More Osmun Families

Peter Osman

    Peter Osman s/o Peter (Port. and Bio Rec. of Kalamazoo, Allegan, and VanBuren, Mi. pg 1012 FC Praire Bonde Twp. 8 Aug 1850:84r This man later used OMAN instead of OSMAN.
b. 3 Mar 1813 Columbia Co. Pa.
m. 1st: Susanna Hilburn
d. ca 1840 Columbia Co. Pa.
m. 2nd: 3 Oct 1838 ibid, Sarah Cunningham
b. 7 Oct 1808 Belvidere, N.J.
d. 14 Mar 1884 Kalamazoo, Praire Bonde Twp.Mi. lived sec 25.

     i: Mary Osmun		     1831 m. John Adams
    ii: Margaretha Osmun             1835 m. Andrew Berkimer
   iii: Elizabeth Osmun              1837 m. James Jones
    iv: Cyrus Osmun  he d. 6 Sep 1883     m. Adeline Davidson
     v: Almira Osmun                 1841 m. 1st: Thomas Ward 
                                          m. 2nd: Wm. McLaughlin
    vi: Susanna Osmun                1843 		nfr.
   vii: Martha Osmun                 1845 		nfr.
all children b. Pa. 

    Peter Osmun (NJGM: 111:3:4)
b. 6 Apr 1818 (c) N.J. probably Hunterdon Co.
d. 27 Apr 1883 65yrs 0mo 21da (will 1883:8410J: inv. 1883)
m. Lucretia Eliza --- (Holaway?)
b. 8 Oct 1821 (c)
d. 3 Jul 1886 68yr 8mo 25da both bur. Swackhammer Lutheran Ch. Lebanon Twp. Hunterdon Co. N.Y. known children:

     i: Amanda Osmun 	  	   1838 -         nfr.
    ii: Lucinda Osmun              1840 -         nfr.
   iii: William Osmun              1842 -         nfr.
    iv: Pratt Osmun                1844 -         nfr.
     v: Ziba Osmun                 1846 - 	  nfr.
    vi: Holaway Osmun		          - 16 apr 1859 9mo 18da

End of the Peter Osmans' families

Isaiah Esmond

    Isaiah Esmond Revolutionary War Soldier
b. 9 Jul 1735 Long Island?
d. 9 Sep 1840 85yrs 2mo bur. Old Methodist Ch. Cem. west side of Rt 22 Rockland Co. N.Y.
m. 23 Jan 1758 Jennetje Delong (marriage banns Viii:178 NY marriages bef. 1784)
ts. for wife reads "Mrs. Nancy Esmond d. 20 Jun 1819 ae 56yrs"
Is she the Nancy Osmun who taught the first school in Cruso, Seneca Co. N.Y. 1804? FR

   i: Isaiah Esmond *

    Isaiah2 Esmond (Isaiah1)
b. 10 Jul 1755 L.I. (Rev. Papers R3370 4th Regt.Pvt.N.Y.line)
d. 9 Oct 1842 Copake, Columbia Co. N.Y. (78yrs 4 Oct 1833)

    Resident of Great Nine Partners, Dutchess Co. N.Y. 1775.
1 year Ensign Militia, Capt Ebenezer Allen, Capt. John Bolin U.S. Troops, wished for him to join his troops. Regt. Col Jonathan Bloom. Brig. Gen. TenBroek. Served with John Simmons, Benjamin Haight, Jonathan Wiles and John Thom. Served one full year.
Regt. Col Hopkins, Brig. of Gen. Christopher Roberts, Lt. Northrop. Received a ball thru his head and one thru his coat, fired by the British.

     i: Spencer Esmond				    nfr.
    ii: Anna Esmond    m. Rafine (Rufus?) Latting   nfr.		
   iii: Arabella Esmond		m. -----  Williams  nfr.		     

    Isaiah Osmann
b. ca 1748
d. 4 Mar 1812 64yrs entombed in New Cem. Herkimer N.Y. (RDH:265)
m. Barbara ---

    A professor of languages from Livonia died 4 Mar 1812
    "Isajas Osmann ex Livonia, Linguarum Proffessor mortuus subitania morte Phitsi et sepultus in novo coemiterio, Herkimer aetat: 64 Martio l ma 1812" Montgomery Co. ch. records.

End of Isaiah Esmonds' families

    Maybe the love of language is inherited. Thomas Embley s/o George and Minerva Washington (Ayres) Osmun of Montrose, Ohio
b. 16 Feb 1834 Montrose, Summit County, Ohio
d. 26 Oct 1902 Paris never married

    Graduated Oberlin College. Studied medicine Paris and Berlin. Returned to U.S. 1859. Settled in New York. His lifework was devoted to the purification of the English language as used in public press. An authority on the use of English as a drama Critic. Taught elocution. 1891 appeared as Shylock in Boston and other northeastern cities.

    He was one of the editors of the Standard Dictionary. Published English Grammer of William Cobbett; 1884; The Orthoepist 1880 and Some Ill Used Words (1901) AJO said "he had two sisters Louisa m. Charles Truman and Martha married --Richardson.


1754- 1803

4057 Abraham Osmun (DARM 47:28/29 Query 4056 Norris and Peck)
Could he be Adonijah's son from Southold?
b. 5 Apr 1754
d. 3 Jun 1803
m. 5 Mar 1776 Keziah d/o Peter and Mary (-)Norris
b. 1 May 1752
d. 6 Aug 1802

    There was a notice in New York Gazette Weekly Mercury #1118 29 March 1773 "Abraham Osmun in confined for debt in the goal (prison) in Morris town with others. He was insolvent. Friday the 23rd of April the notice was given for anyone to shew cause if any they have, why the said prisoner should not be discharged from their imprisonment" "30 May 1774 apprentice who ran away from subscriber." (newspaper abstracts of New Jersey, Archives)

     i: Jacob Osmun   19 Dec 1776 -  9 Aug 1779 nfr.
    ii: Mary Osmun     5 Jul 1778 - 15 Mar 1821 nfr.
   iii: David Osmun                              *
    iv: Jacob Osmun            4 Apr 1783 - died very old in Mi.
     v: Adonijah Osmun                           *
    vi: Seth Huron Osmun                         *

DARM 56:416 Query 10537
Ozmun-Osmun-Osman Abraham and John Ozmun came to Orange Co. to Tompkins Co., in 1793 or later. Abraham was b. Smith's Cove, John born there in 1773. Their father is said to have been wounded in battle, taken prison and d. in old sugar warehouse, N.Y. Can anyone give me the name of this man. (Israel and Ezekiel Osman signed Association Test in Cornwall and they lived in Bloomingrove, Cornwall and Monroe1 1765/75.) The family came from Suffolk Co. or Orange Co. before 1764. Wanted any information on this family. -- A.L.O (could this have been Alice Jacobs Ozmun?) 1 Eager's Orange County, New York History


David2 Osmun (Abraham1)
b. 9 Nov 1780 New York? New Jersey?
d. 22 Aug 1859
m. 23 Jul 1803 Salem Co. N.J. by Rev. James Richards, Lydia W. d/o Nathaniel and Mary (Condict) Peck GMNJ3:4:174
b. 4 Mar 1778
d. 1858 both bur. Westown Pres. Ch. or Hopewell,Middleton, Orange Co. N.Y.(Gravestones of Orange Co. N.Y. Hasbrouck 3:34)

    They lived at Hanover and married at Morristown. In 1850 he was in Essex Co. Union Twp. pg 306 family 303/310 value $1800 wagonmaker. Lydia was not there and his age was 67yrs.

    i: Mary C. Osmun 1808 - 1884 nfr.

KLBR Adonijah2 Osmun (Abraham1) ( of KLO)
a shoemaker value $1200. Orange Twp. Essex Co. pg 231 1850
b. 18 Mar 1789 Orange Co. NJ
d. 3 Jun 1860 typhoid fever will 15388G Essex Co. NJ.
m. 12 Dec 1811 Polly Dean Campbell
b. 25 Nov 1788 NJ
d. 24 Aug 1859 both bur. Rosedale Cem. Orange Co. N.J.

      i: William Henry Osmun    16 Sep 1812 -  1 Feb 1881   	nfr.
     ii: Jane Osmun              1 Dec 1814 -  2 Aug 1876   	nfr.
    iii: John W. Osmun          14 Oct 1817 - 29 Dec 1883 Washington, Ohio    nfr.
     iv: George Burden Osmun                      		 *         
      v: Catharine Campbell Osmun19 May 1822 - 29 Jul 19022    
	m. Abraham --- lived in Iowa. 				nfr.
     vi: Horace Osmun             8 May 1826 - 11 Mar 1869      nfr.
	m. 30 Sep 1852 Sarah E. Wilder      - 25 Jan 1869.  	nfr. 
    vii: Mary Osmun               9 Dec 1828 - 10 Mar 1829   	nfr.
   viii: Abraham N. Osmun         8 Nov 1830 - 10 Jan 19143    	nfr.
	m. 24 Mar 1864 Alida Jane Wilder     - 28 Feb 1902   	nfr.  

1 Newark, New Jersey 2 Brookyln, New York 3 Sioux Falls, S.D.
adm. of Adonijah estate was uncle "Abe" Osmun. Kenneth Latimer s/o A. Vincent Osmun b. 24 Jan 1905 Waterbury, Conn. He owns his grandfather's diary dated 1914 also owned Adonijah's chair and pipe. Boys followed the shoemaker trade in 1850.

    Seth Huron2 Osmun (Abraham1)Served War of 1812 WC33378/SC955
b. 9 Sep 1793 NY
d. 9 Apr 1883 (we know he went to Chester Twp. Orange Co. N.Y
m. Catharine -- (They were there 20 Sep 1850 pg 112)
b. (c) 1794 NY bur.Hopewell/Presbyterian Ch. Orange Co. N.Y.

     i: Mary Osmun				nfr.
    ii: David D. Osmun		 Oct 1826 NY	nfr.
   iii: Lydia Osmun              Sep 1830 NY 	nfr.
    iv: Sarah Osmun               (c)1836 NY 	nfr.
    iv: William C. Osmun         		 *


KLBR George Burden3 Osmun (Adonijah2, Abraham1)
b. 18 Mar 1820
d. 19 Oct 1886
m. lst: 11 May 1843 Eliza Ann d/o John Lee
d. Apr 1849 1
m. 2nd: Feb 1852 Catharine A. Coyle
d. 13 May 1888

    i: John Wilbur Osmun *

    William C.3 Osmun (Seth H.2, Abraham1)
b. Feb 1844 NJ. (FC 1880 Deerpark,OR 65 Fowler, Port
m. ca 1873 Katharina P. (Jervis 203/9/10/4)
b. Dec 1844 NY

     i: Mary G. Osmun		   Jan 1874 NY		nfr.
    ii: Carrie P. Osmun 	   Jun 1883 NY		nfr.


KLBR John Wilbur4 Osmun (George B.3, Adonijah2, Abraham1) b. 27 Jun 1846 N.J. d. 15 Nov 1924 Springfield, Ohio m. Emma Clarinna Cook (NJ Gen.Rec.BR 1:1939:30223)

      i: Mary Clarinda Osmun 		16 May 1870 -  nfr.
     ii: Lillian Emma Osmun  		17 Aug 1872 -              
	    m. 26 July 1893 NYC Charles T. Craig       nfr.
    iii: Arthur Hunt Osmun   		21 Sep 1874 -  nfr.
     iv: George Wilbur Osmun 		29 Oct 1875 -  nfr.
      v: Albert Vincent Osmun 		20 Jan 1880 -  nfr.
     vi: Clarence Campbell Osmun  	18 Jul 1886 -  nfr.

End of Abraham (1754 - 1803) family

Other Immigrants

    Valentine Esmond "Snow Thane" from Rotterdam 7 Nov 1741
    Lewis Osmond came into Philadelphia 1794
    James D. Osmont came into Philadelphia 1794
    Maria 0pman came 20 Aug 1794
    Simon J. Osman age 20 to Newport R.I. 1822
    Matthias Osmund came to New York 1837

Dilemma of the John Osman/Osmon/Osmun

    28 Feb 1701 Western Circuit Prisoners to be Transported to Barbados from Southwick Province one John Osman. (C66/3419/29)
    There are references to John Osmun, freeman, at Fort Wm. Henry 27 May 1702 (NYHS 19:81)
    Johann Peter Erman "Ship President" Rotterdam, last from England 27 Sep 1752
    John Osmond, from Surrey, England came to America on the Ship "Tea Rose" 1755. (Emigrants to America Peter Colham)
    NYHS 24:440 John Armon enlisted 19 May 1762 born Ireland 33yrs, Mariner, Capt. Vischer's Co. 5'9" Albany 1762
    NYHS 18:242 John Osmun, cartman, freeman, 25 March 1784 NYC

Mediterranean Passes 1761-1764

    # 2278 28 May 1763 Brig. Friendship, John Osman, 50 tones bound for Newfoundland and Madeira, James Anderson.
    Ships Registers 1762 - 1776
    21 Oct 1762 Ship Nancy 70 tons Master: John Osman
    26 May 1763 Brig Friendship, 50 tons John Osman
    22 Oct 1766 Ship Sally, 150 tons John Osman

    Captain John Osmon, master of Brigade Friendship, Ships Betsey and Sally. He served in the Revolutionary War as a mariner on the Rising Sun in Pa. Navy 1776. (Pa. Archives)

    The wife named in his will was probably his second wife since his children married by the early 1800's.

    1769 Philadelphia Co. John Osmon South Ward of City, taxed Propriety Tax; 1779 taxed f19 and called mariner. Taxed 4 pds 15 shillings. 1780, a grocer, John taxed on value of $19000, tax being 48 pds 15 shillings; 1782 John, the mariner, taxed on value of $80 pd a tax of 132 (pds?); The grocer John associated with B. Hurst and Ca. taxed on value of 576 pds. tax was 3 pds 3 shillings and 9 pence. 1783 John the grocer, worked for Hurst and Co. taxed on 1 cattle, 1 negro, and ground. Israel and Osmon negro slaves on James Welsh` estate 1777. (Pa.Arch:3:16:777)

    Capt. John Osmon, master of ships Betsey and Sally.
b. ca 1732
d. 8 Feb 1818 Oxford Twp. Philadelphia Co. Pa.
did he m. 1st:25 Dec 1759 Margaret Hannon1 ?
m. 2nd: 9 Feb 1776 Christ Ch. Philadelphia Elizabeth d/o Christopher Kellers2
bur. German Presbyterian Burying Grounds
dated: 26 Jan 1815 proved 14 Feb 1818.

     i: William Bayington Osmon 2                  *   
    ii: Thomas Osmon                              nfr. 
   iii: Charles Osmon                             nfr.
	Is this the Revolutionary Charles Osmon who married -- Higgins
	and is buried in Adams Co. Ohio.?
    iv: Esther Osmon 
	m. 16 Dec 1805 at her father's home Captain Lewis Gordon4
     v: Maria Osmon   Named first in her father's will  nfr.
    vi: Eliza Osmon 					nfr.
   vii: Anna Osmon  					nfr.

wit: Benjamin Prentice, Jessey Castor, and William Hurst.
Exc: sons William B. and Thomas Osmon

1 will Philadelphia Co. #20 Will bk NC 6: folio 558 H.S. of Pa. obit. Pa. German Pioneers Strassburg and Hinke.
2 Philadelphia Co. Pa. Y:255
3 Clayton 1878 D. Mason & County Syracuse pg 41 Onondaga History
4 Marriages and Deaths from Baltimore Newspapers 1796-1816 Barnes


JW William Bayington2 Osmon (Capt. John1)
m. Elisabeth Carpenter
d. intestate Lower Oxford, Chester Co. 1836

    I: Hester Osmon 1823 New Castle, Pa. - 1851 Beaver Falls, Pa. *

m. John Brice s/o John B. and Temperance (Smith) Webster
b. 1819 (1850 pg 086 Patterson Twp. Beaver Co. Pa.)
d. Moline, Ill.1

a: Amanda Lois Webster		m. David Cole Reid 	nfr.
b: Theresa Webster		m.  --- Keck        	nfr.         	
c: Watson Winter Webster	m. Rose ----		nfr.

    "Rose's father took the children and Rose out to California because Watson Winter Webster had an "afflication" namely drinking"? Watson was named Doc Watson after doctor who delivered him in the winter."

1 ancestors of Jane Reid (Mrs. G.O.) Whelchel b. 1 Sep 1929 Indianapolis, Ind. last known address 27 Brook Drive, Simsbury, Ct. 06070 17 Jul 1979.

End of Capt. John Osmon family

    Thomas Osmon (possible s/o Capt. John Osmon)
b. 27 Jul 1764 no doubt in Pa.
d. 18 Oct 1845 Seneca Co. N.Y. (no will found)
m. 1795 Catharine VanDerwiler (first marriage Salt Point. Is her name really VanDetwiler?)
b. 25 Dec 1766 ?
d. 17 Apr 1837 Seneca Co. N.Y.

2 May 1797
Grantee John Lay of Rome, Herkimer Co. N.Y.
Grantor Thomas Osman and John Yost of Onondaga
Land in Co. of Onondaga Military Lands lot 75 Twp. of Hamibal containing 600 acres for f890

    He served on the Grand jury 21 Jul 1794 in trial of James Fitzgerald Onondaga Co. N.Y. which found Fitzgerald guilty of intent to rob Andrew McCarthy3 York.

    Nancy Osman taught school in Cruse, Seneca County. Cruse was formed from Junius which before 12 Feb 1803 was "Washington" and now in Fayette County, New York FR:617. Who is she?

Possible children?

     i: Thomas Osmon
    ii: John S. Osmon
   iii: Isaac Osmon
    iv: Israel Osmon
     v: Nancy Osmon

FC: John S. Osman, carpenter (is he s/o Thomas by a first wife?) and grandson of Captain John Osmon?
b. ca 17901 Pa. (1value $1600 FC 1850 Seneca Falls, 2088/2211:277)
d. bef. 1860
m. Catharine --
b. ca 1790 Pa.
d. will dated 10 Jun 1862 her mark proved 17 Sep 1862 SE F:391
son: John S. Osman our feather bed and bedding and it is my wish and I do hereby direct and order that a certain promissory note made by him (to) me of recent date for $175. be given up to him and without payment.
daus: Louisa Osman $500. over and above $100. owed to her for debt of my late husband for the benifit (sic) of my son John S. Osman. Matilda Osman $100 including $25.00 for debt of my late husband as foresaid $25.00 note being held by her.
Henrietta Osman and Catharine Osman all my real estate house and lot during their natural lives for their joint use and benifit then to be sole property of survivor for her natural life, then divided between my remaining children.
Then to my remaining children to share and share alike.
The remainder of my estate after paying legacies and all debts incurred from illness and funeral Executor to pays amounts directed except for sickness and funeral to come out of mortgage executed by Wm. Rees
Witnesses: Hiram A. Palmer and V.R. Matthews both of Seneca Falls. New York.
Executor: Joseph Plate of Seneca Falls.

    Albany Atlas and Argus 6 weeks notice once a week mentions:
John S. Osman residing in East Greenwich, New York
Matilda Adams " Toronto, Canada West
Charles L. Hoskins " Seneca Falls special guardian for John and Leroy Roberts minors " " " heirs at law and next of kin. to appear 17 Sep 1862 10 A.M. Geo. Franklin, Surrogate 28 Jul 1862.

     i: John Saron Osman     ca 1831 -  3 May 1889 Warren RI2  buried in Boston. (obit) 
	wf. died 1886 oldest dau. in 1886 left son a Doctor in Boston, Mass. 
    ii: Louisa Osman
	m. --- Troutman lived in Toronto, Canada West. (1889)
   iii: Harriet Osman        ca 1826 - 14 Aug 1865 Utica, N.Y.
    iv: Catharine Osman      ca 1828 - 14 Feb 1870 Seneca Falls
     v: Susan Osman          ca 1831 - 2nd b. N.Y. (1850)
    vi: Matilda Osmun        ca 1834 - 
	m. 20 Oct 1857 Seneca Falls, SE William Case Adams Toronto,1889
    vi: dau Osman 			m. Alpheus Roberts 

    William Osman, blacksmith (could he have been another s/o Thomas and Catharine (Vanderwiler) Osmun and grs/o Capt. John?)
b. ca 1800 Pa.1
m. Sarah A. --
b. ca 1813 Pa.

     i: William E. Osman    ca 1830 Blacksmith
    ii: Ann G. Osman        ca 1836
     i: Samuel Osman        ca 1839
    ii: James K. P. Osman  Jun 1842 by 1900 
          was a patient at Arnot Ogden Memorial Hospital in Elmira, Chemung Co. N.Y.22/24/3/75
   iii: Elizabeth Osman     ca 1845

children all born N.Y.1Ontario,Seneca Co.FC 1850 pg461 value $200

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