Augusta - Solsville Cemetery

Town of Madison
Madison County, New York

About 1 miles south of Augusta.

Hodges, Emerson d. 8 June 1844 ae 80yr
Hodges, Suzan, wf d. 23 Mar 1848 ae 82yr
Small marker E.H.

Basher, Anna E. 1864 - 1922 Mother

Cargill, Abraham d. 28 Dec 1838 ae 40yr
Cargill, Edna, dau A. & E. d. 23 May 1834 ae 67y13m22d

Ambler, David d. 21 Feb 1863 ae 87yr
Ambler, David W., son David & Ruth d. 23 July 1846 ae 32yr
Ambler, Rhoda, dau D. & R. d. 21 Feb 1849 ae 28y21d

Lord, Lucretia A., dau Wm. P. d. 17 Jan 185 in her 39th yr

Herrick, Caroline d. 14 Dec 1860 ae 55yr - Above stones enclosed in fence

Chandler, William, son Winthrop & Rebeckah d. 1 Nov 1816 ae 10y2m
Chandler, Henrietta, dau same d. 19 Dec 1819 ae 11y9m21d
Chandler, Mary G. d. 11 June 1825 ae 45yr
Chandler, Samuel Esq. d. 11 June 1821 ae 45yr
Chandler, Samuel d. 1821 ae 45yr
Chandler, Abigail Durkee, wf d. 1854 ae 74yr
Chandler, Susan, dau Samuel & Abigail d. 19 July 1838 ae 35yr

Stone partially destroyed and illegible
3 stones embedded and illegible

Hurd, Reuben d. 12 Mar 1863 ae 84y7m29d
Hurd, Eliza Ann, wf d. 6 May 1859 ae 85y3m25d

Brace, Asahel S. d. 9 Dec 1855 ae 80y1m15d
Brace, Sarah, wf d. 16 Oct 1862 ae 83yr

Marker - face down north of Cargill - small marker H.P.

Parke, Amos d. 28 Apr 1842 ae 80yr SAILOR of REV.

Steele, Mrs. Ruth, relict of Mr. John d. 16 Sept 1834 ae 81yr
______, Mary Elizabeth, dau Fred & S(?) - Illegible

Barber, Emily d. 3 Apr 1862 or 3 ae4yllml5d

from the Papers of Joyce Scott,
Madison County Historical Society
Copied by Douglas J. Ingalls
22 January 1999
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