Town of Sullivan Business Notices

Bettinger, L., Farmer, P.O. Chittenango
Bettinger, Jacob, Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Button, C. P., Farmer and Agent Farmer Favorite Grain Drill. P. O. Chittenango.
Bellinger, John J., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Bull, Edwin, Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Brown, Hiram, Farmer and Speculator, P. O. Chittenango.
Brown, Richard, Farmer, P. O. Bridgeport.
Cain, Wm., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango Station.
Crownhart, Henry, Farmer , P. O. Bridgeport.
Craytor, Edward H., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Chapman, John R., Cheese maker and Dairyman, P. O. Oneida Lake.
Cornell, Rufus, Farmer, P. O. Lakeport.
Dewey, J. B., Farmer , P. O. Chittenango.
Dunham, A. B., Firm Dunham & McNeil, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hardware and Agricultural Implemnents. Bridgeport.
Dunham, David, Physician and Surgeon, P. O. Bridgeport.
Dewitt, Geo. W., Proprietor Hotel and Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, &c., Bolivar. P. O. Chittenango.
Edgerton, Walter, Farmer , P. O. Bridgeport.
Frier, Anthony, Farmer, P. O. No. Manlius, Onon. Co., N. Y.
Gates, F. H., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Hall, Austin K., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Hamblin, E. S., Retail Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Bed Slats; also Wholesale Dealer in Cider, Mill near Depot, P. O. Perryville.
Klock, Irvin, Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Keller, S., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango Station.
Loucks, Aaron, Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Lincoln, Wm., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Osborn, Ozias, Proprietor Bridgeport Cheese Factory and General Dealer in Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware and Shelf Hardware. P. O. Bridgeport.
Patterson, F., Proprietor Canaseraga Water Lime and Plaster Mill. The Plaster and Water Lime are of a superior quality, and can be had at the Mill in bulk or barrel, or shipped to any address. Terms reasonable. Orders solicited. Adress, Chittenango, N. Y.
Rogers, P., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Schuyler, Jacob, Builer and Carpenter. P. O. Chittenango.
Scoville, Allen, Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Sornberger, D., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Sheldon, H. W., Proprietor Union Saw Mills and Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, and Manufacturer Broom and Ford Handles and Boxes. Sawing and Turning done to order. P. O. East Boston.
Shackelton, Chas., Farmer, P. O. Bridgeport.
Tuttle, R. W., Farmer and Salesman for No. Casenovia Cheese Factory, P. O. Chittenango.
Talman, E. R., Resident, Canaseraga, P. O. Chiltenango.
Tucker, H. B., Farmer, P. O. No. Manlius, Onon. Co., N. Y.
Tuttle, R. B., Farmer, P. O. Bridgeport.
Wager, A. S., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.
Wells, Lee, Farmer and Fruit Grower, P. O. Chittenango.
White, H. H., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango Station.
Van Valkenburgh, H. C., Farmer, P. O. Chittenango.

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