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Descendants of Ichabod Stafford PAGE


1. ICHABOD STAFFORD2 PAGE (1)1,2,3,4,5 was born about 1804 in Canada5, and died Aft. 18605. He married AMANDA F. GREEN6,7,8,9 September 12, 1830 in Horseheads, New York10,11,12, daughter of GREEN and . She was born February 02, 1810 in "York State"13,14,15, and died May 08, 1883 in Sanilac County, Michigan16,17,18,19,20.

Notes for ICHABOD STAFFORD PAGE: Ichabod Stafford PAGE, born about 1804 in Canada according to census data. He may have used his middle name, Stafford, rather than his first name as his son Truman’s death record lists his father as “Stafford Page”. Given the traffic back and forth between Canada and New York, without more information, it is not possible to determine whether his parents were Canadian or whether they were Americans visiting or temporarily living in Canada. Many Pages from Connecticut were in Canada at this time. There were also a few Page families who emigrated from Canada to New York in this period. Ichabod married Amanda F. GREEN, born 1810 in NY, in 1830 in Elmira, NY - in Horseheads per the Elmira Gazette. Ichabod was a shoemaker and sometime farmer. Ichabod and Amanda had at least 5 children, Hannah Maria, born 10/19/1834, Aaron S., born 7/14/1883, Truman S., born 6/09/1842, John C., born about 1846, and Charles B., born about 1849. These are the children shown in the 1850 census data. Hannah married James ROGGERS, Jr., about 1850. Truman married Mariah KERR in 1869. (Maria was the daughter of John KERR of PA and Sarah GREEN, a daughter of Cyril Green and a sister of Silas Green. This GREEN Family lived Cazenovia area in the very early 1800s but moved to PA.) Aaron apparently never married. No information, other than the single census record, has been found about either John or Charles.

In 1830, Ichabod and Amanda were married by P.D. Gillett in Horseheads, NY.
In 1840: The Ichabod PAGE family lived in Madison County in Nelson (per Page 35 of the 1840 Federal Census data). In the census index, he is erroneously listed as “Ichabod Pagen”
In 1850: The Ichabod PAGE family (including Hannah and her new husband) appear in census data, page 116b, in Madison County in Fenner. They are living near Erastus PAGE, whose wife Barbry was the sister of James ROGGERS, Sr. (aka Rogers), and Martin ROGGERS.
In 1860, Ichabod and Truman are living with Hannah CHASE, age 79, in Nelson (per Page 45 of the census data). Hannah is the widow of Nathaniel CHASE. She appears to have been his second wife, married to him between 1830 and 1840. I have wondered whether she was married before and whether she was Ichabod's mother. (There is a Hannah Stafford, daughter of Ichabod Stafford and Humility Green sister of Cyril Green. Hannah's brothers were Aaron, Truman and Welcome; her sister was Mary. This family was originally from RI but moved to Waterville, NY in the late 1700s and most of the children were born there. Perhaps this is Hannah. The naming pattern of the Page children and the Stafford children seems to be too close to be mere coincidence.)

By 1860, Aaron is in PA in Crawford County and the young Roggers have departed. The latter apparently live briefly in Missouri and finally end up in Illinois. Hannah Mariah Roggers divorced James and later married Orrin Lansing, a widower and Civil War veteran, also originally from the Cazenovia, NY, area.

By 1870, Aaron had joined the Roggers family in Illinois. Truman had moved to Crawford County, PA, had married Maria Kerr, and subsequently had moved to Sanilac County, Michigan. Sometime between 1880 and 1900, the family began to use the spelling “Paige”.

By 1870, Amanda had also joined the Roggers in Illinois and is listed as a widow in the census. She was still living with them in 1880. She died in Michigan in 1883 and is buried in a Paige Family plot in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Aaron and Hannah remain in Illinois until their respective deaths.

Where are Ichabod and Amanda between 1860 and 1870? Where are John and Charles after 1850?

I have not found on-line any other birth, death, marriage, baptismal, tax, probate, or other records that will help me piece the ancestry of the Page/Paige Family together. I know the family was Protestant. Amanda was likely a Baptist given who married her and Ichabod. The Truman Page family were practicing Methodists in Michigan and are buried in a cemetery that was once attached to Mt. Zion Methodist-Episcopal Church.

Note: Living in Smyrna, Madison CO, NY, in 1820 is the “Ichabod Page”. This particular Ichabod was part of the extensive Page family of New Haven, CT, according to Page Family researchers. This Ichabod is older and his wife is too old to have a child under 5. There is one male under age 5 living in the home and two females besides Ichabod’s wife (one over 25 and one under 25). It is known that Ichabod Stafford of nearby Waterville had two daughters, one of whom married a Page and was widowed early. Ichabod Stafford’s son , Truman, also lived in Cazenovia during this period.

Occupation: Shoemaker 21,22
Residence: 1840 Nelson, Madison CO, NY
1850: Fenner, Madison CO, NY 23,24,25
1860: Nelson, Madison CO, NY

Notes for AMANDA F. GREEN:
It is worth exploring a possible connection between Amanda Green and the Greens of RI given the close connections throughout their lives between various members of the Green line, the Kerrs, and the Pages. It is also possible that she is Cyril and Polly Green’s daughter on census records who is no where identified by name. In the 1880 census, Amanda identifies her mother as having been born in Vermont and her father as having been born in Rhode Island. This is how Polly and Cyril Green identify their birthplaces and how the other children of the Greene’s identify their parents in census records. Amanda’s death record does not identify her parents.

More about AMANDA F. GREEN:
Burial: 1883, Mount Zion Cemetery, Bridgehampton TWP, Sanilac CO, Michigan 26,27,28
Religion: 1830, Probably Baptist (given officiator at wedding) 28
Residence: 1870 and 1880, With Hannah and her family in Illinois 28

Children of ICHABOD PAGE and AMANDA GREEN are:

2.   i. HANNAH MARIA 3 PAGE, b. October 19, 1834, New York, probably Madison County; d. November 05, 1923, Jacksonville, Morgan CO, Illinois.

    ii. AARON S. PAGE 29,30, b. July 14, 1838, Cazenovia, Madison CO, New York 31,32,33; d. July 14, 1883, Jacksonville, Morgan CO, Illinois 34,35,36.

Notes for AARON S. PAGE:
An Aaron Page of the right age appears in the Crawford County, PA, census in 1860 in Troy Township. He is living with the Joseph Breed family including Catherine Peek Green Breed, Orin Green's widow. By 1870, he is living with his sister Mariah in Illinois. He never appears as a householder in a census so it is likely that he never married. According to a family history compiled by John Rogers, he died in Illinois in 1883. He appears in no census after the 1880 census. He was a Civil War veteran who was wounded and later discharged. He does not appear to have collected a pension.

More about AARON S. PAGE:
Occupation: 1870, Farm Hand 37,38
Residence: 1870 and 1880, living with Hannah Maria Rogers and her family 39,40

3.   iii. TRUMAN S. PAIGE, b. June 09, 1842, New York; d. September 02, 1904, Sanilac County, Michigan.
    iv. JOHN C. PAGE 41,42, b. About 1846 43,44.
    v. CHARLES B. PAGE 45,46, b. About 1849 47,48.


2. HANNAH MARIA3 PAGE (ICHABOD STAFFORD2, 1)49,50 was born October 19, 1834 in New York, probably Madison County51,52, and died November 05, 1923 in Jacksonville, Morgan CO, Illinois53,54. She married (1) JAMES ROGGERS, JR.55,56 about 1850 in New York, probably Fenner or Cazenovia, Madison County57,58,59. James Roggers was the son of JAMES ROGGERS and MARY -. He was born About 1824 in New York60,61. She was either widowed or divorced from ROGERS by 1880. If the census records are correct, Hannah Mariah appears to have married (2) UKNOWN CLARKE62,63 before 188063. (Clarke is also the putative “real” last name of John Greene, the original Greene Family settler in America and was often used by the descendents as a middle or first name.) Hannah Maria married (3) ORRIN LANSING64,65 About 1892 in IL66,67. He was born October 02, 1812 in NY68,69, and died November 02, 1911 in Jacksonville, Morgan CO, IL70,71,72.

Hannah Maria used her middle name and spelled it Mariah, the way it was pronounced. She married James Roggers, Jr. when she was 15. By the time she was 16, she had twins. The family moved out of New York sometime after 1850. By 1870, Mariah is living in Morgan County, Illinois.

Burial: November 27, 1923, Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville, Madison CO, Illinois73,74
Other Names Used: 1870, Mariah Rodgers74; Mariah Clarke, Hannah Mariah Lansing.
Residence: 1870, Bethel Precinct, Morgan CO. IL75,76,77

Burial: East Cemetery, Jacksonville, Morgan CO, IL77
Military service: 1862, Civil War78,79
Occupation: 1870, Farm hand79
Residence: 1870, Bethel Morgan CO IL79

Children of HANNAH PAGE and JAMES ROGGERS are:

i. ELIZA4 ROGERS 80,81, b. September 05, 1850, Cazenovia Madison CO NY 82,83.
4. ii. ELLEN AMANDA ROGERS, b. September 05, 1850, Cazenovia Madison CO NY; d. December 09, 1931, Jacksonville Cemetery, Morgan CO, IL.
iii. MARIAH ROGERS 84,85, b. About 1855 86,87.
iv. EVA ROGERS 88,89, b. About 1858 90,91.
v. FRANK L. ROGERS 92,93, b. October 23, 1860, Missouri 94,95; d. Aft. 192095.

Notes for FRANK L. ROGERS:
Frank is listed as divorced in the 1910 census. At that time he is living with his mother and stepfather, Orrin Lansing, and working n a woolen mill. Frank is listed in the 1910 and 1920 census as being born in Missouri. An earlier census (1870) lists all the children as born in NY, but this is clearly inaccurate. Missouri is a likely birthplace.

Divorced: Before 1910, Per census95
Occupation: 1900, Weaver96,97

5. vi. JAMES MYRON ROGERS, b. October 22, 1862, Illinois; d. June 10, 1918, Jacksonville Morgan CO IL.
vii. MARY ROGERS98,99, b. About 1869, Illinois100,101.
viii. UK ROGERS102,103.

3. TRUMAN S.3 PAIGE (ICHABOD STAFFORD2 PAGE, 1)104,105,106 was born June 09, 1842 in New York107,108,109,110, and died September 02, 1904 in Sanilac County, Michigan111,112,113. He married (1) MARIA D. KERR114,115,116 August 1869 in Michigan or Pennsylvania117,118, daughter of JOHN KERR and SARAH GREEN. She was born July 21, 1847 in Pennsylvania119,120,121, and died March 11, 1914 in Sanilac County, Michigan122,123. He married (2) MARIA D. KERR124,125,126 August 1869127,128,129, daughter of JOHN KERR and SARAH GREEN. She was born July 21, 1847 in Pennsylvania130,131,132, and died March 11, 1914 in Sanilac County, Michigan133,134.

Notes for TRUMAN S. PAIGE:
Census records for 1870 for Michigan show a Truman Page married to "Minnie" in August of that year living next to the John Kerr family. Truman is shown as having been born in New York and Minnie in Pennsylvania (as were all the Kerrs). Minnie is shown as 22 and Truman as 27.

More About TRUMAN S. PAIGE: Burial: 1904, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Forrestville, Michigan135,136,137 Cause of Death: Apoplexy138,139

More About MARIA D. KERR:
Burial: 1914, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Forrestville, Michigan140,141
Cause of Death: Arlemia Sclerosis142,143

Children of TRUMAN PAIGE and MARIA KERR are:

6. i. JOHN W.4 PAIGE, b. April 10, 1879, Sanilac County, Michigan; d. December 13, 1922, Carsonville, Michigan.
7. ii. SARAH MYRTLE PAIGE, b. January 11, 1874, RI, PA, or MI; d. August 26, 1933, Carsonville Sanilac CO MI. (Alternate birth: September 1872, Rhode Island – from death record). She was known as “Myrtle Paige”.


4. ELLEN AMANDA4 ROGERS (HANNAH MARIA3 PAGE, ICHABOD STAFFORD2, 1)148,149 was born September 05, 1850 in Cazenovia Madison CO NY150,151, and died December 09, 1931 in Jacksonville Cemetery, Morgan CO, IL151. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON SWALES151. He was born September 1849 in Jacksonville Morgan CO IL151.

Burial: December 11, 1931, Jacksonville Cemetery, Morgan CO, IL151



5. JAMES MYRON4 ROGERS (HANNAH MARIA3 PAGE, ICHABOD STAFFORD2, 1)152,153 was born October 22, 1862 in Illinois154,155, and died June 10, 1918 in Jacksonville Morgan CO IL155. He married (1) MARY E. CROWE156,157 November 24, 1886 in Jacksonville, Morgan CO, IL158,159. She was born April 25, 1865 in Chapin, Morgan CO, IL160,161, and died February 25, 1915 in Jacksonville, Morgan CO, Il162,163. He married (2) ELIZABETH MCDANIEL164,165 September 21, 1903 in Kansas City, Jackson CO, MO166,167, daughter of JOHN MCDANIEL and ELIZABETH CORWIN. She was born November 10, 1877 in Bonaparte, Van Buren CO, IO168,169, and died November 22, 1983 in West Point, Lee CO. IO170,171.

Burial: Jacksonville Cemetery, Morgan CO, IL171

More About MARY E. CROWE:
Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Jacksonville, Morgan CO, IL172,173
Divorced: November 1902, Jacksonville, Morgan CO, Il 174,175

Burial: November 25, 1983, Bonaparte Cemetery Van Buren CO Iowa175
Divorced: September 09, 1909, Bonaparte, Van Buren CO, IO176,177

Children of JAMES ROGERS and MARY CROWE are:

i. JAMES EARL5 ROGERS 178,179, b. About 1888 180,181.
ii. JOHN WILLIAM ROGERS 182,183, b. About 1890 184,185; m. BETTY RUTH FULLER 186,187.


iii. JOHN WILLIAM5 ROGERS 188,189, b. June 14, 1902, Yountsville, IN 190,191; d. September 01, 1990, Columbus, Muscogee CO, GA 192,193; m. VELDA FAYE LEFLER 194,195.

Burial: September 03, 1990, Parkhill Cemetery, Columbus, Muscogee, GA 196,197

iv. MINNIE LILA ROGERS 198,199, b. April 12, 1905, Bonaparte, Van Buren CO, IA 200,201; d. November 23, 1987, Donnelson, Lee CO, IA202,203; m. WILLIAM AMOS HUFF 204,205; b. October 17, 1900, Washington TWSP, Van Buren CO, IA 206,207; d. February 20, 1971, Tampa, Hillsbourough CO, FL 208,209.

Burial: November 25, 1987, Bonaparte Cemetery, Bonaparte, Van Buren CO, IA 210,211

Burial: February 24, 1971, Bonaparte Cemetery, Bonaparte, Van Buren CO, IA 212,213

6. JOHN W.4 PAIGE (TRUMAN S.3, ICHABOD STAFFORD2 PAGE, 1) 214,215,216 was born April 10, 1879 in Sanilac County, Michigan 217,218,219, and died December 13, 1922 in Carsonville, Michigan 220,221,222. He married VIOLET WHEAR 223,224,225,226,227 1910 in Bad Axe, Michigan 228,229, daughter of SAMUEL WHEAR and MARY HARVEY. She was born October 16, 1881 in Calumet, Michigan 230,231,232, and died January 06, 1968 in Sandusky, Michigan 233,234,235.

More About JOHN W. PAIGE:
Burial: 1922, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Bridgehampton TWP, Sanilac CO, Michigan 236,237
Cause of Death: Acute Heart 238,239

Burial: 1968, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Bridgehampton TWP, Sanilac CO, Michigan 240,241
Cause of Death: sudden heart block 242,243
Medical Information: cholecystitis; arteriosclerotic heart disease (4 years) 244,245

Marriage Notes for JOHN PAIGE and VIOLET WHEAR:
Wedding Guests are listed in the bride's dated wedding book.

Witnesses: Julian West and B. (Bertha) Mae West and Mana Bacon. As Julian was a preacher, he probably officiated. Other guests were:

Maria Paige
Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace
Glen Wallace
Ray Wallace
Mathew Kerr
Mrs. Mathew Kerr (Maria?)
Sara Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr
Harold Kerr
Ray Kerr
Vern Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. William Kerr (Rose?)
Hugh Kerr
Earl Kerr
Mary E. Kerr
Genevieve Kerr
Fred Kerr
Belle Kerr
Clara Wilkens
Helen Maynard

Children of JOHN PAIGE and VIOLET WHEAR are:

i. Living PAIGE 246,247,248, b. January 25, 1921, Carsonville, Michigan 249,250; m. FRANK S. REINER 251,252; b. April 11, 1918, Sandusky Sanilac Co MI 252; d. June 21, 1993, Port Huron St. Clair CO MI 252.

Burial: St. Joseph Cemetery, Sandusky, Sanilac CO, MI254

ii. CHARLES LAUREL PAIGE 255,256,257,258, b. 1915 259,260; d. April 24, 1975, Ann Arbor, Michigan; or 3/25/1975 261,262; m. 1936 263,264; m. (2) MARIE BEAUPRE 265,266, 1936 267,268.

Burial: University of Michigan269,270

iii. DORCAS DOREEN PAIGE 271,272, b. September 27, 1913, Sanilac County, Michigan273,274; d. September 27, 1913, Sanilac County, Michigan 275,276,277.

Burial: 1913, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Sanilac County, Forrestville, Michigan 278,279
Cause of Death: Still born 280,281

7. MYRTLE PAIGE (aka SARAH MYRTLE4 PAIGE) (TRUMAN S.3, ICHABOD STAFFORD2 PAGE, 1)288,289 was born January 11, 1874 in RI, PA, or MI 290,291, and died August 26, 1933 in Carsonville Sanilac CO MI 292,293. She married WILLIAM J. WALLACE 294,295,296,297 February 14, 1894 in Downington, Sanilac CO, MI 298,299, son of WILLIAM WALLACE and MARTHA MCCOMBS. He was born February 1871 in Michigan 300,301,302, and died 1933 302.

More about MYRTLE PAIGE:
Cause of Death: myocarditis 303,304
Occupation: Teacher 347,348

Occupation: Farmer305,306 Children of SARAH PAIGE and WILLIAM WALLACE are:

i. GLENN P.5 WALLACE 307,308,309, b. 1897, Michigan 310,311; d. January 1980 312,313,314; m. MYRTLE E. REID 315,316, About 1921 316; b. October 1888, Michigan 317,318; d. May 1946 319,320.

Burial: Washington Cemetery 321,322

ii. RAYMOND5 WALLACE 351,352, b. May 31, 1906 353,354; d. 1976, Port Huron 355,356; m. MAE PHILLIPS 357,358; b. 1900 359,360.


3. Sanilac County Death Records, Book 1, 268, Death Record of Truman S. Paige Father: Stafford Paige Mother: Amanda F. Green.

10. Elmira Gazette. Elmira, NY September 18, 1930, m. at Horse-Heads, on the 12th inst (of September 1830) by Elder P.D. Gillett, Mr. Ichabod S. Page to Miss Amanda Green Note: P.D. Gillett is likely Philander D. Gillette who was a Baptist minister.

13. Sanilac County Death Record, Book 1, Page 127, Amanda Page, May 8, 1883. White. Female. Widow. Age: 73 years, 3 months, 6 days. Old Age. Parents: Unknown Death Recorded: 5/26/1884.

23. Fenner Madison CO NY Census1850, 116b, Line 4 Roll M432_526, The family is living together with Hannah and James; Ichabod is working as a shoemaker.

26. Cemetery Marker, On the "Paige" Headstone Amanda F. b. 1810, d. 1883.

31. US Census Record 1850, Aaron S. age 13, born NY.

34. Family History compiled by John Rogers.

57. Fenner TWSP Madison CO NY Census 1850, Household Entry 1693, Line 10 and 11.

71. 2 Ward Jacksonville Morgan CO IL 1910 Census, Series: T624 Roll: 313 Page: 186, Orrin and Mariah are shown. He is 89; she is 75. This is shown as a second marriage for each. They were listed as married 18 years. Mariah had 9 children, 7 were living at this time. Also present is Frank Rogers, listed as a stepson. Frank is 49 and divorced and working in a woolen mill.

75. 1870 Federal Census, Illinois, MORGAN, Roll 263 Book 1, Page 350b.

78. American Civil War Research Database,<pop=1&prox=1&yeart=a&ti=0&gss=angs&sourceid=2524&indiv=1&fh=0, Name: Orrin C Lansing , Residence: Jacksonville, Illinois Enlistment Date: 02 August 1862 Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE Side Served: Union State Served: Illinois Unit Numbers: 442 442 437 437 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 02 August 1862Enlisted in Company Battery F, 1st Light Artillery Regiment Illinois on 18 September 1862.Transferred Company Battery F, 1st Light Artillery Regiment Illinois on 07 March 1865Transfered in Company Battery A, 1st Light Artillery Regiment Illinois on 07 March 1865.Mustered out Company Battery A, 1st Light Artillery Regiment Illinois on 10 July 1865 .

107. 1870 Michigan Census Data, 147, Dwelling # 185: Truman Paige Age 27, Male, White, Farmer, Value of Real Estate $1000, Value of Personal Property $650, Born in New York, Mother and father are native born, Married in August of 1869, Can read and write, Has no disabilities, Is a citizen and has the right to vote.

111. Sanilac County Death Record, Book 2, Page 268, Died: 9/2/1904 Male White Married Died in Sanilac Township, Sanilac County, Michigan Cause: Apoplexy Age: 62 years, 2 months, 19 days Parents: Stafford Page and Amanda Green of Pennsylvania Recorded: 10/04/1904.

119. Michigan 1900 Census.

127. 1870 Michigan Census, 147.

130. Michigan 1900 Census.

135. Tombstone, Mt. Zion Cemetery.

220. Sanilac County Death Record 15-10157, Book 4, Page 113, Died 12/13/1922, 48 years, 8 months, 3 days Cause: Acute heart Birthplace: Michigan Occupation : Farmer Parents: Truman Paige - Pennsylvania and Maria Kerr- Pennsylvania.

223. Colfax TWSP Huron CO MI 1900 Census, Page 67, Text shows Violet as Daughter, White, Female, Born October, 1881 in Michigan. Can read and write as is still listed as "at - school" attending for 8 months in the census year.

233. Sanilac County Death Record 1968, Violet Green died 1/3/1968 at 6:15 am Died of sudden heart block, arteriosclerotic heart disease (4 years); cholecystitis Born: Calumet, Michigan Mo: Mary Jane Harvey Fa: Samuel Whear Widow.

275. Sanilac County Death Record #6591, Book 3, Page 97, Dorcas Paige Place of Birth: Sanilac County Cause of Death: Stillborn Parents: John Paige - Michigan and Violet Whear - Michigan.

300. 1900 Census, MI, Sanilac TWP, 300 a, line 95, Wallace, William, head, w, m, Feb. 1871, age 29, married 6 years, Farmer, father born Ireland, mother born Ireland, reads, writes, speaks English, owns his farm which is mortgaged.

312. SS Death Index, GLENN WALLACE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 381-38-5343 Residence: 48419 Carsonville, Sanilac, MI Born 30 Nov 1897 Last Benefit: 48419 Carsonville, Sanilac, MI Died Jan 1980 Issued: MI (1955 And 1956) .

329. Sanilac County Death Records, Book 4, 279, Birthplace listed as Rhode Island.

332. Sanilac County Death Record 6431, Book 4, Page 279, Sarah Myrtle Wallace. Female. White. Married. Housewife. Age 59 years, 7 months, 15 days in Carsonville, Michigan of chronic myocarditis Born in Rhode Island. Parents: Truman Paige of Rhode ISland and Maria Kerr of Pennsylvania.

339. Sanilac County Marriage Records, Book 3, 162, Myrtle Paige, age 20, white, of Sanilac TWP. Born in Pennsylvania. Teacher. Daughter of T.S. Paige and Maria Kerr and W.J. Wallace, age 23, white, of Bridgehampton TWP, farmer. Son of Wm. Wallace and Martha McComb. Married by G.M. Bigelow, Minister of the Gospel, in Downington Witnesses: George Wallace of Bridgehampton TWP and Edna Kerr of Sanilac TWP..

342. 1900 Census, MI, Sanilac TWP, 300 a, line 95, Wallace, William, head, w, m, Feb. 1871, age 29, married 6 years, Farmer, father born Ireland, mother born Ireland, reads, writes, speaks English, owns his farm which is mortgaged.

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