Green Families

Because the names of Green, Addis and Demund have become so intertwined with the Osmun and Linderman families we have tried with the help of the Hettie Green Spear scrapbook of obits and articles to reconstruct the families. All our gratitude to Ted Spear, her great grandson for sending them and correlating many of the facts set forth in the chapter of the Green families.

Because we knew there was a son of Samuel Green named Morris Green years ago and census was not indexed at the time, we thought John's son Morris was indeed our own Morris Green. The Morris we were looking for was Samuel's son, but John's Morris was almost the same age. Because of that error, it has sent us on a quest with the help of cousin Ray E. Addis' articles. He wrote them for the Centennial Anniversary issue of the Holly Press 30 June 1938 and a copy of which is at the Holly Library, we will try to reconstruct the following families.

Some 32 years ago we went to visit Ray and his wife in Holly. Only because we knew from an early age that our grandfather Nelson E. Osmun's sister Effie had married George Washington Addis. Ray's home was an unbelievably beautiful home with two of the largest Siamese cats you could ever see. He owned and cherished the hand written manuscripts of our cousin Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, including her 1939 Pulitzer winner "The Yearling." Hoping that they were preserved we visited his widow years later only to find that she had burned them because, we assume, she thought that Ray and Marjorie had more than just a cousin relationship.

At the time, Ray told us that he too referred to Aunt Effie as Aunt Effie. Until now, we didn't know why! Since we didn't know that Ray was suffering from cancer we didn't know the reason for the anger he exhibited when we mentioned the fact that Aunt Effie's husband George Washington Addis had committed suicide. As we age, we realize that when Ray said, "every man has the right to do whatever he deems necessary with his own body," that the time might come when the fear of death is no longer as great as the fear of living!

The New Jersey Archives 1:XIX:pg 324 states that Axford and Green settled near Green Pond in 1730.

Marius Groen was a name used much in the late 1600's and through the 1700's (Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Ch. of Kingston,Ulster Co. N.Y. 1660 - 1809 Roswell Randall Hoes 1891)


Maurice Green thought to be the son of Richard and Eleanor (Demont/Demond) Green b. Green Pond, N.J. 15 May 1750 bpt. First Presyterian Church NYC 28 Apr 1771 (NYG&B 9:117)

The fact his second son was named Richard, this is probably true, but we have not proven the fact. We are using Richard as the first Green.

To date we have not identified his wife although because all the children known to us named their first daughter Rebecca which might indict that she was indeed named Rebecca with the last name of VanSlyke or Maybury. Again the proof is lacking.

2    i: Samuel Green                     	 * 
3   ii: Richard Green                    	nfr. 
4  iii: John Green                            	 *  
5   iv: Reuben Green (Zephanias?)	nfr. 
6    v: Betsey Green m. Hist.says Chattle(think Chappel) 	nfr. 
7   vi: Kate Green   m. (Richard or Andrew?) VanSickle (Andrew is in TC 1825 and 
           here too 18362) nfr. 
8  vii: Susie Green  m. --- Weitzel	nfr.
9 viii: Mary Green ca 1788  - m. William Maybury/Mayberry? She is living in Oakland Co. 1860 
           age 72 b. NJ a dau married a J. Gibbs and had died bef. 1860 b. NJ with child Rebecca J.
           15. (if this indeed her)  	nfr.
10  ix: dau. 	m. --- Cummings		nfr.

1 lot 13 next to John and Ellener (Addis) Green lot 12 at Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy. rests a Chappell family who may have been related to them.

2 Biographical Rec Oakland Co. 1903 551-553 (pg 841 mentions Richard VanSickle having named a son Morris Green VanSickle. He went to Wahoo, Saunders Co. Nebraska 1873 and died there in 1890.
This book will be referred to as BROC in this text.


Samuel3 Green (Morris2, Richard1) b. ca 1788/9 Warren Co. New Jersey, near Green Point, N.Y. d. 6 Mar 1843 Clintonville Twp. Oc Mi. 55/56 yrs. will dated: 10 May 1842 proved: 28 Mar 1848
m. Lansing, TC ca 1818 Elizabeth2, called Betsey d/o John1 and Polly2 (d/o Jacob1 and Cathrina [McLean] Linderman) Osmun b. ca 1799 TC (age 47, 1847 date of marriage) d. after 1860 census of Holly twp., Oc and bef. 1870
m. 2nd: by 13 Feb 1847 by Henry W. Horton J.P. Nicholas Yorton wdr/o Ann Bates (birth and death lacking for her) b. ca 1800 (Madison Co. N.Y.?) d. 22 Sep 1880 80yrs bur. Hadley Cem. Groveland, Oc
Samuel and Elizabeth are both pro. bur. Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy. Oc

Samuel supposedly served in War of 1812 but we have been unable to confirm this. No records other than DAR Soldiers of 1812 buried in Michigan tells of his service.

Came to Michigan ca 1836 and paid tax on 120 acres in Ind. and 120 acres in Holly Twp. Oc (these lands were bought by a John Green in 1836 and according to Ray E. Addis article it was his brother John. We think it may have been his son John. Appraisers for Samuel's estate were Betsey's brothers Israel and John Osmun.

Nicholas Yorton came to Michigan 1836 from Madison Co. New York with his family and also settled in Holly twp.

Although this is a Osmun Genealogy, we have used the male line of descent. All the Green family of Samuel is one generation less on the Osmun family and should read that person, in line of then Green, Elizabeth2 Osmun, John1.

    i: John Green   - by 19031 	nfr.
   ii: Rebecca Green     	 *
  iii: Jacob Green  not in soundex 1900 nfr.
   iv: Morris Green                      * 
    v: Reuben Green                      *
   vi: Abram VanSickle Green             *        
  vii: Oliver H. P. Green                *
 viii: Mary Green   - 1895 Lansing, Mi. nfr.   m. --- Lott	nfr.
   ix: Sarah Green   m. 1st George Hunt nfr.   2nd: Fleetham of Detroit 1903 nfr.
    x: (Andrew) Jackson Green        	 * 
   xi: Ruth Jane Green                   *     m. James s/o Marcus Riker                         
  xii: Joshua D. Green               	 *  
 xiii: Katherine Green    m. James Lester of Pontiac	nfr.
  xiv: Israel H. Green                			 *

Is the 9yrs old Elizabeth Green living with Betsey and Nicholas Yorton, 1860 a granddaughter???
1 died by date BROC
John Green3 Sr. (Morris2, Richard1 ) came to Michigan 1836 b. 25 Dec 1794 Ind. Twp. Warren Co. New Jersey d. 22 Jun 1851 Ind. Twp. Oc Mi. m. 1820 in Ind. Twp. Warren Co. NJ Ellener d/o Daniel1 and Margaret (VanDyke) Addis b. ca 1801 Six Mile Run, New Jersey d. 1883 Oc Mi. 82ys both bur. Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy Oc. block 7 lot 12.

    i: Morris Green                             *
   ii: Elizabeth Green    m. 28 Dec 1844 Ind. Twp. Oc by Rev. Silas Smith, John Voorheis nfr.
  iii: Margaret Green   13 Jul 1825 -  4 Jul 1913  m.1st: 22 Feb 1844 Ind. Twp. Oc by 
	Rev. Silas Smith, 	John Herwig   d.  1 Jun 1860 42/47yrs 
	(probate Oc intestate 1691) nfr.   
	m. 2nd: Daniel Scadding  b.  1830    d.  2 Jul 1896 nfr.
   iv: Rebecca Green                            *
    v: Daniel Green                             *
   vi: Samuel Green                             *
  vii: John Green                               *
 viii: William Maybury Green     	        *
   ix: Hugh Green             - 19233 Holly   nfr.
    x: Peter Green                              *

1860 pg 301 Ellen has a value of 3000/800 there is a Sarah Demun(d) 12 years old b. Mi. living with her and their last three sons.
1 Daniel s/o Capt. Simon Addis Holly Cent. paper 20 June 1938 article written by Ray E. Addis s/o Peter Ward and Julia C. (Haddon) Addis 20 Apr 1898 - 8 Feb 1968. hereafter referred to as HCP
2 bur. Sec B. lot 57 graves 3-4 Lakeside Cem. Holly, Mi.
3 at home with mother in 1900, he is buried in unmarked grave beside his parents.
Green Family reunion 1926 held in Holly 21 Sep Special to the Daily Press 100 members of the family attended including Samuel Green 95 and his brother William Green 88yrs. The youngest was Betty Winters four weeks old. Officers elected were: Pres. Edd McKinley, Secretary Charles Buzzell, program committee, Stuart Green, Mrs. Hattie Miller, Mrs. Flora Green and Walter Green.

Sunday Held at the Silver Lake Country Club Grove, people attended from Holly, Marlette, Pontiac, Farmington, Waterford, Milford and Drayton Plains. Mrs. Lola Mann of Clarkston elected Pres. Mrs. Eva Belford of Holly vice president; Mrs. Myrtle Green of Pontiac secretary; Cyrenus Green of Pontiac, treasurer and Mrs. Hattie Miller of Waterford, Historian. Committee for recreation for the coming year were the following: Ed McKinley of Holly, John Mann of Clarkston, John Winters of Holly and Stewart Green of Royal Oak. (1928) Another family reunion was held 6 Aug at Waterford but no year. Mentions Mrs. Thelma (Belford) Hemboldt of Flint.


Rebecca4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 3 Nov 1816 d. 29 Jan 1912 Oc
m. 24 Jan 1839 at Pontiac, Abram W.(ood?) s/o John1 and Martha2 (Wood) Linderman (also parents of Mary Ann Linderman w/o William H.H.Osmun Betsey (Osmun) Green's brother) b. 1 Mar 1817 d. 14 Aug 1900 both bur. Drayton Plains Cem.

Abram was in business with his brother in law James Riker, and their business was a profitable one. Though they had no children of their own, they raised three children like their own including one William Calley.

1 John thought to be a s/o John who was s/o Jacob and Cathrina (Macklin) Linderman and who was also brother of Polly (Linderman) Osmun.
2 Martha's parents Abraham and Hetty (Breese) Wood were married 22 Nov 1797 by Rev. Robt. Finley (GMNJ 5:4:April 1930:118m)in Baskingridge, Morris Co. New Jersey.

Morris4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 20 May 1820 TC (c) d. 17 Dec 1902 Waterford 82yrs 6mo 27da Oc
m. ca 1846 pro. Mi. Caroline d/o Nicholas and Ann (Bates) Yorton b. Jan 1830 NY d. 18 Feb 1913 both buried Drayton Plains Cem.

    i: William Green           	  ca 1847 - Mi    		nfr.
   ii: Lora Green                 ca 1853 - Mi.   		nfr.

Ind. Twp. 1860/Waterford Twp.1900 married 53yrs they owned their home and farm. 60/190/8/18 only one child living 1900

Reuben4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 7 Apr 1821/2 TC (c) d. 28 Feb 1894 71yrs 10mo 19/21da Holly pneumonia(Oc 2:137:110) bur 14 Apr 1894? Lakeside cem m. Catherine J. d/o Nicholas and Ann (Bates) Yorton b. 15 Mar 1829 (c) d. 6 Oct 1908 Oc 79yrs 6mo 21da both bur.Lakeside Cem. SecE lot 53

    i: Serepta J. Green                          *
   ii: Samuel J. Green                           *
  iii: Elizabeth Green                           *
   iv: Cornelia Green                            *
    v: Nicholas Green                            *

BRC Abra(ha)m VanSyckle4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 18 Aug 1822 TC d. 23 Apr 1909 Gn
m. ca 1848 Mary Cronkhite b. 2 May 1832 Saratoga Co. New York d. 20 Mar 1904 bur. Bristol Rd. Cem. Flint

    i: Alice Green     5 Mar 1849 -  3 Jun 1864 nfr.
   ii: Armintha Green                            *
  iii: Frances Green                             *
   iv: Grant Green                               *
    v: Addie A. Green                            *   
   vi: Grace Green                               *

BROC Rev. Oliver H.P.4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) BROC 551-3 b. 20 May 1825 Lansing TC (17) d. 8 Jan 1913 87yrs 7mo 18da Independence Twp. Bright's disease (Oc dc 4:29:324)
m. Louisa J. d/o Abel and Ruth (-) Thomas b. 17 Aug 1831 Oh d. 26 May 1881
m. 2nd:ca 1894 Mrs. Mary E. (Foote) Gibbins wd/o John B. Gibbins1 and d/o John and Martha (-) Foote. 1900 Census 3 ch.1 living. b. 7 Oct 1864 d. 24 Jan 1952 all bur. Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy.

Methodist Protestant mininster took studies at Legrange Co. Indiana at age 22yrs, stationed at White Lake, Davisburg, Holly, Pontiac, Richfield Center, Owosso and Corunna. Member of the Methodist Episcopal Conference of Detroit. Went to Linden for one year. Spent four years at Hartland and then retired to his farm. Then accepted a charge in New Jersey for 2 yrs. at Towns-urg.

In 1900 we find him as a farmer living in Holly Twp. on a 61 acre mortgaged farm.

    i: Ruth J. Green      - 5yrs of age nfr.
   ii: Manning E. Green                  *
  iii: Thomas P. Green             	 *
   iv: Rebecca J. Green            	 *  m. Stephen Pool of Ind. Twp. Oc
     	a: Eugene Pool                          
                     twins		nfr.
     	b: Irene Pool                           
     	c: Edwin Pool     		nfr.
     	d: Anna Pool       		nfr.

1 John B. Gibbins b. 6 May 1848 - 13 Jan 1892 bur. Lakeview.
Margaret M. Gibbins b. 4 Nov 1882 Mi. father b. Canada W. and mother Mi. 1900 living with them. 1900 Holly 60/90/3/68

Andrew Jackson4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. Jun 1831 TC lived in Holly twp. OcHazelton Twp. Sh;
m. ca 1869 Elizabeth b. June 1835 Mi. FC 1900 Hazelton Twp. 72/86/12/67

   i: Iva Green                ca 1856 - Holly   	nfr.
  ii: Herbert Green                              	 *
 iii: Mary E. Green            ca 1858 - ibid		nfr.
  iv: Almira Green             ca 1861 - Hazelton twp.	nfr.
   v: Marshall Green           ca 1863 - ibid		nfr.
  vi: Frank Henry Green        ca 1864 - ibid   	 *
 vii: John Green               ca 1871 - ibid		nfr.            

Joshua D.4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1)P&BA pg 700 b. 4 Jan 1836 farmer and lumberman d. 27 Jan 1868 32yrs 23da of dropsy (dc Oc 1:8:149) i: Elmer L. Green * m. 10 Mar 1886 Sarah d/o George W. and Mary (Wycoff) Walter nfr. ii: Oliver H. Green ca 1866 Oc - d. 10 Dec 1917 Pontiac, suicide 51 yrs. (dc 4:237:5293) Sheriff (suicide or murder?)
VR Israel H.4 Green (Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. ca 1841 d. 2 Apr 18811 bur. Evergreen Cem. Portland, Io Sec E207 OS no dc.
m. 31 Dec 1859 Sally pro. d/o Stephen Lingley (mc Ia 1:69) by Pierce G. Cook, J.P. with Stephen Lingley and Matilda Dickson.

     i: Rollin Green				nfr.
    ii: John J. Green				nfr.
   iii: Kittie D. Green     ca 1876 -       	nfr.

FC 1880 10/98/48/20 Portland Twp.
HCP Morris4 Green (John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 3 Feb 1821 Warren Co. N.J. bur. 14 Oct 1915 94yrs Holly Oc sec E lot 129 grave 5 m. 1st: 24 Feb 1842 by Peter D. Voorheis, J.P. Elizabeth, sister of John Landis RA (marriage rec. spelled Lountes?) b. 1821 d. 19 Aug 1850 bur. Sashabaw Plains Oc m. 2nd: Jan 1851 Isabella Sherrick b. 14 Sep 1831 OR bur. 23 May 1918 86yrs Lakeside Cem. Sec E lot 129 grave 6 (dc Oc: 4:277: 1918)

Coming to Michigan as a young man, it was a wilderness full of wild game. They had to draw their wheat to Pontiac where they probably visited relation. With the help of Michael McDonald Morris built a mill race in 1870 by damming up Swartz Creek.

    i: Voorheis Green 	 9 Oct 1843 - d. bur. 16 Aug 1926 82yrs Lakeside Cem. lot 21 Sec B grave 2                             
   ii: Julia(na) Green                             *
  iii: John Green                                  *
   iv: Edwin Green                                 *
    v: Louis Green              8 Mar 1867 -   Oct 1922 unm. 
        Died at the home of brother, John Green   nfr.

HCP Daniel4 Green (John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 8 Jul 1828 Warren Co. N.J. d. 13 Jan 1918 Oc m. Julia A. d/o John and Annie (-)Landis b. 9 Apr 1826 d. 14 Nov 1914 both bur. Lakeview Cem.

     i: Elizabeth A. Green    20 Jul 1849 - 21 Dec 1941
	m. Elijah H. Tompkins both bur. Oakhill Cem. Pontiac. 	nfr.
    ii: Janette E. Green      10 Feb 1851 - 25 Jun 1859 	nfr.
   iii: Franklin Green b.  3 Apr 1852 Holly Twp.
	d. Sunday, 75 Henderson St. Holly, 28 Jan 1934 bur. Lakeview Cem.
	m. 1877 Sarah J. Tompkins				nfr.
    iv: Sophia Green                 1855 -  5 Jun 1952		nfr.
     v: Cyrenius John Green          1864 - 11 Dec 1956
	m. 25 Oct 1888 Li Anna Howser    1869 - 16 Mar 1943 wit: W.P.Green of Int. 
	and Mattie Tompkins of Pontiac (DSGR52: Fall 1988:26) 	nfr.
    vi: Washington P. Green 	m. Mattie (Tompkins?)		nfr.
   vii: Nellie Green             (c) 1867 -		
	m. 20 Oct 1886 Aaron Beardslee 25 of Ind. wit: Washington Green of Ind. 
	and Mattie Tompkins of Pontiac (DSGR 52:1:Fall 1988:25)  both born there.
	All of Pontiac.						nfr.

Samuel4 Green (John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 3 Feb 1832 Warren Co. N.J. d. 29 May 1927 Sec C lot 44 grave 4
m. 14 Oct 1852 Harriet A. Judd b. 8 Feb 1832 Saratoga Co. NY d. 26 Jun 1893 62yrs Sec C lot 44 grave 3

    i: Colista Green       	21 Oct 1853 -  8 Feb 1859 	nfr. 
   ii: Ella E. Green                             		 *
  iii: Euretta Green            13 Sep 1861 -        1950
       m. Albert C. Belford            1850 -        1930 	nfr.

TS John Green4 Jr. (John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 21 Apr 1834 Warren Co. N.J. d. 29 Oct 1885 Waterford Twp. Oc m. 25 Dec 1856 Elizabeth3 d/o Israel2 & Fanny (Staples) Osmun (mc OC E:213). b. 5 Oct 1836 Clintonville, Oc (obit) d. 21 Jul 1911 at her dau. home Lizzie Winters of Rose twp. m. 2nd: 29 Mar 1894 Sh by David Joslin of Holly, Rev. Robert C. s/o Edward Lanning and wdr/o Clarissa Phillips who had died ? (mc Sh 1971) He was 73yrs Wit: E. Osborn and Fanny Beebe. d. 21 Mar 1902 Holly

FC 1900 said she was a rag carpet maker. Member Holly M.E. Church. Mother of 8 children with only 4 living.

        i: Evvah Green      	14 Dec 1858 - 29 May 1892 unm 33 yrs         
       ii: William John Green                    *
      iii: Hettie Green                          *
       iv: Elizabeth Green                       *

HCP William Maybury4 Green (John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 1837 Oc Mi. (c) d. bur. 23 Nov 1933 lot 57 Sec B 95yrs
m. Carolin(e?) A. Miller b. 1841 Plymouth, Mi. d. Aug 1925

Wm. Green, Holly's oldest resident was buried at Lakeside Cem. 95yrs old Thursday afternoon following funeral services at the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Green died Tuesday, at the home of his dau. Mrs. Grace Merrick in Ann Arbor.

For years Mr. Green was in the ice business here. He also was a gardener and nursery man and planted the row of maples on Maple Ave. which led to the naming of the street. He had been a resident of Holly for 75yrs. In addition to the dau., a son Herbert of Chicago, survives him.

Tree planted honored: Holly. An unassuming citizen who never held public office acclaim is to be honored as one of Holl's most valuable citizens with a bronze plaque to beplaced in Crapo park. He was William Green, a devoted lover of trees, who set out many of the trees which now shade the village street. He was particularly responsible for the two rows of maples on Maple St. The tablet will be unveiled at the Holly - Detroit picnic in the park next year.

     i: M. Grace Green	m. 12 Dec --Prof. Howard B. Merrick1 	nfr.
    ii: Herbert J. Green					nfr.

1 Prof. Howard B. Merrick,55, a member of the university faculty for 23 years died here Tuesday. Prof. Merrick graduated from the engineering college here in 1898, returning to the university in 1903 as instructor in surveying.

In 1918 he went to China as engineer for the Grand Canal improvement board of the Chinese government and following this work he became head of the department of survey of the Chihli River commission engaged in flood protection for the big province of the Northern China.

In this work, he had under him a staff of 90 graduate engineers and the sucess of the project earned him a decoration by the Chinese government. (AP Ann Arbor Dec 15 1926?)

Peter4 Green (John3, Morris2, Richard1) P&BROc pg 782 b. 9 Aug 1842-8 Mi FC 1900 d. 1908 m. 8 Oct 1880 Emma d/o George Netting of Detroit b. 1860 (notes read Oct 1859) d. 1900 (notes read 10 Jul 1899) Constable of Independence Twp. 6yrs and marshall of Clarkston for 5 yrs. i: Lella M. Green 17 Jan 1884 - nfr.

HCP Serepta J.5 Green (Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. May 1848 - m. 1st: Levall Evarts m. 2nd: --- Fischer divorced by June 1900

    i:  Nellie Evarts				*

HCP Samuel J.5 Green (Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 17 Sep 1849 d. 9 Jun 1910 Perry, Sc m. Emma Jane Randel Smith b. 29 Jul 1858 d. 23 Jan 1911 both bur. Lakeside Cem. Holly, Oc Mi.

Lived on a farm near the lake just northeast of Newark, now owned by the Hartz Brothers, where their sons Reuben R. and William J. Green both were born. Soon after they bought a farm two and half miles north of Holly, lived there until his health failed son before his death.

     i: Reuben R. Green                        *
    ii: William J. Green                       *

HCP Elizabeth5 Green (Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 1853 d. 1912
m.1st: Elic Crawford
m.2nd: Milo Wiley

     i: Jennie Crawford                           		nfr.  
	m. 1904 Frank Werkisser of Flint                  	nfr.  
	m. 2nd: Mr. Mexamon and lived in Detroit 1938		nfr.
    ii: Thomas Crawford lived in Greenville, Mc			nfr.

HCP Cornelia5 Green (Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. Mar 1860 Holly Twp. twin of Nicholas
m. Isadore Liettle (Tuttle?)

They lived on part of the Green farm in Holly all their lives.

     i: Verna Tuttle                  	  -  25 Dec 1937
	m. Albert Picket 
	m. 2nd: Edward Depew
	a: Bernice Picket           		nfr.
     	b: Paul Picket                   	nfr.
     	c: Beatrice Picket			nfr.
    ii: Lyle Tuttle                              
	m. Mary Eili   Lived in Flint for a number of years and 1938 lived 
	on a farm north and east of Holly.
	a: Virginia Tuttle                   	nfr.
     	b: Evaline Tuttle            		nfr.
     	c: Joan Tuttle                 		nfr.

HCP Nicholas J.5 Green (Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. Mar 1860 Holly Twp. Oc 1900 FC Detroit Area m. ca 1888 Catharine M. Moody b. May 1860 pro. Oc

     i: Claude Green  			  nfr.
    ii: Lloyd Green           Jul 1889 -  nfr.
   iii: Sherman Green         Feb 1895 -  nfr.
    iv: Abraham Green         Oct 1898 -  nfr.

BRC Frances M.5 Green (Abram V.4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 1 Apr 1851 Holly Twp. Oc d. 25 Dec 1939 88yrs m. Horace L. s/o Horace L. and Rachel (Cole) Donelson b. 11 Apr 1851 d. 1 Mar 1915 both Bristol Road Cem.Flint, Mi.

    i: Eva Donelson     5 Jul 1875 -  2 Sep 1877	nfr.
   ii: Lena Donelson     m. Charles Short	nfr.
  iii: Floyd Donelson                   	nfr.
	m. lst: Willa Buzzell			nfr.
	m. 2nd: Donna Williams         		nfr.
   iv: Willard Donelson  m. Ida Simpson of Flushing 	nfr.         

BRC Armintha, called Armenty5 Green (Abram V.4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 1854 Holly Twp.Oc d. 22 May 1934 80yrs obit m. lst: Leroy Bristol m. 2nd: Thomas Beards b. 23 Dec 1852 d. 20 Sep 1919 both bur. Bristol Road Cem. Flint, Mi

        i: Lillian Bristol 	
	m. 1st: James Hetherton			nfr.
	m. 2nd: as his 2nd wf: Floyd Scofield	nfr.

BROC Manning E.5 Green (Oliver H.P.4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. Jul 1856 Mi. d. 17 Jan 1942 86yrs no ts.
m. 11 Oct 1881 Sc Isabelle (Maria Morley?) parents b. Mi & N.Y. b. Dec 1867 NY

    i: Anna Green                         	nfr.

FC A farmer in 1900 Springfield Twp. Oc 60/107/4/62 he mortgaged a 63 acre farm. Couldn't find him as an Attorney, Detroit in 1900

Thomas P.5 Green (Oliver H. P.4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. ca 1858 Mi. pro. Holly Twp. Oc m. 2 Nov 1881 Chloe4 d/o Abijah3 and Elizabeth (Newman) Osmun (mc 1:300) they lived in Holly 1903 (of Pontiac mothers' death; Canada father's death. (obits Fenton Newspapers)

    i: Arthur W. Green 			nfr.

Frank Henry5 Green (A.J.4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. May 1867 Mi.(ca 1864?) 1900 brother Wm. living with them. m. 21 Nov 1883 Sc Augusta Maybelle Nelson b. Aug 1870 Mi.

    i: Wilbur Green              Jul 1890 - 		nfr.
   ii: Lillie M. Green           Mar 1893 -		nfr.
  iii: Blanche W. Green          Nov 1894 -	    	nfr.

Elmer L.3 Green (Joshua D.2, Samuel1) b. 20 May 1862
m. 1882 Sarah C. d/o George W. and Mary (Wycoff) Walter

By the age of 30, he owned 320 acres farmed and engaged in lumber business with brother Oliver until 1891. Democrat, delegate to county conventions, member Board of Review, and Knights of the Maccabees.

     i: Jenny I. Green 			nfr.
    ii: Jay I. Green               	nfr.
   iii: George W. Green 		nfr.

WBH Julia(na)5 Green (Morris4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 13 Aug 1846 d. 1922 Holly
m. James s/o Hugh and Flora (Maxwell) Belford b. 1842 d. 1920 both bur. Lakeside Cem. Holly.

    i: Morris Belford                           nfr.
	m. Eva Austin                 		nfr.
    		a: Thelma Belford       	nfr.
	m. Lawrence Hemboldt    -   1975 d.s.p. nfr. 
     		b: Wilma Belford        	 *
   ii: Nellie Belford         18 Apr 1870 -   1928 Monday at home
	on Maples St. of pneumonia  bur. at Lakeside Cem. obit HGS
	m. 22 Oct 1898 William H. Meacham lived for a time in Newark, moved 
	back to village of Holly.
		a: Willva Meacham	m. John Philip Boyce of Ann Arbor.   		

HCP John5 Green (Morris4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 27 Dec 1851 d. bur. 14 Apr 1939 87yrs Sec E lot 129 grave 2
m. Flora Elizabeth d/o Andrew and Jennie (McQuire) Martin d. bur. 18 Feb 1928 pneumonia Sec 3 lot 129 grave 3

As a boy he shot a 21# tom turkey. An avid hunter of some renown, his recollection to Ray were of days of wild pigeons. He said they made their nest in low bushes and of small twigs and they reminded him of our mourning doves.

    i: Millard Martin Green	20 Nov 1881 - 20 Mar 1928 
	M. Mary Elizabeth Horton of Clyde               	nfr.
		a: Maxine Green 	m. --Beardsley  of Springfield Twp.
  		b: Vivian. Green				nfr.
   ii: Marion J. Green                 1888 -        1983
	m. --- Bruce                                      	nfr.
  iii: T. Arthur Green res Detroit 1938. A CPA who was married had two daus.   nfr.

HCP Edwin5 Green (Morris4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 28 Oct 1856 Holly twp d. 28 bur. 30 Nov 1926 70yrs Sec D lot 125 grave 7
m. Ida E. d/o Charles Tiffany b. 21 May 1865 d. 13 Mar 1942 76yrs both bur lot 125 Lakeside Cem. Holly

    i: Betsey Hope Green       m. Edmund McKinley
        a: Wessel McKinley of Pa.				nfr.
        b: Maurine J. McKinley m. ca Jun 1938 Norman T. Wilson  
   ii: Adah Green                  1887 - 1898    		nfr.
  iii: Hazel Charity Green     m. William Kiley of Fenton      
        a: Dorothy Kiley                          		nfr.
        b: Everett Kiley both of Fenton Jun 1938  		nfr.

HCP Ella E.5 Green (Samuel4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 19 Feb 1855/6 d. 1946
m. Jun 1877 Charles Buzzell b. 12 May 1852 Atlas Twp. Gn d. 1942 both bur. Lakeside Cem. Holly, Mi.

Teacher, cornetist, band director and farmer. Came to Holly Twp. at age 18 and taught at Willover School. Married almost 61yrs. Ray E. Addis quoted him in the Cent. Ann.issue of the Holly Press as saying " The cows went dry and I decided it was a good thing. I have been milking so long I am tired of it."

    i: Euretta E. Buzzell 		nfr.
   ii: Ben Buzzell        		nfr.

William John5 Green (John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 4 Oct 1860 Independence Twp. Oc d. 11 Jan 1905 Waterford m. 1 Jan 1884 Mary A. d/o (Origen?)Danford and Mary (Quigley) Richardson b. 19 Jun 1864 W. Bloomfield d. 30 Apr bur. 1 May 1926 1:30 P.M. Clarkston leaves 7 children both bur. Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy. (obit. FC 1900 60/110/4/87)

    i: Hattie E. Green         Nov 1884 - 
	m. John T. Miller 				nfr.     
   ii: John D. Green           Oct 1888 -         	nfr.
  iii: Ira Jacob Green      13 Jun 1890 - 
	m. Esther June Stewart				nfr.
   iv: Gertrude E. Green       Sep 1893 - 
	m. Floyd Barkham                   		nfr.
    v: Elizabeth M. Green                         	 *
   vi: William M. Green        Jan 1897 -		nfr.
  vii: Clark J. Green          Apr 1899 -         	nfr.

TS Hettie5 Green (John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 11 Oct 1869 Clarkston Oc d. 11 Jul 1950 Lamotte Twp. Sanilac Co. Mi.
m. 18 Mar 1893 in Pontiac, George Lount s/o Moses Spear b. 11 Mar 1850 Pontiac d. 11 Jan 1937 Lamotte Sanilac Co. Mi. Tuesday 4 AM at home 6 miles North and mile East of village Jeffersonian Democrat both bur. Marlette Cem.

"When I was just a boy, my father and I would go to Marlette to see Uncle Leo. At the time I don't think I quite understood that he was my granfather's brother. I still refer to it as Uncle Leo's, but whenever I sit and list to my dad's cousins they always call it "grandma's house." They have such fond memories of going there to see Grandma Hettie and to play in the barn and ride the horses. To them grandma made the best pies and cookies they ever had.

I can still picture Uncle Leo sitting in his chair, in that seven bedroom farmhouse, by an old wood burning stove that was his only source of heat. As a child, none of this seemed out of the ordinary, even though the calendar would eventually read 1978, this place seemed to be frozen in time.

Leo's grandfather, Moses Gardner Spear, had originally purchased the property in 1848, from his wife's brother, Seth Lount, who had received the land for military service. And it was here that Moses' son, George Lount Spear, would build his home and bring his young bride, Hettie Green, from his native city of Pontiac. All eight of their children would be born here, and it would be one of the finest farms in Lamotte Township, with its front yard beautifully adorned with flowers. The house and barn are now gone, but the memories still linger on." Ted Spear

    i: Irl Spear                                   *
   ii: Ray Spear                                   *
  iii: Glen Spear           	17 Aug 1899 - 25 Mar 1965 nm. nfr.  
   iv: Leo Spear            	 9 Jan 1902 -  1 Jul 1978 nm. nfr.
    v: Dor Spear                                   *                  
   vi: Florence Spear           7 Sep 1905 - 8 Mar 1920 14yrs6mo1da 
	  of influenza followed by heart trouble obit         nfr.
  vii: Bud Samuel Spear 	26 Apr 1907 - 20 Dec 1944   
	Bastogne,Belguim, 101st Airborne Co. G., Glider Inf.WW11 nm.nfr.    
viii: Seth Spear                                   *

Pallbearers were: Arthur and Lloyd Spear of Kingston, Keith, Eugene & Dale Spear of Shields, Mi. and Nelson Spear of Saginaw for Hettie Green Spear Rev. Leo Griffin officiated.

HGS Elizabeth5 Green (John4-3,Morris2, Richard1) b. 17 May 1871 d. 3 May 1944 73yrs 9:30 AM Buckhorn Lake Rd of a heart attack.
m. lst: George H. Winters b. 19 Jul 1865 d. 27 Oct 1903
m. 2nd: John Lieber

    i: Frank Winters1          7 Dec 1889 - 11 Jan 1929
	m. Cecile ---                                   nfr.
   ii: John R. Winters                            	 *
  iii: Guy Winters                                	nfr.

1 he left only widow and 2 brothers John and Guy of Farmington

HGS Herbert J.5 Green (Wm. M.4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 9 May 1864 d. 3 Apr 1959
m. Jennie A. d/o William and Martha (-) Gracey b. 1876 d. Jun 1920 both bur. Lakeside Cem. Holly

     i: Howard W. Green                           	nfr.
    ii: Harold Green 					nfr.
   iii: Herberta Margaret Green 			nfr.


HCP Reuben R.6 Green (Samuel J.5, Reuben4, Sanuel3, Morris2, Richard1)
m. 1901 Emma Picket of S. Grand Blanc

Supt. of the Holly School for a number of years and connected with the Vocational schools in Grand Rapids.

     i: Morris Green 	m. 1929 Henrietta Boswell of Grand Rapids  		
	a: Sally Green 			nfr.
    ii: Woodbridge Green1               nfr.      
   iii: Donald Green 			nfr.
    iv: Harold Green 			nfr.

1 three other boys born Holly except Woodbridge born in Perry Sh.

HCP William J.6 Green (Samuel J.5, Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 9 Sep 1879 m. 1902 Gwendolyn M. White of Clio

     i: Norma H. Green 	 	       1904 - Mt. Morris, Gn 
	m. 1930 Merl H.  Cowan of Oxford, Mi. Living Grand Rapids 
		a: William H. Cowan 	b. 1934 - nfr.

HCP Nellie6 Evarts (Serepta J.5, Reuben4, Samuel3, Morris2, Richard1) d. 1936
m. 1885 John Smith d. 1933

  i: Bertha Smith 
	m. 1st: 1909 Fred Wortman d.      1919
	m. 2nd: 1931 Harry Finch  living in Holly 1938 
    		a: Glennis Wortman	
	m. 1930 Clyde Hemstead son Hilton Hemstead  		nfr.
		b: Donald Wortman				nfr.
    		c: Raymond Wortman                    		nfr.      
 ii: Glen Smith      
	m. Ida Cox from East Pointe, Ga. 
		a: Annie Nell Smith 				nfr.

JP Elizabeth Mae6 Green (Wm. J.5, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 24 Mar 1895 Waterford, Oc d. 15 Nov 1962 White Lake Twp. Oc. m. 18 Sep 1912 Roy Charles4 s/o Jesse A.3 and Alma (Vradenburg) Skarritt (Richard J.2, Richard1 and Catharine (Doherty) Skarritt) b. 5 Aug 1885 Northville, Mi. d. 1 Aug 1962 White Lake Twp. Oc.

     i: Roy Charles Skarritt (Jr.)       - 30 Jan 1996 
		m. Dorothy Hutchinson					nfr.
		a: Carol Skarritt 	m. Ralph Hamp	   		nfr.
  		b: Connie Skarritt      m. Noel McConchie 		nfr.
       		c: Charlotte Skarritt 	m. Cecil Pinder   		nfr. 
    ii: William Dwayne Skarritt     - suicide by gun shot 		nfr.
	m. Lillian (-) Henderson					nfr.
		a: Cindy Skarritt					nfr.
    ii: Mary Lou Skarritt                    				 *

TS Irl6 Spear (Hettie Green, John, Morris, Richard) Hettie5 Green, Elizabeth Osmun, Israel, John)
b. 7 May 1894 d. 17 Dec 1972 Lapeer, Mi.
m. 17 Oct 1917 Sandusky, Mi. by Rev. D.D. Nagle, Etta Irene d/o Charles William and Mary Ann (Baker) Arthur
b. 28 May 1898 Marlette Twp. at her father's home on Decker Road
d. 26 Sep 1958 Marlette Hosp. both bur. Kingston Cem. Kingston, Tu

     i: Arthur John Spear                         *
    ii: Florence M. Spear     21 Jan 1921 - 24 Feb 1921 dy.nfr.
   iii: Leola Irene Spear                         *
    iv: Ruth Evelyn Spear      5 Apr 1926 -  9 Dec 1926 dy.nfr.
     v: Lloyd Irl Spear                           *
    vi: Marie Ruth Spear      22 Jun 1932 - 26 Dec 1932 dy.nfr.
   vii: Erma Mae Spear                            *
  viii: George Lount Spear                        *

TS Ray6 Spear (Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 23 Jun 1897 d. 19 Nov 1971 Saginaw, Mi.
m. 14 Jun 1922 Marlette, Mi. Elizabeth d/o Edwin J. and Ida Mae (Collins) Metzer b. 27 Apr 1904 Marlette, Mi. d. 30 Mar 1981 Saginaw, Mi.

     i: Donna Spear	      26 Mar 1922 -			nfr.
    ii: Nelson Ray Spear      13 Apr 1925 -			nfr.
   iii: Keith George Spear    25 Sep 1926 -			nfr.
    iv: Eugene Lyle Spear     10 May 1928 -			nfr.
     v: Wayne Dale Spear      25 Dec 1931 -			nfr.

TS Dor King6 Spear (Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 20 Nov 1903 d. 1 Apr 1974 Saginaw, Mi.
m. 29 May 1929 Beulah Leah Russell b. 1909 still living 1997

     i: Doris Mae Spear	      27 Oct 1931 -			nfr.
    ii: Joyce Marion Spear    30 Mar 1933 -			nfr.
   iii: Gary George Spear     23 Feb 1936 -			nfr.
    iv: Robert Russell Spear  13 Nov 1938 -			nfr.
     v: David Bud Spear       20 Jul 1945 -			nfr.

TS Seth6 Spear (Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 12 Feb 1910 d. 19 Jun 1990 at his home in Flint Twp. Gn.
m. 12 Jan 1935 Ila Katy d/o Jake Barrons of Wilmot, Mi b. 1915 Still living

     i: Richard Dale Spear     2 Mar 1936 -       	nfr.
    ii: Kay Florence Spear    20 Sep 1939 -		nfr.
   iii: Judy Ann Spear        17 Nov 1943 -		nfr.

HGS John R.6 Winters (Elizabeth5 Green, John 4-3 , Morris 2, Richard 1) b. 19 Jan 1895 d. 22 Nov 1962
m. May 19-- N. Rose (twp?)by Rev. F. A. Burnett, Iva Marie d/o Martin W. Cross (wedding announcement)
m. 2nd: Edna E. d/o Kent and Bridgette (McCarthy) Collins b. 9 Mar 1892 Illinois d. 23 Nov 1978

     i: Joy Winters		   m. --- Stevens		nfr.       
    ii: Virginia Elizabeth Winters m. 8 Jun 1945? Lyle Cobert   nfr.
   iii: Arlene Winters             m. Earl Helvie		nfr.
    iv: Walter Winters                         			nfr.

HGS Howard W.6 Green (Herbert J.5, Wm. M.4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 30 Oct 1900 d. 21 Mar 1986
bur. Sunset Hills, Flushing, Gn (obit. FJ 23 Mar 1986 col 4) nfr.
m. pro. 2nd: 27 Sep 1958 Ida Kern

	i: Herbert H. Green of Grand Blanc, Mi. (1986)
	m. Annette -- 								
		a: Herbert H. Green 2nd 		nfr.
     		b: Matthew J. Green 			nfr.


WBH Wilma7 Belford (Morris6 Belford, Julia5 Green, Morris4, John3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 17 Jul 1900 Holly twp. d. Crestmont Nursing Care Center Holly, Mi. Tuesday 15 Oct 19961 96yrs. 1 obit FJ 17 Oct 1996
m. Lester Hemboldt d. 1 Nov 1972 both bur. Crestwood Cem.

Many years ago we went to look for Aunt Fanny (Osmun) Traphagen's farm. There was a man in the barn across from the house and said, "If you would like to know about the farm, go up to the first house on your right and talk to the woman there as she use to own this farm." My husband sat in the car for four hours while we talked of old family. When I returned to the car I was sure Wilma and I were related. A few months later we returned to her home to ask her about the Traphagen Cem. that had been moved when she was a child. She told of Uncle Abijah Osmun giving the children in the neighborhood, rides on the sleigh. And of the removal of a glass coffin with the body of an uncle, whose name escapes me now. How the coffin was disinterred, and the air hit the glass, the body just crumbled to dust.

She and her husband had built this new home north of the old farm. She had lost her husband and her only child. Her son in law Harold Lawrence came as we were leaving.

Farmers, and life member of Fenton Lakes Sportsman Club. A personal friend and one lovely woman, she lived in the nursing home, blinded from glaucoma and with only grandchildren left to mourn her.

i: Glenna June Hemboldt, their only child. b. 15 Feb 1926 Holly Twp. Oc d. 1 Jul 1974 48yrs (obit FJ 2 Jul 1974 D:4:col 3) m. Harold s/o John and Olive (Frick) Lawrence b. 20 Apr 1924 Ortonville, Mi d. 30 Jan 1992 of an aneurysm (died in bed Thurs. 2134 Addis Rd.) both bur. Crestwood Memorial Gardens.(FJ 1 Feb 1992:C:4:Col 1.)

	a: Lester Harold Lawrence m. Jill - lives Davison, Mi.	nfr.       
	b: Lewis Kirk Lawrence	m. Laurie -lives  Duxbury, Mass.       
	c: Lynn Craig Lawrence	m. Sue -- lives Holly, Mi  	nfr.       
	d: Lorabel L. Lawrence	m. Ron Koen of Holly, Mi.	nfr.  
	e: Lee Ann Lawrence 	m. Jeff West of Holly, Mi.	nfr.        
	f: Lanny Rae Lawrence         - 1958 		 	nfr.

JP Mary Lou7 Skarritt (Elizabeth M.,6 Green, Wm. J.5, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 14 Jan 1927 White Lake, Milford Twp. Oc
m. 3 Oct 1947 Milford, Gerald Edward s/o Clifford E. and Myrtle M. (Rammell) Powell WWII Army Veteran b. 26 Dec 1922 Linden, Gn.
m. 1st: Pauline Lockwood div.

     i: Steven Edward Powell	14 Dec 1948 - White Lake, Mi
	m. 17 Jan 1970 Milford Pres. Ch. Sharon Ann 
	d/o Nelson Monta and Kathleen Marion(Siddall) Ryan 23 Oct 1950 -	nfr.
          a: Ryan Edward Powell			14 Mar 1974- Holly
          b: Stephanie Ann Powell		16 Dec 1976 - ibid
    ii: Clark Alan Powell	25 Jul 1952 - ibid
	m. 1st: Mar 1971 Union Lake, Nora 
	d/o Thomas and Pearl (Foley)  Francis	  14 Sep 1952 -        		nfr.
	m. 2nd: 12 Oct 1985 Holly, Judy Lynne 
	d/o Billy B. and Betty (Horback) Brazel 	 6 Jun 1964 -
          a: Clark Warren Powell			26 Feb 1986 - Pontiac.
	m. 3rd: Renee --- 							nfr.
   iii: Rebecca Sue Powell	28 Nov 1958 - ibid
	m. 12 Apr 1986 Fenton, Mi. Randall William 
	s/o Wilfred and Margaret Leone (Hart) Guertin 	30 Mar 1956 - div.			  
	a: Jeffery Scott Guertin 		15 Nov 1989 Linden nfr
    iv: Annette Diane Powell	19 Dec 1960 - ibid
	m. 1st: 30 Jun 1984 Tyrone Twp. Li Timothy P.
	s/o Brian and Joanne (0rchutt) Porter 	17 Mar 1956 Flint	div. 	nfr.
	m. 2nd:    Sep 1995 Mackinac Island, Tom Lockwood 			nfr.

TS Arthur John7 Spear (Irl6 Spear, Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 17 Nov 1918 Sn still living
m. 10 Feb 1951 Hazel Jean d/o Oscar and Katherine (Hill) Stimson b. 8 Jan 1923 d. 20 Jan 1990

     i: Marjorie Spear       30 Jun 1951 -				nfr.
    ii: Loretta Spear        24 May 1952 -				nfr.
   iii: Ruth Spear            4 Mar 1954 -				nfr.
    iv: Ralph Spear	     18 Apr 1956 - 				nfr.
     v: Irene Spear	      2 Apr 1960 -				nfr.
    vi: Harold Spear	      6 Apr 1961 -				nfr.

TS Leola Irene7 Spear (Irl6 Spear, Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 13 Aug 1922 Tu d. 21 Jul 1981 Overland Park, Kansas b. 28 Oct 1949 James Ewen Necessary d. 22 May 1980 Overland Park, Kansas

     i: Michael James Necessary    6 Mar 1952 -			nfr.
    ii: Janet Lee Necessary	  16 Mar 1954 -			nfr.

TS Lloyd Irl7 Spear (Irl6 Spear, Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 12 Dec 1930 Tu still living
m. 1st: 22 Sep 1951 An Anna Leona Halladay
m. 2nd: 4 Jun 1984 Oa Phyllis Clark b. 4 Mar 1936 Pike Co. Kentucky still living

     i: Susan Deanna Spear     6 Mar 1953 -				nfr.
    ii: Donald Lloyd Spear    22 Jun 1954 -				nfr.
   iii: Alan Clyde Spear      14 Apr 1958 -				nfr.

TS Erma Mae7 Spear (Irl Spear6, Hettie5 Green, John4-3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 18 Nov 1933 Tu still living
m. 30 Jun 1955 Duane Dee s/o Robert and Erma (Clohs) Morse b. 30 Nov 1923 still living

     i: Linda Morse		19 May 1956 -				nfr.
    ii: Brenda Morse		24 Jan 1960 -				nfr.
   iii: Karen Morse		15 Aug 1961 -				nfr.
    iv: Richard Duane Morse      4 Aug 1963 -				nfr.
     v: Connie Mae Morse	19 Mar 1965 -				nfr.
    vi: Patricia Morse	        13 Jul 1966 -				nfr.
   vii: Christopher Irl Morse    4 Aug 1972 -				nfr.

TS George Lount7 Spear (Irl6, Hettie5 Green, John 4- 3, Morris2, Richard1) b. 4 Jun 1937 Kingston,Mi m. 8 Jun 1962 First Free Methodist Ch. Pontiac Twp. Oc, Kaedonna Louise d/o Cecil George and Beulah Mae (Lockwood) Cooper b. 31 Oct 1941 Pontiac Oc.

     i: Theodore Daniel Spear 10 Nov 19631 -				nfr.  
    ii: Lorraine Etta Spear   19 Feb 19691  -				nfr. 
   iii: Angela Marie Spear    10 May 19711 -				nfr.

1 all born Owosso Memorial Hosp. Owosso, Mi.

End of the Green Families

Peter3 s/o Daniel2 and Margaret (VanDyke)(Capt. Simon1) Addis
b. 22 Apr 1811 d. 22 Aug 1879 68yrs 4mo 0da
m. Mary A. (Dietz) b. 11 May 1815 d. 22 Jan 1887 both bur. Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy.

i: Ephraim Addis 19 May 1836 Great Meadows, N.J.
m. Jane Petty at Clarkston Mi. nfr.
ii: William Addis nfr.
iii: Daniel Addis 1840 Mi. nfr.
iv: Nelson Addis 1846 Mi nfr.
v: John Addis nfr.
vi: Arvilla Addis 1850 Mi. nfr.
vii: George Washington Addis Feb 1855 Mi. - 1915 Suicide nfr.
m. 16 Apr 1876 Effie d/o William and Catharine (Beardslee) Osmun
(mc Oc 1:176) Sep 1859 - 22 Jul 1945
both bur. Lakeview Cem. Dixie Hwy. nfr.

Effie said in FC 1900 she had no children. But there is a Helen C. Addis 1887 - 13 Nov 1907 bur. with them?
Maryett Phillips with Peter and family 14 b. Mi. 1860 Holly pg 320

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