn Jr. Supervisor 6 Apr 1779; overseer of Hwy 5 Apr 1796.

If this is truly Osmun instead of Osborn, he went by the name of Daniel Hull Osborn and left no issue.

In his will he left money only to friends and mention of any children was lacking.

Liber 28:285 Suffolk County, N.Y. VIII:54
Hull, Prudence, wd/o Joseph Hull late of Southold d. 10 Jun 1772
dated: 27 June 1765 proved: 30 June 1772
husband: Joseph Hull, dec'd (d. 16 Apr 1743 SAL:1917:351)
sons: none mentioned (Daniel d. 26 Sep 1744 30yrs; ch.Joseph d 12 Jan 1724 age 3yrs. SAL:351 contains Hull information)
daus: Elizabeth (w/o David) Goldsmith, improvement of all my real
estate, houses,lands and orchard and "rights in commonage with my whole right in bank of Catchoque"
(daus: Prudence Hull d. 24 Dec 1744 and Mary Hull d. 24 Jan 1753)
gr.son: Joseph Hull Goldsmith eldest son Simon Horton s/o dec'd dau. Sarah Horton f10, and her daus. Rhoda and Sara(h?) Horton f5 each
gr.daus: Helen and Abigail Osmun daus. of dec'd son Daniel 5 teaspoons. Daniel Hull died 26 Sep 1744 age 30yrs
Helen Hull m. Wines Osbon 2 Feb 1762 (SAL:1918:163)
Abigail Hull m. Daniel Osborn 10 Nov 1763 (SAL:1918:164)
wit: Robert Hempstead, blacksmith, Lion Gardiner, blacksmith, and Anna Overton
ex: Dau. Elizabeth and son-in-law David Goldsmith
dau. Mary d 4 Jan 1753 25yrs; child d. 31 Jul 1726 (SAL:1917)

Liber 40:394 New York City, (XIV:177:1786-1796)
Wandes, Adam of New York City
dated:7 February 1777 proved: 18 August 1790
wife: Elizabeth lot of ground held by lease of Henry Ruttarts, Esq. Division St. also all my personal estate
sons: Jacob and William
daus: Susannah w/o John Osmond, Charity and Elizabeth
wit: William Thurston, James Genkins, mason and William Peckwell
exc: Andrew Sitcher and John Smith

Should this be Adam Wandes or Windes?

Wines Osman (probable s/o Daniel and Mehitable (Wines) Osman
b. ca 1730 Southold?
different marriages for a man named Wines/Windes Osman/Osborn
m. 1st: 2 Feb 1762 Helen Hull (SAL:
d. as widow Hellen Osborn 30 Mar 1811 (SAL:1917:350)
m. 2nd: Charity --
d. 16 Feb 1791 (SAL:1917:288)
m. 3rd: Elizabeth ---
d. 31 Aug 1798 (SAL:1917:342) m. 4th: 15 Jul 1802 Bethier Hoel (SAL:)

Winds Osman Southold town officer 3 Apr 1764 left will (last name Osborn.) Could John Osmond be Sgt. John Osmun?

     i: child			  -  5 May 1769 (SAL:1917:175)
	Wines Osborn negro Garl   -  3 Apr 1772 (SAL:1917:177)
    ii: child                     - 23 Nov 1778 (SAL:1917:278)
   iii: child                     - 18 Aug 1805 (SAL:1917:346)

Misplaced persons in Southold

Without trying to fit all the families in Southold together, without wills, we will just make a record of the ones we can't place readily. Do you know who these people belong to? Is there a will we have missed?

Dority Osman		m. Henry Welse		1 Feb 1720 (SAL:1918:66)
d. 20 Jun 1734		d. Fresh Pond. 21 Mar 1792 SAL:22/
Elisabeth Osman	m. Samuel King     12 Dec 1723 
Rachel Osmon 		m. Jonathan Bayley 20 Jun 1727 (SAL:1918:69)
Bethi Osmon         	m. Jesse Corwin           1732 (SAL:1918:70)
Bezela Osman 		m. Peltiel Curwin  27 Nov 1735 (SAL:1918:72)
Birzealiah Osmond's child 	  		7 Oct 1738   (SAL:1917:25)  
was Barzilla named for Barzilla King found in Sal:1916:356 first time name was noted?  
King d. 12 Feb 1724 (this man moved to N.J. after 1740 and served in RW)
Rebecca Osman		m. Jn. Johnson	       Sep 1737 (SAL:1918:73)
did she m. 2nd:     	m. Stephen Leech    6 Jul 1748 (SAL:1918:155)
Marcy Osman		m. Wm. Case		Apr 1741 (SAł:1918:74)
                       Wm.d. 3 Feb 1796 83yrs 11mo (SAL:341)
Mary Osbon          	m. John Williamson        1748?(SAL:1918:155)
Elizabeth Osborn 	m. John Robinson   15 Jun 1769 at Brookhaven HOM:318
Elizabeth Osborn 	m. Joseph Mapes    24 May 1773 by Rev. Nehemiah Baker 
(perhaps Osman in HOM:322)
Jemima Osman		m. Daniel Brown      23 Jan 1752
Daniel Osbon		m. --- Hallock	    no date given
Sarah Osbon		m. David Wells	    19 Jun 1777 (SAL:1918:269)
Hannah Osbon		m. Joshua Oldridge	9 Dec 1779 (sal:1918:270)
--- Osbon           	m. Deliverance Howel 5 Oct 1788(SAL:1918:273)
John Osman's wife Patiance      28 Jan 1723/4 (SAL:1916:355)
Jn Osman's dau. Martha           6 Aug 1731 (SAL:1917:20)
Jn Osbons son Elis Osman        12 (Aug)1750 (SAL:1917:164)
Jn Osmans child            	19 Aug 1750  (SAL:1917:165)
John Osman                	21 Aug 1750  (SAL:1917:165)
Jacob Osman juners child        13 Aug 1725 2 w...(SAL:358)
at night Thomas Osmon     	19 Jan 1728 2 ... (SAL:360)
Rebecka Osmans child infant     30 Dec 1730   (SAL:1917:20)
Abigll Osbon or Osman           31 Aug 1753 (SAL:1917:168)
Widow Mary Osborn 		11 Feb 1792 Ocqebog (SAL:342) 
Matthu Osbon                     5 Jul 1802   (SAL:1917:;344)
Widow Osborn                    12 Mar 1811   (SAL:1917:350)
Wd. Elisabeth Osman	pd. f1.4p.0s by Southold 10 Apr 1781
pro. for keeping some poor soul.
STR 3:
By the end of the Revolutionary War the name Osman/Osmun had all but disappeared on Long Island.
End of Thomas Osmun families as known
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